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Chat in real time? Chat is based on the GCM (Cloud Messages) or another solution (eg sockets)? Swift 3?

Thanks for the quick response. It is Swift 3 or Swift 2.x?

Swift 3

Xcode 8.2 project

So basically I can chat with a chinese member by chatting in english and they see the chinese translation? Or must i know chinese too?

is an android version in works as well?

yes, it should be available in a few days

Translations will make this a killer app. What’s the point of another chat app with simply the words “English”, “France”, “England” etc under the users name but they all must know english? I think the listing is a little misleading but GLWS.

Yes, because it has a block user feature in the chat controller, the lock icon BarButton on the top-right corner of the screen.

great thank you

you’re welcome!

Hey Is there any way you can code a chat app that lets people chat with my agents? So no need to add contacts or anything. They simply login and see a single chat window and one of my agents gets connected with them. They start a chat. Simple as that. Can you modify this for that kind of a thing. Let me know thanks

Hi, for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form after Christmas and we’ll get back to you with a quotation. Happy Holidays!

Do u have demo? ur video its not clear,

no demo on the App Store.

I think it’ll be great if you can add audio support for the chat. Audios make a lot of sense when it comes to languages as many things can’t be expressed only via texts. You’ll much more sales if you can add this to both iOS and Android versions of this nice app.

then it will become a full chat app, and we already have it: Chatty. The purpose of this app is to remain simple, the way it is, thanks for your suggestion anyway.

No need for video or group chat, etc. The magic is in registering users into different languages. Audio and image supports just happen to be useful for language exchange but the emphasis of this app is not on the chat itself. The app still remains quite simple with these two, but no more. :)

I’ll reply to your email asap

It’s nice but very strange with the new messages being presented at the top rather than the bottom like all other chat apps. Is there an easy way to change it?

That’s because the app refreshes new messages each 20 seconds and it reloads the tableview scrolling it to the top automatically. You can change a couple of lines of code to reverse it.


I have app source and i think to add chat to my app can we add this chat to our app?

It depends if your app is written in Swift. If that’s yes you may do that, if you’re an experienced developer.

Hello Bro,
Can i install parse sdk on my own hosing (vps) cpanel with centos x64?

Hi, no, you must use Node, MongoDB and Heruku to host Parse Server, as explained here: https://parse.com/migration

but what if i install node & mongo db in the whm do you think the parse sdk will work? because the cloud hosting is expensive comparing to the vps hosting thanks

Honestly I don’t know, I’m not experienced with those providers, you may search for info on google.

Hi, great app! Definitely good starting point. Can you delete conversations or send pictures?

Sorry, we can’t do that. You can still use Lingochat for its main purpose: language exchange ;)

No problem, I am still going to buy the other template, your stuff is really good and has helped me build great apps. I don’t clone your stuff I use it as a starting point at times or to give me ideas on more apps. I love your work man!

thanks for your feedback, don’t forget to rate our apps on your Downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)