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Hello Author,

I tried to upload plugin and got error as below :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /var/www/wp-pharmastoc.com/pswp_relaunch/wp-content/plugins/liMarquee/liMarquee.php on line 780

Can you please take care of that ASAP..?

Thanks, Purvesh

Possible conflict with an another plugin, please let me know which plug-ins you have installed other then liMarquee?

My wordpress version is 4.5.2 (Latest) and i simply tried to upload from wordpress backend. and when i activate it it shows me error (as i mentioned above) on wordpress backend.

I have fixed issue.. Actually plugin developer use Short Tags for PHP Statement and Short tags are not enabled on my server. so i have changed short tags to full or you can allowed short tag on your server.

Rest of that plugin is really awesome..!! Great work..!

Can I control the slide speed and the spacing between images?

1. To change the speed of the ticker, use the options: “scrollDelay” or “scrollAmount”


2. The distance between the images can be changed using CSS. On the settings page is the “Custom styles” field.

Plug-in doesn’t work at all on WordPress 4.5.3! help!

Hello. I will help you. But now I’m on vacation until the end of this week. I can sit down at the computer July 25th. I’m sorry, but you have to wait. Send me an email limasscode@gmail.com address of the page with the plugin, so I can see the connection code. Regards.

Email sent. Any documentation that you can point me to in order to change the gapping via CSS or code?

Hello! To remove the indentation between the end and beginning of a line, set parameter “circular” to value “true”


Is your plugin compatible with new Safari (IOS10 /MacOS) because it seems not support the HTML <marquee> element that I used till now. I’m seeking an alternative


Go to the demo page and check:


Just installed the plugin. Attempting to configure it.

Following your instructions, step 5 says: ‘Click on “limarquee” button.’ But that button doesn’t exist.

What code to paste into those PHP files? So far, I haven’t found the solution.

The marquee works perfectly for free-standing WordPress pages. In blog posts, I follow the same procedure, going through the WordPress editor. However, on the website the text is invisible; div.mMove scrolls properly, but no content is shown.

I know it’s possible to include the marquee inside header, sidebar, and footer. Just trying to determine what code to paste in.

<div class="anyClass mWrap"> <!--Start Your Content--> In place of the text string can be any html code or picture <!--End Your Content--> </div> anyClass – “Class Name” in liMarquee Setting page /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=liMarqueeOptions

Works like a charm. Thanks!

Hi, I want the content fading on on removing from the marquee. removeContentFadeDuration: i have set this value differently but unable to see any difference my by marquee. pls help

Hello, Here is a page with a working example:


If there are still questions, write to me on e-mail: limasscode@gmail.com

How do we get the 50% discount?

The plugin works fine.

Here is an example: http://demo.masscode.ru/wp2/ Here is screenshot (4.7.1) “Edit Page” http://prntscr.com/eb3scz Here (4.7.2) http://prntscr.com/eb3yl4

In a pinch,

You can type a short code manually: [limarquee class=”yourClassName”] your content [/limarquee]

OK – I have it working using manual shortcodes.

Is there anyway to add a link to the ticker – so that when someone clicks onto the ticker it takes you to another page?

[limarquee class=”yourClassName”] <a href=”/page”>your content</a> [/limarquee]

Plugin was working until today in Chrome, but still works in Brave, so thinking there’s a browser conflict? Am using Avada 5.0, Wordpress 4.7.2, and Chrome 56.0.2924.87 on Windows 7.

Hello, Send me a link to a page with the installed plugin . I’ll find out what’s wrong! My email: limasscode@gmail.com

i am using theme with king composer include, how to attach this plugin at the homepage?

1. install plugin http://demo.masscode.ru/wp2/plugin-installation/ 2. Add oprions (from step 10) http://demo.masscode.ru/wp2/add-to-page/

3. Add to homepage an element with the class name that you specified in the settings

Is it possible to use this plugin full screen? Can i add it to a template via php code?

1. Yeas it is pussible. 2. It depends on your knowledge.

hi. what is benefit of using the wordpress version vs html version? do you have any screenshots of using the wordpress version? thanks.

sorry. never mind. i just saw the Screenshots on description page.

Hi. Do you know if the shortcode could be added as a layer to Slider Revolution? For example I would have a background image and the scrolling text Left to Right over the image. Thanks!


This plugin does not work with sliders.


Thank you for the quick reply! I bought it anyway and am using on pages. Love it!

hello! is it possible to enable this plugin for users with “editor” role?

I did not understand the question

sorry, I solved my doubts with some friends that use this plugin :)

I’m getting a blank page with this follow errors when I try to access the setting page:

PHP Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in E:\home\sindbast\..\web\web\wp-content\plugins\liMarquee\liMarquee.php on line 448 PHP Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in E:\home\sindbast\..\web\web\wp-content\plugins\liMarquee\liMarquee.php on line 511

Do not worry. Your problemmu necessarily solve!

Describe me please the following data: - What is your version of WordPress; - What method of installation you used? - What plugins are installed yet? - Can you give me temporary access?

My email: limasscode@gmail.com