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can it be like www.ranker.com??

Hello muhannadaljoaid,

Yes, you can add the custom image with like dislike counter same as www.ranker.com.

You can go ahead and purchase the plugin.

Best, WPFruits

I sent you an email. did you get it?

Hello nivroc,

Please write your query here.

Best, WPFruits

I was not able to do this. Did you not get my email? I am looking for a plugin where each post is sorted by the amount of like (the most likes on top and least likes on bottom) For all posts / categories.

Can you plugin do this? Or are you able to add code to make this happen?

hi, I was wondering if your plugin has the capability of having multiple likes/dislike voting options on the same page. I have a list of “vendors” and would like to have the ability for people to vote on each vendor.

Hi there ! I purchased your addon last week, how could I add likes to counters and how could I synchronise them ? Thank you ! PS : already posted on your support system.

Hi there ! Thanks for your answer, unfortunatly I cannot see your email, could your try re-sending it ? Thanks ! :)

Hi there, still no news, I would really apprciate an answer. Thank you


We have resend the mail, please check spam too.

Waiting for your return?

The plugin will not install.. error message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /srv/www/wordpress-default/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-like-dislike-counter-pro/classLDC.php on line 274On Mar 8, 2017, at 6:14 PM, Envato Hosted” I have a BuddyPress plugin installed. Terry

Hello, apologies for inconvenience you faced. We had already mailed you but unfortunately it got bounced. We had again sent you a mail. Please check and let us know. Best,WPFruits

The message is exactly as reported by your email above. What is the solution? Also did you complete a refund? Terry

My email address is tremy0207@gmail.com. I am not able to use the product. I requested a refund since you are unable to support my use of the product. I am on a local development server. Thus there is not a simple way for you to access my development platform. My request for a refund was placed several weeks ago. I will wait for 48 hours before proceeding with a legal filings . Terry