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This seems like a great script. I haven’t seen one like this before, but it seems like a good idea!

Best of luck with sales. :)

Thank you :)

So what does this script do actually?

It Imports LinkedIn Profile and then you can present the information the way you want. Say, you wish to build a quick online resume – No need to fill in all the data. :)

  • Social Site/Profile Integration
  • Login with oAuth – LinkedIn Connect
  • You user don’t need to fill in the entire profile – You can ask him/her to import his/her profile – Saves time
  • Enhances User Interaction
  • Time Saver
  • You can PM me for more ideas :)

Cool! I just bought it. I will send you some ideas!

Thank you for purchasing – Sure – Please PM me :) thx

So, can this script write the LinkedIn user information into my database or that functionality has to be coded additionally? Great script, btw :)

Thank you for your comments. Yes – It can be used this way.

It highly depends on your database structure but can be easily done. Please PM me more details. Thanks.

I would be interested in this information as well. Can this be integrated in a login system to create a more coherent app? Where users can login to the app using thier LinkedIn user/pass which will connect & retrieve entire profile data & stores it in the database? Use can then edit this data locally without having to make changes in the LinkedIn account. Regarding the rendering aspect of the profile how is that implemented? smarty? does it support multiple rendering themes? Great work BTW !

Than you for purchasing.

  • It is based Simple PHP . Data Mapping logic is decoupled – You can use it in any PHP /XHTML template.

Local Profile Editor : You can PM me your exact requirement and we can discuss it further.

Thanks again :)

Can this be integrated with Wordpress, to allow registered users to have their profile updated straight from their linkedin login?

Yes – Possible :)

OK I am amazed… So you can add this to your static website, so that users can see your Resume? or is it for end users to see their Linkedin details???

I assume the first, but the demo being live and as there is no DB, unsure how it will integrate… Havent had a coffee yet so still asleep

but I am sold!

Thank you for your interest :)

  • You can import your linkedin profile and show it to the world as XHTML resume – Can be easily displayed in any static web site
  • There’s a database – no need to import it again and again – Once imported, my script will simply read it from the database.

Please let me know – if you have special requirement – I am available for customization work

Thanks again!

thanks for getting back to me, since I left the message Ive had a few coffees, and have put this on a back burner for next week to solve… will be including it in my sites update and will be back in touch with some questions no doubt.

Is there a full listings of $variables off Linkedin – so can develop more data into it?

are you developing a version for grabbing Facebook data as well – pages photos groups etc? that integrates with the linkedin data??Already though how I can use this with cms webgallery downloads from facebook :-)

looking forward to the possibilities

Yes – There’s a list. Code is very easy to read.

Variables are bundled into various sections.

Example – Variables

Basic Information: name, location, address etc.

Education Information Degree title, institute, completion year etc.

..and so on…

I am planning to develop facebook importer as well (future plans :) )

Please PM me what kind of customization you need. I would definitely give my best shot. Thanks.

Does this utilize the official LinkedIN API ?

Does this use the official linkedin api?

Do you have a version that does not use OAuth, and instead uses the actual REST APIs?

No, but I can do it for you. Please PM me your requirements.

I’m BACK today decided to upload this and get it to work…

first stage – mental BLOCK

How do you get the LinkedIn APPI info?? for

static $api_key = ‘XXXXXXXXXX’; / API Key – To be obtained from static $api_secret = ‘XXXXXXXXXXX’; / API Secret – To be obtained from

I am on Linkedin and for the life of me I am LOST !! and thats at the first step in the process!!!

do I have to apply to get the APPI or what?

This is how linkedin API works. You need to generate API key, Secret and then it will allow you to access the data. I cant do much about it. If you have any thing you want me to assist, please PM me. Don’t bombard comments here please.

These are not script related things really. Thanks in advance for understanding.

Step 2: I have now filled in the Linkedin app application and have gained a set of Api codes.

Ive entered them into the php – and nothing happens

Just Noticed you need to have DB

Ive now found how to add an appi at the BOTTOM of your Help file!!!!

SUGGEST you sort this out chronologically as I am reading step by step – dont expect to GO to the BOTTOM of the help file

Step 3 – Trying to fathom out the DB bit???

Whats this ALL about – there is NO explanation of how what and why and above all what to do with this! Is it self creating, or do you have to create it??? Is it even needed??

whats this about ??? // Self Commenting Code class LINKEDIN _DB_CONFIG { static $host = ‘localhost’; static $user = ‘root’; static $password = ‘root’; static $db = ‘linked_in_dataset’; static $enable_dataset_logging = true; }

/If Logging true – You need to import docs/sql/db.sql/

Step 3 Just re-read this: Step 1 – Simple One file Configuration – I think not!

Now I assume that this CODE needs to be edited: As after installing google reports it cant access Localhost:50!!!!

static $app_url = 'http://localhost:50/cc/linkedin-profile-dataset/';
static $base_url = 'http://localhost:50/cc/linkedin-profile-dataset/auth.php';
static $callback = ‘http://localhost:50/cc/linkedin-profile-dataset/linkedin_profile.php';

Sorry I must be thick – but it does say simple one file configuration, and its proving not to be…

IVE GIVEN UP ! I need a coffee! after 1 hour of trying to follow your simple Step 1 – I have had to give up! I have read up on Linkedin APPIs in detail and cant make any connections with the code:

So any chance of a complete IDIOTS Guide on how to install this what is essentially a GREAT piece of code, if you can get it to work: A detailed step by step approach is what is needed.

Hope my above comment helps you see the problem experienced when trying to set up, especially when you are not a fully fledged programmer yourself.

Key areas that need explanation:

Clear step-by-step approach to set up clear explanation of what you need to change and what you need to collect to ensure you connect to Linkedin using an APPI – localhost:50 etc etc needs to be explained what is needed so it can be changed Setup of the DB, Finally – editing of the PHP files to make it work without going to all the HELP documents. This is OBVIOUS , but it all HELPS in making the end users experience GOOD .

At this moment in time I feel very poorly served by what is a GREAT piece of CODING – get your HELP files right and it will be a BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE for all!

If it helps I will write it for you!

I think, I have tried to explain how to setup a php config file.

Also, I have used self explanatory variables. LinkedIn API integration is mainly for programmers not for end users. It simply converts linkedin profile data as dataset so that you can display/import it into the database. I believe, programmer job is to import :)

Yes, thank you for your offer. Please PM me more details.

At least, you must appreciate amount of good code written and how well it is written. Just for $7 :)

Thank you for corresponding with me. But you haven’t explained how to set up a php config file, at least being able to get it to work with Linkedin in easy steps. Which it is not!

There is No explanation of DB settings if they are need or not, just a true false statement saying import a doc ?? It appears in the config file. with No explanation why, what and where for! So even more confusing – what if you haven’t got any DB on your server installed – then can you use this or not

Yes I appreciate good well written code – like I also like well written “How to install” documentation – which in this case I am sad to say is lacking in regards to how to do a even a basic set-up.

You may have created fairly detailed how to do things after you have installed using Linkedin CODES etc, But that is all a waste if you can’t get the basic installation to work in the first place – in fact it makes it all the more confusing reading through it all.

as said Step 1 – isn’t easy, as I have offered, show me how to get this done and I will write a “How to do this” – from a novices perspective.

All I wanted to do was to upload this and get it to work really well, but now find after 2 hrs of trying I had to give in – So @ $7 its not a question of how cheap it is and well written it’s a case of how do you get it to work in the first place that counts!


Plesae PM me your requirements. With this script, what do you want to achieve actually?

DB is optional – If you dont have DB server, you dont need it to enable it. There are lots of flexibilities. PM me using my profile and I will try my best to help you out. Thanks

HI, Does this script pull a list of LinkedIn connections and Can I select some of them and save them as my favorites

This is completely a different feature :)

Hi there,

I am building an app that we need to get LinkedIn profiles data from costumers’ primary e-mails.

Would it be possible to extract the same info shown at from e-mail addresses from our costumers (only admin would have to perform a LinkedIn auth)?

Kind regards,

Thank you for your request.

Case: A customer has to allow your LinkedIn app permission to fetch details from LinkedIn API . Admin can’t do it.

Very easy to get up and running – took less than 8 minutes. However, I’m not getting a return on Education or Recommendations. I’ve been trying to debug it for the last hour … can’t seem to find the issue. Code is straight from download.

Please PM me the link. Thank you for your kind words.

reply sent.

I have uploaded the code and it is not working as per your demo… the exp and other details are not coming up.

can you have a look to it..