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Why set the min Android version to 5.0? Excluding all the 4.x users is eliminating a very large percentage of the potential market?

because 5.0+ offers more design and code features than older versions.

Sorry, but my comments seem to be double posting lately

no problem, it happens here sometimes

congratulations GLWS


Hello, Nice work, but can i ask you a question?

This app translate automatically what i write in another language?

Thank you

thanks for your feedback, and no, this app doesn’t have an instant translation engine, that would require Google Translate API which is not free: https://cloud.google.com/translate/pricing
The purpose of this app is to exchange languages speaking first in english, which is the universal language

I have some pre-purchase questions.

1. Does this app provide option to use web server instead of parse?

2. Group chat, audio chat, video chat available?

3. Can a user add more than 1 language to the profile if they speak more than 1 language?

Hi, no to all questions.

Which server did you use ? Which API you have used for chat ?

As the app description says, its backend is Parse SDK hosted on back4app, and no third-party API for chat, we built it manually by java and xml code

Excellent Work – DCSF


I think it’ll be great if you can add audio support for the chat. Audios make a lot of sense when it comes to languages as many things can’t be expressed only via texts. You’ll much more sales if you can add this to both iOS and Android versions of this nice app.

Nice idea, the only issue is audio message ’s lenght, they cannot be too long or they will affect the loading speed of the app, it should be less than 20 seconds or so. We’ll check it out when we’ll have time

demo not working

Ok, it may be caused by several reasons, first of all, what version of Android do you have on your device? it must be 5.0 or higher.
Maybe a A third-party security application installed on your device is blocking the app installation in your device.

This may also help:
To allow app installation from the unknown sources, go to Settings and look for Security option under “Input and Control.” Tap on Security and under Device administrators tap on “Unknown Sources, allows installation of apps from unknown sources”. If asked to confirm, tap OK.