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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Very nice work.. will purchase very soon for my current project.. Have you any plans of adapting this for banner images? To keep the coding to a minimum you could always have the customer banner URL instead of uploading them.. Just a thought..

Fantastic work Author.. :)

I don’t think there isn’t an sql vulnerability. All variables that the visitors can change is checking about sql injections and html vulnerabilities. Also admin panel not showing admin panel content before login. Just It shows some menu names. I didn’t think that is a real problem but I’ll fix it in the next update.
If you have a more questions; you can contact me directly from my support website.

Update: Author has fixed certain issues I had with the code.. I am sorry I was a little rude on your board..

Customers please be confident in purchasing this script.. It runs very smooth… and 100% secure..

Thank you Author for your emails and help.. :)

Thank you :)

I really like this and want to buy it but it needs more features. Please add these functions:

1) Member accounts

2) analytics for members to see their link data

3) members can renew their link after it expires

4) members can add multiple links for all their websites and should have separate analytics and functions for each (like google does)

I hope this is possible :)

also it might be interesting to offer not only links for X days/months/years but also by number of clicks. So member could buy 1000 clicks for $1 or something. So the link can be there for a long time before it expires once 1000 clicks happens or maybe only a short time. It is good to offer choice to members.

It can be but I created this linkseller for just small blogs. If someone wants to use a script like you said, they can find more powerfull and good scripts. But small and usefull scripts are really hard to find. So thats a reason why I created this. I’m sorry but things that you said is not my general purpose right now :)

Thanks for your opinion. PS: The click system in my to-do list, I’m planning to add some image ads and click system to this linkseller script in the future.

Nice work. Good luck with sales. :)

Thank you!

hello i run an advertising solution website and manage some 3rs part sites advertising…can i manage from a main site…a links solution for post in my clients sidebar side? ty

You can’t use it with different websites. But I can make you a system. You can contact with me via my support page.

Now it supports wp with add-on!

how would this cope on a site with 10,000+ daily views?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I’m not sure about it couse I didn’t test these codes on site like that. But in the next update I’m thinking to add cache system. So then it’ll handle it.

New Update Coming Soon…

Can you tell me what has been changed in the new update?

Some bugs are fixed and admin panel is changed. There is no new feature for now.

when this update? i interest to buy.

Hi it’s updated. Now it supports wordpress with wp add-on!

Hello, Would this script work if a buyer purchased something on ebay and payed via paypal?

Hi, I don’t think so. Our script determinates payments with different method. It creates an order on database and let the buyer to pay it. Also I don’t have much knowledge about ebay. I’m sorry :(

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your demo dont work. please check it

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale

what about a plugin where a reader can highlight any word or phrase and pay to backlink from it.


aowona Purchased

Where is your Wordpress addon? Your link is broken:

hocam bu tam olarak ne işe yarıyor acaba

Merhaba, Web siteniz üzerinden paypal ile link satışı yapmanızı sağlıyor(du), otomatik olarak. Fakat ne yazık ki artık paypal ülkemiz sınırları içerisinde varlığını devam ettiremediğinden; sistemi Türkiye’de barınan ve Türk ziyaretçilere yönelik içerik üreten kullanıcılar kullanamıyor.

Your demo is down. please let me now when its work. thanks