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How can I customize the part of removing ads ( if the personne install the app and click on remove ads ) ??

i update it but it still under Review

it’s available now to download

Hello, everything ok? just checking if all alright … it will be nice from you if you will rate my app.

Hy I am facing problem on building this project.It gives me error in string.xml file kindly solve my issue

great thanks for the response awesome game and support

you welcome any time :)

Hello, everything ok? just checking if all alright … it will be nice from you if you will rate my app.

I have following queries: 1: Is it 100% safe to upload on google play store? 2: Where is the code of gameover method? I want to do some modifications 3: Can I go with the same Music and theme ? 4: Leaderboard is not working in the provided apk gives error “can’t signin to google”. 5: Most important can i upload this as a paid product? If yes then where I need to put my google details in the code ?

Thanks for your time have a nice day! Love your app.Your work is awesome

Ahan another fast reply..Just superb…. I will check new apk later on. I will change the color and little bit music file does this work? and My last point is not clear can I upload this as paid apk without changing anything except the points mentioned in the documents?

regards hussain shabbir

Hy bro sorry to distrub you again but google sign in is not working in the new apk too kindly check that too thanks

Salam Hussain , yes if you change colors and music, yes you can sell on google play market. about the app i test it and google services work … you must clear game data from setting (application manager) on your device then test it . it must work.

Good luck with sales

Thank you ;)

hello. i have bought your game. can i got game in buildbox ?. thx

Hello Lance224, you must purchase extended license, to get buildbox project. please read game description . thank you..

Hy sorry for the delay.Everything is fine except google sign in it still not working I will rate the app after complete testing kindly check this issue thanks

ok bro. i will check that for you

send me the buildbox plz ty much. i already purchase extended license

The buildbox project was been sent to Your email. thank you for purchases extended license.

done ty much

You welcome ;)

Problem with Cocos2dxBitamp.java !!!!!

ok thanks

hello Yakloft,

Waiting the reply

send me a screen shot for the problem please, on my email onemanjo@yahoo.com

Where is BuildBox project? My email is detrait.alexandre.08@gmail.com

Hello. To get buildbox project you may purchase the extended license.

you welcome anytime, if need any support please look to my profile to get contact information.

score facebook share?

Building my app payment

did you purchases the game?

Hi I Purchased the game but didn’t have the build box project file

Hi, thank you for purchase, there is no bb project included, contact me on skype for bb project.

Do you have android studio source code?

no,this code work with eclipse.

What!!!? To get the buildbox project you have to buy extended??? Pls give me my money back . At the title you are selling the buildbox project… at the end in low letter …. this is fraud!

i’m sorry, but i didn’t writ that buildbox project is included !!!

hi, if i buy the extended license i will get the buildbox project right?? is it possible to build this project for iOS. if possible then i would like to purchase the extended license. thanks

bbx project included or not

no , but if want to buy it please contact me on skype

Hello I bought the game but I do not know how to edit it. If you send us your logo, game name and AdMob information, will you be able to edit it? Would you send apk ready to me?

please contact me on skype, haitham.alsalih

Hello. Is Buildbox file (bbdoc) included?


Could I use this project in a newer version of the buildbox?

yes you need to convert it to buildbox 2 , just open it with buildbox 2 and it will convert it.