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Prosivo Purchased

dos it have a client register page, withou the selection of role? or how can i hide roles for clients

You can’t create an user id without a role. If you have requirements regarding this then you can send it to us.

I like it very much, but I have some questions, to start with… can certain things be changed from the Spanish language? It seems to me that there are things that are not correctly translated and tend to confuse a little.

I have been reviewing the demo but there are things I still don’t understand so I better ask.

1. Can I have for example 3 branches? I am interested in this software to put it in a butcher store, do you think it will work for me?

2. Can I change the measure KG for LB? In Guatemala we use pounds instead of kilograms.

I am still very interested in the software and have been trying it out, I still have some additional questions.

1. Can I see the current stock of a branch office having the staff permissions? Example, I have a branch called Guatemala and the person selling needs to know how much stock is in his branch, I don’t want him to see what is in other branches.

2. How can I remove some payment methods? At the moment I am only interested in cash and maybe check, how can I remove paypal, deposit, credit card, gift card, etc.

3. I understand that I can use a touch screen to enter sales, is that right?

The truth is that I am quite amazed, but I need to clear all my doubts, again sorry for so many questions. For now are the questions I have, I hope you can answer them like the previous ones. I will continue to check carefully so I can make a wise purchase.

Hi, 1. In product list we are showing the total stock. However we can make it warehouse wise for staff. 2. We will remove this after you purchase it. Thank you

Hi, 1. There is an option to delete all data named empty database in top navigation bar. 2. Exporting data is an automated process and we used plugin for that. However if you need to change it we can do it as custom task. 3. Please check the product report from report module. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. 6. He can see only those data which are related to him/ her. Admin can see all the data. Thank you.


fmfaris Purchased

How to remove Developed By LionCoders


siemike Purchased

Hi, when you’re gonna update laravel’s version?


DropZite Purchased

Yes we’re also still waiting for the laravel version update here… LionCoders mentioned they would be releasing an update the same day 21 days ago but still no update until now. And again they said they would release an update before the month ends, so we still have 2 days left before the month end.. Hopefully they would be true to their word this time.

Pre-sales question. Is possible to generate a shipping information like the voucher ready for print? I want to use the label shipping information for to send at costumers. Regards.

If you send us the layout we can do this.