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Screenshot looks good but demo is down, hope you fix soon!

It is up and working.

Nice work, GLWS! :)


Thanks for this great mega menu, i hope that you add animation, show on hover option and RTL support as it is important for me.


Thanks for your comment, I consider these features in the new update. Please don’t forget to rate it 5 star.


Great news, 5 star rating. Thanks

Hi… demo is down. Regards

Hi, it is up and working.

hello, great menu! please is it possible to add one more level in the submenu? Like this? ->

If yes, I’m buying immediately :)

thank you very much. kozdo

Hi, Thanks,

Unfortunately this menu does not support that functionality.


thank you for your answer, and could you code the one more submenu as freelance job? I see that you are available in your profile.

thank you. pk

About freelance, i do accept. About this project i am not sure 100% that i can add that submenu. But if you like i can try to do that for you.


I looked at all the other menus on CodeCanyon and this by far looks the best. Good Job!

A couple of questions though:

  • Does this come with everything in the demo?
  • Is it possible to integrate PayPal with the shopping cart?

After I purchase, I’ll make sure to rate 5 stars.


Thanks for your interest. 1. Yes, all the demo are included. 2. This is only HTML, CSS and JS menu and a devloper can help you to achieve your goal.


Thank you for your reply! I look forward to buying this product!


Hi, pre-sale question.

Is this developed so I can add any menu into the menu (instead of categories) ? So, let’s ay I have Food page and veggies sub-page, could I use these instead of woo categories?



Thanks for your interest, I hope to understand you well. On large devices you have categories and subcategories. You can call these anything you like whether categories or other thing. All the textes are easily replacable.


So, in other words : I can replace CATEGORIES with pages and subpages instead? Thank you!

No problem, have fun.

hi its really good.I like it but have one clarification

instead of separate button as nav can i integrate this in bootstrap nav bar as main menu like :

as subject menu


Thanks for comment, No it is not possible easily, because the whole structure should be changed. The KhanAcademy menu is great, maybe I can create something like that in future.


Hi. Its nice code. But. Why i select list in autocomplete your content can’t insert into textbox. I need to do?



Thanks for purphase, Because this ffeature has not coded in this version, if you want it you should add some extra codes to it


Hi. A couple of pre-sale questions: 1) can the menu open on HOVER over “Categories” instead of click ,and close when moving the cursor outside of the menu panel?

2) Can the items on the left column have their own links? Or their href is used to specify what to open on the right side?



Sorry for late response 1. Yes it is possible but need custom codes. 2. can you please explain more.


Hi, Great app, just one resale question:

How customisable are the customer billing fields. My client needs to add 2 additional fields: a birthdate and a Name.

Can this be added easily?


Thanks, you can easily add required HTML fields and style it with css


Hi, grat menu you have here. A couple of pre-purchas equetion pls. How easily can i remove all items on the nav with class = navbar navbar-static-top line-navbar-one leaving only brand logo and replacing it with everything on the nav with class = navbar navbar-static-top line-navbar-two to achieve something very close to


Sorry, I will answer you in some hours via emai


I hope you are fine, It it possible to customize the menu to look like that site but it is like creating a new menu. It is behind basic support .


Can you make mega menu fixed positioned ?

Hi, sorry for late response, which navbar?

Top side whole menu “Fixed positioned”, is it possible ?

Hi, great mega menu solution. I hope i make it to work with the template canvas. i try to insert your mega menu in place of “portfolio” menu item but the template styling is conflict with the line.css. Is there any way to get ignore the classes (prevent css inherit) of parent css so your classes works as it? Please advise, Karls

Hi, have you already Suport RTL Direction (language) ?

Can you show me/send me the snippet for the Amazon style? I’ve sent you a support message already.


hi there, can i use this as vertical menu on desktop browsers ? i want all menu to show not with just a button. you can look at’s vertical menu for example. good work btw, going to buy it anyway