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What is your app size?

Around 5.5 mb.

Can you please update with the latest Tapjoy SDK. the old code is not working for me.

Sure i would look into it and make the necessary arrangements in the next update. Till then you can test without the tapjoy part.

I looked into it and it is working on my end. The ads are also working. Do email us regarding the exact problems you are facing at droidscreative@gmail.com

Hey nice app. I wanted to know 1.How to change the background from just a color to an image ? 2.How to add a background color or image for the whole grid (table) so that there is contrast between the background image and the grid table on which dots are present?

No it wont be possible to insert image into the board as background.

i wanted to put a transparent white background for the board so that the bg image of the game will be seen is it possible to do through hex codes itself ?

yes it can be done easily with hex code itself. Normaly hex code consists of six characters but you can also insert two more additional characters at the start to change its opacity. For eg –
A hex code of #FFFFFF is 100% opaque. But if you use #80FFFFFF then it will become 50% opaque.
Now as to why i use 80 before to make its 50% opaque well there’s a calculation part involved in it and it would be too long to explain it here so i am giving you the link to go and check it out.
Link – http://stackoverflow.com/a/11019879/1993204

I can’t run this app please help me

Please guide me how to add leaderboard and background music

Please reply me

replied to your mail


Lomaag Purchased

I have downloaded this code and when I try to get hints by watching a video the app says Vungle Publisher SDK was not successfully initialized

I have submitted the update. It will be live soon on codecanyon. I will comment here once more when it is live.


Lomaag Purchased

can you email me the code or dropbox link.. Lomaagx@gmail.com

alright after i upload it to dropbox i will send the link.


reefaq Purchased

Now Tapjoy had a new update SDK and new update way to work using SDK id not appid, appkey and hintid ?!

So please i need help with that… can u make new update or conatact me at skybe ?

Alright thanks for contacting us for that. We will fix that in the next update.

I bought earlier version of this game more than a year ago which is currently removed from envato market and unable to download now. Can we get this update?

Is this any different than earlier Flow game? Is this Android Studio Project or Eclipse?

Author is still active for support? please give me your email support, I need your help!