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http://adasdsad.com – It is not a valid link. Any option to disallow parked domain? If you can do this your sales will shoot :) Let me know if you need to know more. PM me of course :)

Thanks for the suggestion :) Give it a try now in the Live Preview section. Have included an option where the user can enable or disable parked domain detection. It works for almost all the parked domains I tried. Thanks again !!! :D

Question, It uses checkdnsrr?

No, it uses CURL to determine the page response code

Hi, It does not check the links Facebook !

http://www.facebook.com/Microsoft == Please check, your URL is Invalid



Thanks for reporting – I will have a check on that !

Hi, I tested the parked domain function and it seems to do the job pretty well. I would like to know if there’s a bulk link checker. The live preview only checks one at a time. I need to test thousands of links.

What you would get is a JS Library which you can use to build your own application – All the methods and parameters available for use are well documented. If you are more curious, I would recommend you to take a look at the below application built using this library.


So what you saw in the demo is a basic application which I have built to get the users started – So what you are mentioning is perfectly possible

The live preview link is not working. Can you fix that?

Its up now.. Thanks for letting me know,..

I’m sorry, it’s down again, I’m going to contact the host provider. Sorry for the inconvenience

All links are shown as false.

Working good now, cURL was off at my server side. And sorry for the much delay in response.

How much time the script need to check every link on 1000 Urls?

Depends on your bandwidth, typically should be within 15 mins.

Also, if you are trying to do a batch check on site – have a check on this: http://codecanyon.net/item/website-diagnosis-complete-website-checkup-tool/2296253

i am new to this and am having trouble wrapping my head around the difference between this program and the other link detector. can you please explain to me how different?? are they players together?? thank you.

all it says is error with digg.com and stumbleupon.com i have a traditional blog, so the page is always the same. i try to search through the actual post name. is it my buttons?? i clicked on every button on the page and cant see a error. is it possible that my site isn’t responding quick enough as an end showing a bad curl??

The [Details] would show the status of the page