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Hi interesting Script! But adding a LinkedIn Account fails by just displaying a white page …

Pls check demo again. Now it working good

Hi …. still the same issue – BUT: Only a Problem with chrome. Edge is working. Chrome incognito Session also not working ..

Another Question is; are you planning any monetisation module eg. Payed Account ??

the button on the bottom links to http://in.cozola.com/index.php/twitter/add not linkedin, just a language issue.

Sr i fixed :) Tks you so much

Is it able to post into linkedin groups as well?

Only support post profile.

hello after i installed the script and try to add account it redict me to : www.site.com/index.php/twitter/add theni tryed to change it manually to : www.site.com/index.php/linkedin/add but it show my this errors in the page ! : http://prntscr.com/cauwtf what’s the solution please

Pls contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you check it

i just need the update download link this is all :) sorry i don’t use skype

I just sent file for me via email

Hi, this looks great. Will this work for a standard account in Linkedin? Also, can you send through a link to the user guide?

OK. Great. I’m in. Will order when I am back later today. Can you send a link to installation and user guide?

OK. Great. I’m in. Will order when I am back later today.

I will help you install. if you can’t install it. but i think it’s very simple :)

what happens your software not working at all. when i am going to post is not working. let me know. if you can not give us support give me money back

thanks for your support but still we are facing some error message while we are adding new account

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Trying to get property of non-object Filename: controllers/Linkedin.php Line Number: 52


File: /home/dialme24/public_html/linkedin/application/modules/Linkedin/controllers/Linkedin.php Line: 52 Function: _error_handler

File: /home/dialme24/public_html/linkedin/index.php Line: 293 Function: require_once

Fixed ;)

Your script doesn’t have expiration date for User. I think you should add it for your script! thanks!

Hello, I have an error like that “Throttle limit for calls to this resource is reached.” So what’s happen? How can i fix this problem? Thanks!

It’s been a while but the stats suggest people still look at this and I’m experimenting with the LinkedIn API and can provide some more detail.

The typical throttles are stated as both a max (e.g. 100K) and a per-user-token number (e.g. 500). Those numbers together mean you can get up to a maximum of 100,000 calls per day to the API but even as a developer a single user token means a maximum of 500 per day.

I ran into this, and after setting up a barebones app and getting some users I can confirm a daily throttle of several thousands of API calls. [Deleted discussion of what was probably, upon further consideration, an accidental back door in the LinkedIn API.]

So at the moment, your script has problem! I can’t auto post into linkedin with your script. when can you help me to resolve this problem? Thanks!

Hello, I am getting an error as:

invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key

I cant see you online on skkyype also….

Is your product working?? pls reply immediatly.

Im getting the above error when i add a new linkedin account….

Add OAuth2 URL on LinkedIn App Api: http://yourdomain.com/index.php/linkedin/add

My uploaded images are not in my posts. All posts have no images

any update? I still cant post with images :(

any update on this its been over 2 months :(

Sorry for this. i’m try to get time to update it. It’s will soon. Give me a bit time

Demo Doesn’t seem to work…

Oh, Yes, Token expired. We will update it soon

Oh OK! Please let me know when it’s going to be fixed! At the same time, what happened with the tiger post app for Facebook? I was going to buy it today but it was gone? Thanks

It’s will return back soon. We’re have a problem with this item


kwnash Purchased

When adding a picture using the “Picture URL” in the script… The picture does not post. Please provide a solution to this. Thank you


kwnash Purchased

I figured out the problem – The full URL is not being added to the URL field.


This is path is being added to the “Picture URL” field:


Instead of the full URL:


When using the second full URL, the picture URL field does work as it should.

Please provide a fix for this.

Thank you


Pls contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you check

Hi Tien, have you fixed all the bugs/problems mentioned in the comments? Is your product working? Or are there remaining bugs outstanding? Is it compatible with LinkedIn’s new UI?

Just purchased this script yesterday and installed on server. The script only posts links and does not post any pictures. Please assist. I need the script to post the pictures with text and also the option for a link to not show for every post made by the script. Please assist thank you.

Currently old API have problem with attach image. I will update new API on next version

Hello! I am interested in the software. Has it been updated yet to address all the issues in the posts? Thanks.