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AdMob can you do with teamviewer setup?

Yes, please give me your skype. Thanks.

Can we edit this on eclipse or you need another API to reskin this?

You can edit everything in Eclipse. Best Regards,

Any legal copyrighting issues when uploading to google play?

You should change the name, icon before uploading to Google Play. No more copyrighting is required.

Should I reskin the game?

You should change the package name and color of ball if possible

I tested the game when there’s only 4 spots left the game stop responding. my phone has a pop alert saying do I want do wait or close. Nothing seem to happen if I choose to wait.

Let me know if this is a bug.


What kind of phone do you use? Is the error always occurs or just happen 1 time?

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

Please contact me for more services. Thanks.

May I have your email?

Do you add admob ads into this app? I config admob id as you discribe but it display no ads Please check !

Ads is working. Please check your admob id is banner ads id or interstitial ads id.

This app haven’t intersial ads, I replace banner ads id but it display no ads

I have tried apk and it works. Could you please write your Admob id here?

Hi, This game always freeze when 3 empty spaces left. tested on genymotion 2.3 device samsung galaxy s4

can you give me psd file for the logo because i need edit to the design

Sorry, I only have png logo file

Is this Full Application for free to upload to Google play and user can download or Just for one device only?

Full Application is ready to be uploaded to Google Play


Error pop-up occurs when the game ends.

(*Lines 98 Classical isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?)


1. Execute the application

2. Play Game > Game Over

3. Check screen

<Expected Result> Should be displayed game-over pop-up when the game ends.


http://www.mediafire.com/download/xtwfuziii55pc66/cert_20150216132816285.zip --- Please solve the problem

Do you have anupdate fix for the crash?i checked demo