Discussion on liMarquee - Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling of Text or Image or HTML Code

Discussion on liMarquee - Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling of Text or Image or HTML Code

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can i use for running text..?

Depends on your needs. Take a look at the demo page and decide for yourself.

hello, can use on wordpress theme.. so how to instal it..?

Hello, i m having a problem on mobile due this error -Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded, – how can i fix this and allow the marquee show –

looks like your demo was hacked…

Thank you, the issue is resolved!

Hi there,

First, thank you for this massive plugin!

I have a question. See my version at this test site: and scroll to the following section:

You will see a grid with blocks and they’re moving with liMarquee. But, at the end (at the last 2 blocks), the slider creates a vertical gap for about 100px. I think the problem there is CSS Grid in combination with liMarquee.

Do you maybe have a solution for this?

dear sir,

recently I have bought your script. On a specific page, I would like to show 4 different lists with quotes (where each list represents a different language). I would like to use the “vertical motion parameter” variant for that in combination with your “content in tabs” example.

Up to know, I only get the “vertical motion parameter” script under the first tab working flawlessly. I cannot get the other scripts under the other tabs to work.

Could you please advise how to solve? Thanks in advance for your quick reply.

Привет, Используйте этот пример подключения во вкладках

Is it possible to use lazyload on images content?

Only if you indicate on images their dimensions (width and height)

I tried using this plugin but images are not loaded:

You need to disable the lazy loading plugin for all images that are in the creeping line. Because the plugin of the running line has its own lazy loading functionality.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing. Does this have a RSS feed capability? That’s the primary use for this scroller.

Hi, You can display content from an XML file.

is it possible to set the SPEED ? if yes, how?


Can you please give me the code of the three examples on the right top of the page ? That would be great.

Thank you very much.


Hi there, it is possible to add a fade in animation when removeContentFadeDuration occurred?

whats in the update ?

Hi, v.6.5.1 – 26/02/2019 Fixed destroy method error, linked to switching tabs. Added in the description.

Is it possible to schedule ticker to show?

Describe in more detail:

I’m getting:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).liMarquee is not a function
    at (index):62
    at dispatch (jquery-3.1.0.js:5110)
    at elemData.handle (jquery-3.1.0.js:4918)

I embedded the css in a style tag, and replaced all instances of “mWrap” with “mwrap” because my website editor only supports adding lowercase classes. I also swapped:

var mEl = $(this).addClass('mWrap');
var mEl = $(this).addClass('mwrap');

What’s causing the problem? A link to the staging site:

1. You have connected two jQuery libraries of different versions.

2. Remove the one that you connected with my plugin (jquery-3.1.0.js).

3. Transfer the plugin connection and initialization after connecting the your jQuery (jquery-3.3.1.min.js)

I updated the jquery, but I’m still getting:
Uncaught TypeError: $(...).liMarquee is not a function
    at (index):62
    at dispatch (VM4466 jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2)
    at y.handle (VM4466 jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2)
How do I transfer the plugin’s connection and initialization? Is there an article you could link to? I couldn’t find anything specific online, and I’m not familiar with javascript, but I can follow instructions and understand a few other programming languages. Is there a tool online that updates code for newer versions?
1. Delete the string: 2. This is plugin connection and initialization:

Transfer them to the end of the code, before the closing body tag.

Result inform me on mail


can you have more than 1 on same page ?

Cool! Good luck with sales!!!

Thank you

I am using vertical scroll on up side direction. It moves very fast. how to slow down the scroll speed?

Mail sent. Please check and suggest a fix. Thank you

I apologize. It was cache problem. I was not getting updated page even after refresh.

Best Regards!

Is it possible to have continuous horizontal scroll, where there is no gap. i.e when the text sentence ends the beginning starts leaving no gap?

Hello, You need add rule in css file:

.mWrap {word-spacing:-0.3em}

no that wont work that will make whole sentence as one long word. What I mean is when text is scrolling for e.g.(“hello world im scrolling across”) when the word “across” exits, the word “hello” follows straight after leaving no gap

Maybe you need a parameter “circular” $(’.yourClassName’).liMarquee({circular: true});

Cool Item! Good Luck!

Hi. Why “wayend refresh” is not in the content of the download?

Hi, Describe in detail your requirements on email:

Dear, b3f0e4e1-924e-4cb8-bf50-ec013e70431c – 18 Oct 2016 REGULAR LICENSE Cannot install in wp. HELP!

Hope to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,

Frank van den Brink


I’ll be glad to help. Tell me on email

- Details of the error message; - Version of WP; - At what stage is interrupted installation; - Which installation method you are using; - What plugins are already installed; If possible, make a screenshot of the error;

Best regards.

Does this work with Magento ?

If you connect to your store jQuery, then why not.

But I am not competent in matters of connectivity jQuery plugins to the Magento platform

Perfect thank you!


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