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wow, useful stuff ;) very nice, all the best for your sales !


Thank you for your kind words!

Have a nice day!)

This looks great. I plan to purchase it soon.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding this item.


Hello, nice and useful job. Its available shortcode for linked / related products ?


Thanks for appreciation!

Yes, there is shortcode available for linked products display:

Parameter id=”...” – ID of your rule

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Sorry, looks like shortcode was stripped.

Shortcode is: {linked-products id=123}{/linked-products}

You just need to replace “{” with square brackets


o2xav Purchased

I bought this plugin (yeah, first one woohoo), for now it does not work as intended, it does not replace the related products as advertized, it only adds a strangely designed line of related products just beneath (or over) my product, wich does not integrate at all with my shop’s base design.

Plus, the related products are not shown randomly, even though i set it so in the settings, i always have the same three products showing up (first ones in the shop’s display order).

I am using the latest WP and WC builds with bazar theme. No exotic plugins installed (until now… huhu). Waiting for the author’s answer on his support line to see if he can sort this out. But for now i’m disapointed, i had great hopes!


Thank you for contacting us!

I’ve just replied to your support email. Let’s keep further discussion via email.

Please, sorry for long delay with answer. We got many support emails last three days and support processing seems take longer time.


Any rules for already sold products in the same category?

Are you about rule that selects products which have at least one purchase? If so, no there are no such rule.

Yes, at least one, ten, ane hundred purchase(s)

Sorry, for now there are no such functionality.

good sales

Thank you! Have a nice day :)

Nice plugin, great idea, easy to work with, loving it so far

May I make a feature request please?

  1. Exclude current product from a rule. For example related items now can show the same product as the one on the single product page
  2. Show products around the same price (instead low->high, or high->low)
  3. Edit: Being able to choose out of attributes would be a nice addition

Thank you for your consideration


Thank you for sharing this ideas! We really appreciate this.

We will investigate this and if it’s possible we will implement it in future releases.


Hi. I dont understand how plugin work. The plugin works is not clear. I need collection of product. I wanted to make a collection by tags. In some products have tag “222”, in other products have tag is “333” tag. When I open product with tag “222” – showing related products tagged with “222” and “333”. It is not right! How to make a collection of products with your plugin?

I understand! :)

Great! Sorry for long delay with answer – we are on new year vacation now. Thanks!


eLION Purchased

Just bought this and I love it! One problem though is it’s very tedious. I would like to see bulk editing and duplicating so that one change that applies to 100 rules isn’t a pain. Awesome plugin though!


Thank you for appreciation.

We will investigate ability of bulk editing, thanks for idea!

hi, Can i use this to automate cross-sell items too?


Thank you for contacting us!

Yes, you are not obliged to remove default block. You can just add extra block to the product page.


Just the plugin that I was searching for! Any way I can place a rule by my own in the template files?


Thank you for contacting us!

Sorry, we do not have such ability in our plugin.