Discussion on Link .NET Core Social Network System (v4.4)

Discussion on Link .NET Core Social Network System (v4.4)

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Hmm can we see a demo of the scrip please?

Hi, Example of product developed using Link Social Network

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when add translation LazZiya don’t work why ???

Hi, kindly note that we do not know how this tool works. We are sorry for that. Maybe it does not work because the contents are dynamic. Or perhaps there is a missing configuration.

Hello. Good product, but little functionality. In particular, I’m interested in the addition of the forum and video. The forum as the main communication between users, and the video module for importing YouTube channels to watch videos on the site. Are you planning to add similar functionality?

Hi volanar, First of all thank you for your post. Kindly note that our product contains the main feature of the social media which allows any one to start his/here journey in developing his/here social media. It contains the complete source code without any restriction.

However, if you want to custom some feature you can contact us via Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank You, Indiestd Team


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hi dear

when hosting publish file show this error

HTTP Error 500.30 – ASP.NET Core app failed to start Common solutions to this issue: The app failed to start The app started but then stopped The app started but threw an exception during startup Troubleshooting steps: Check the system event log for error messages Enable logging the application process’ stdout messages Attach a debugger to the application process and inspect For more information visit:

Hi, Please contact us via and we will contact you soon. Do not worry, Maybe you missing some configurations. Please send us a screenshot of the error message.

Hello, I’m having some problems running the program on the server An error occurred while starting the application.

Hi, Please contact us via and we will contact you soon. Do not worry, Maybe you missing some configurations. Please send us a screenshot of the error message.

Great software and great technical support

I have licensed this software. However, I cannot use it. Because WebRTC video calling doesn’t work on IPHONE… Apple’s Safari Browser doesn’t allow it. I wasted money on a video call that wasn’t working. It was garbage….

Please offer a solution. All our work was in vain.

Hi zekihatem, Please check the below link which can help. This problem is related to webrtc itself.


Hi,this version api support ? , and can change db to postgresql ? ,thank

Hi, Kindly note that the current version used the entity framwork with sql server database. Moreover, it is supports API. Thank You

thank you for quick reply

Hi can you please tell me what approach was used for database access (code first?,dapper?). Also what patern MVC?


Hi, For Data Access Layer we used Repository Pattern, Unit of work , and Entity Framework.- Code-First. Link SN developed using layer architecture including Domain Layer, Repository Layer, Service Layer and UI layer which based on MVC pattern.

Thanks for the quick response.

Awesome!!! Sounds perfect. You have a new purchase.

You are welcome.

I published the script on windows server 2019, but I can’t have it running from www. even if firewall opened. How to fix it, please suggest me?

Hi, could you Please contact our team via BR

Hi I have very big problem for deploying the solution in my computer or server please help me

Hi, Please contact our team via BR,

Hi, can u share the migration steps ou script from .net core 2.2 to .net core 5?

Hi, This process can’t be explained in simple steps we are sorry for that. You need to go throw all packages and updates them to the last version. However, you will get some conflicting code and errors so you need to fix them. We suggest you download some of the code version control/ or files comparable tool so that it can help you to compare between the two versions of a project and see the deferent. BR,

Can you tell us what is new in version 4.2 ? Is there a demo ?

In current Link 4.2 release we upgrade the project from .net core 2.2 to .net cor 5.0 which has been requested by many of our client. There is no new features.

Hii Indie i publish my Application and i had this error on my server:

Application startup exception: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\inetsrv\wwwroot\comments-files\ at Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.PhysicalFileProvider..ctor(String root, ExclusionFilters filters) at Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.PhysicalFileProvider..ctor(String root) at Link.Startup.Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env) in C:\Users\mypcdirectory\Link Source Code\Link\Link\Startup.cs:line 162 —End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --

Hi , it could be missing add comments-files folder in wwroot, also make sure you allow iis to read , write permission on your published project. If there is any issue Please do not hesitate to send for us via: You are welcome


I published the script on windows server 2016, but I can’t have it running, it return error “Too many redirect”, but runs perfectly on my dev environment visual studio 2019/ iisexpress

“it works on my computer” lol

Thanks in advance!

Hi , could you please share with us the message error that appear to you it could be missing configuration on iis. Please send for us via: You are welcome

I sent a email with the error

thanks for support, it’s working

When do you expect to launce the core 5 version?

During the next four months.


As mentioned in earlier comment you will be updating this to .net core 5,

so if I buy this one, will the new version be available for me? also if I buy this can I get the early release for the .net core 5 version ?

Hi Dreamweaver148, Kindly note that any future update of the Link Social Network project, and any new release you will get it. For upgrading the project to .net core 5 it is in progress. Thank you.

I want to buy this software. But first I have a few questions.

- Is it necessary to set up a TURN server for Video Calling?

- Do you support the installation of this software on the server?


For different network you need to use a TURN Server Provider such as xirsys (url:

You do not need to install anything on your server. For doing so, you just need to create an account in : (if you want to use it). Follow there doc to get your turn. After that replace it with “” which is in the followingLink project path:..\Link\wwwroot\js\settings.js.

Moreover, if you need any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want a help for install the software on the server please contact us on our email And we will support you.

we need to integrate this with our application in is it possible?

Our support team answer your question via email. Thank you


This looks great, but do you have any plans to release an update soon with .NET core 3.0? If not how much work do you think it is realistically for a single developer to update to .NET 3.0 by himself? Thanks

Hi jkhaui, Kindly note that we currently working on restructuring, improving and upgrading the current version to .NET 5. It will be available next year (2021). BR, Indie Studio Team

Hi dears, we are thinking to buy but depending on your feedback for below: 1. can we rebrand/re-theme it this platform after we buy it for our client? 2. Are we going to be the source-code owners specially that we will change it and need full copyright on it. 3. Do we have to buy the regular or extended to consider above?

Dear Sara,

First of all, thank you for the interesting in our product. Regarding your request, you should buy the extended license which allows you to customize, edit and resell the compiled version of the application to your customers.

BR, Indie Studio Team

Thanks dears for your prompt answer

You are welcome Sara :)


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