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there is no resolution so far given by you can you tell me will this work? try using:

email: password: johndoe

It is working fine. I think there’s something wrong with linkedin (new application workflow) I am looking into it though.

I am not able to fetch the complete data so I am not sure what is there in your linked in profile and what all details you are getting through your code…

can you explain in detail what is working with your email and password and why? and why I am not able to fetch the details of my profile?

PM me and I will send you updated script. I updated my script and can send it to you via email. Also, I will be releasing update here on CodeCanyon. Thank you for pointing this out.

LinkedIn API updated and they introduced new permissions so I had to adjust my script.


you have my email id you can send me the script on that..

Great script!

I have LinkedIn in two different languages – How do you choose which one to pick?

Not sure what do you mean? Can you please PM me? Thank you for your kind words :)

Great script and looking to purchase but have a few questions and feature requests before I do:

1. Can you get connected users email address?

2. Can the profile data be responsive (viewable on mobile device)?

3. If the user updates their Linkedin profile will the script also update their details if they connect again?

4. Does each user get their own custom profile URL they can share?

5. Can the script grab the users photo as well?

6. Possible for the user to customize the background to personalize it?

Thank you for your kind words.

This script is only to fetch LinkedIn data and display it nicely. It is for one user only i.e. you.

All the points you mentioned are possible and most of them already covered in one of my customized application.

If you want user interaction – it is possible and I have used my script to develop something like this. I also have a demo too.. Please PM me and I will show you. Thanks.

Yes please send me the demo. I’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Pretty minor:

line 282 linkedin.profile.php <? should become <?php line 324 linkedin.profile.php <?PHP should become <?php

You are using a php short tag, which in environments in Php < 5.3 isn’t always available ( short_open_tag ). Suggest you expand it to <?php


Noted with thanks :)


Nice script. However, if I would like to pull back the profile of someone else in my network, which variable would I change with their LinkedIn ID?

Thanks, Gary

This is not possible to extract other connection’s data as you dont have permission.

Great script, works fine but it does not retrieve skills. Any ideas to include that at some point or any reason it does not access them? Thank you.

Please PM me. Thanks.

any chance of going wordpress or buddypress with this?

Please let me know your requirement. I Can do. PM me :-)

Great script, thank you!

I was wondering if you could email me some example on how to get users connections and skills? According to the API docs it should be possible to get this information via the API but not sure how. Also is it possible to add a functionality to message users via LinkedIn APi e.g inviting them or asking basic question?

Thx in advance

I’ve got skills working but the connections are not being returned, I’ve also noticed that the code (apart from r_network) is not picking up r_emailaddress OAuth User Agreement? any idea where to change the code to support this 2 functions?

Hi there, any luck with adding connections? I know its an additional feature but was wondering if you’re planning to add this or update the code to support this 2 features.

I will keep you posted. Right now my schedule is little tight. How soon do you need?

I have a pre-sale question.

I’m starting free online business community using BuddyPress and want everyone to be able to add their work history, testimonials, etc with as little work on their part as possible.

Here are my questions:

1. Can this script be used in a Wordpress environment?

2. If I add the script to my site, can multiple website visitors use the script?

3. Is it possible to pull in skills and testimonials with the LinkedIn API using your script?

4. Can the output from LinkedIn be added to a Wordpress page template instead of the accordion template you’re using?

as it’s customization request. Please PM me via my profile and lets discuss. All you have mentioned is possible. Thanks.

hi, i checked demo link on ur site i didn’t got skills and education fields, can u plz tell other things it can’t show

skills and languages are possible. Demo is not up to date


I have a pre-sale question. Does it work for Buddypress with i.e. social login, where users login with their LinkedIn, or Gmail account, etc and imports and represents their LinkedIn profile and their recommendations?

Thank you for your interest. It’s standalone PHP script. You can integrate where ever you need but you need to know PHP :)

Hi, Can you convert this script for me similar to: doyoubuzz dot com ?? if yes how much would you charge?

It’s a complete system. This script can only be core part

Hello, Is it still for one user? Can we show users profile with a shortcode.? Thanks

Yes, but you can connect it the way you need.

Can I use your script for this: Migration of Apply With LinkedIn from Plugin to Profile API

I need user profile information send to my email

Customization request. I can do that. PM me please


I have a pre-purchase question.

Is it Buddypress compatible so logged in users can import their own LinkedIn profile?


I am planning to release WordPress Plugin not BuddyPress :)

Would be great to make it also WordPress and Buddypress compatible. The Buddypress community is also very big and this means business. :-)

Thank you for your interest. I will post an update on this to let you know.. I will try to upload it as quickly as possible.

Can you tell me in how many days you are going to release WordPress and Buddypress compatible plugin? i need for buddypress Website using Kelo Theme

Sorry for delayed response. I cant comment on anything as yet. Schedule is quite busy :)

Hi Amzee,

What’s the status? Have you succeeded in making this plugin Wordpress and Buddypress compatible?

We’re still waiting…!

Sorry, I haven’t planned it as yet. May be next month.

Hello, Aftersales question. When a user clicks on the oAuth login and shares his information with us.

Will this information be auto updated if the user updates his or her profile on linkedin? Thanks, Tommy

Thank you for purchasing.

No, currently its not there. I will confirm if it’s possible as I need to review LinkedIn API