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RafaAro Purchased

Does it works with Jquery-1.11.1.js ?

Yes! With all versions jQuery, starting with version 1.7


RafaAro Purchased

ok, does it has to be the .min version?

It doesn’t matter!


webs123 Purchased

Hello, great script – thanks. One question: is there any possibility to refresh rotating content on 10 sec or other time interval?

Hello! See an example of a page with content updates. http://demo.masscode.ru/limarquee/change_content.html If you will not understand, write me limasscode@gmail.com

webs123 Purchased

Problem solved – thanks for great support.

hoverStop doesn’t work for me on Chrome in IE it’s ok.

Tell me your email, I will send you a new version with the addition of support for desktop PC with touch screen

Change Log v.6.0.5 – 23/06/2016 Added support desktop PC with a touch screen


I have purchased this plugin but the video demonstration is an .avi file and not compatible with QuickTime. There is no installation documentation. Please advise how to install and add logo files to this.


Quick Start:



1. Unzip “liMarquee.zip”;

2. Open “index.html”;

3. Follow the instructions in the sections:




How to insert logos (On this page is an example of the code and the result):

http://demo.masscode.ru/limarquee/image.html If you do not succeed, then send me an email limasscode@gmail.com


this plugin will not work for my needs. How can I be refunded?

Please describe me your needs, I would really like to help you.

My email: limasscode@gmail.com

If you still want to return an item, then there are certain procedures and requirements:

https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460?_ga=1.250319878.1255538417.1442050386 https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with both the scrolling banner and the ticker.. (not sure if that’s what you call them) They have been working fine until a few months ago. Now they just fail to work… The web pages I have them on are: www.beermatsadvertising.uk (index and home pages) and branding business page… Can you help me please? Best regards. Keith aka Beermatman

No, in “CSS” folder you want to copy the file liMarquee.css

And in “JS” folder you want to copy the file jquery.liMarquee.js

If you can not find these files, I’ll sen? them to you by mail already..

Hi, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just can’t do it… I think I’ve done the css bit but I can’t paste the JS file into the folder…. Help please. Regards Beermatman

Send me to email limasscode@gmail.com your FTP login and password

Hello, I am interested in your limarquee tool. I am using Hubspot and wanted to ask you about if this code works with that service? Also, do you have any documentation tools that would help with our install?

Thank you

Please give a link to your hubspot project. I need to see the code.

Hi, thank you. It’s dzonesoftware.com. Please let me know what you find. Thank you!

1. Good news! You have connected jQuery!

2. You need to connect the script files to the page:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/liMarquee.css”>

<script src=”js/jquery.liMarquee.js”></script>

3. Put the plugin files on your hosting

4. Add code to call the plugin:

<script> $(window).load(function(){ $(’.anyClass’).liMarquee(); }) </script>

5. Add HTML Code in to page

<div class=”anyClass mWrap”> In place of the text string can be any html code or picture </div>

Quick Start http://demo.masscode.ru/limarquee/index.html#quickstart


I bought the plugin and installed it in my website. It works fine but in IE I can see it is moving like waves. Its not that smooth in IE. One can easily see that it is not smooth and it is not good for user experience.

I just saw your demo and even demo is having same issue on IE. I checked on IE 8 , 9 , 10 and Edge. In edge it is bit smooth but on 8 and 9 it is not coming well.


Any fix for that?

Regards, Saumil Shah

Hello! Smooth animation in IE depends on the CPU usage of your computer. Optimize the animation is better than it has already been implemented – it is impossible. Try the following: 1) close the programs that use CPU resources. 2) Close the extra tab in the browser running. And then check the plug-in operation. If the problem persists, then I’ll try to think of something, but this is possible only after July 25 because I’m on vacation right now. Be sure to write to me about the test results.


globalj Purchased

hi scroll up button has stopped working after adding your marquee can you fix this

On touch devices?

1. Or disable drag event for touch devices: for this set the parameter touchEvent: false

2. Or give me your email and I will send you the new version of plugin 6.1.0. In this version of the plug-in itself distinguish events “scroll” from the event “drag”

Is there a way to refresh xml content on wayEnd? I’ve tried using the example included in the ajax refresh demo but all it returns is [object XMLDocument].

I will make for you a demo

http://demo.masscode.ru/limarquee/wayend_refresh.html This is a demo with a content update in end of the way. And give me your email, I will send you a new version of the plugin with a very important update.
jmarshall@wafb.com. Thank you yurik417!

nokiko Purchased

Hi, will you also add the option to have no js initialization but by having all the options in a data attribute as the flickity plugin has for example?

This functionality has been added to the new version of the plugin. Send me your email and I’ll send the file to you. My email: limasscode@gmail.com

Hello yurik417, great plugin. I have a question. Is there a way to make the horizontal slider go edge to edge on a browser without breaking the responsiveness? Meaning if overflow-x:visable is used, it is contained within the frame of the browser, not forcing white space. I hope that makes sense.

I still do not see any reason.

Why do you need to specify “overflow-x: visable”?

Why show the movement from edge to edge?

Why not use “circular: true” to remove the white space?

Very good work!

Hi by accident I have purchased this version, I need the wp version. Could you please help me, thank you.

How do you want me to help you?

Can you send me the other one, or refund me for this one so that I caan buy the other, as I do not need this one, as I have mention before it was a mistake. thank you.

Send me a private message, I want to know your mail

Does this work with Magento ?

If you connect to your store jQuery, then why not.

But I am not competent in matters of connectivity jQuery plugins to the Magento platform

Perfect thank you!

Dear, b3f0e4e1-924e-4cb8-bf50-ec013e70431c – 18 Oct 2016 REGULAR LICENSE Cannot install in wp. HELP!

Hope to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,

Frank van den Brink


I’ll be glad to help. Tell me on email limasscode@gmail.com

- Details of the error message; - Version of WP; - At what stage is interrupted installation; - Which installation method you are using; - What plugins are already installed; If possible, make a screenshot of the error;

Best regards.

Hi. Why “wayend refresh” is not in the content of the download?

Hi, Describe in detail your requirements on email: limasscode@gmail.com

Cool Item! Good Luck!