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Does the “algorithm” for the lights change each time played?

Hi matt1020, every time new game is started several lights are randomly turned on, so each gameplay is different.

do you have any demo?

Hi Hiiro, app is visible on screenshots, demo video is not available.

Is it actually possible to tun all the lights off? I have reskinned the game and ready to submit once I have completed testing but when playing it I can’t seem to actually get all the lights turned off? Is it actually possible? Or is it just really difficult (which would be good)? :-(

Hi stoneapps, it can be difficult to turn them off, please check this for more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lights_Out_(game) Please leave us rating if you like game, thanks!

Do you provide reskin the app? Can yu reply me directly via email?

Hi eagle12345, yes, we can reskin app, feel free to contact us via contact form.

Does this project use Storyboards? I’m curious why you aren’t making demo videos with your apps? It’s easy to do. Just capture your Xcode screen, hit run and show that the code is working.

Hi StormFactory, there is no StoryBoard, this game use single ViewController. We don’t have plans to create video previews.

Thanks for explaining, but I’m wondering why you’re not willing to create videos when it’s so quick and easy?

Hello, and thank’s for your game . in fact : I want to know if I purchase the game , can I play it on my mobile android at once , I mean after I download it , or there are some necessary customization ?

Hi sanayar2008, this game is for iPhone.

Hi, is it compatible with iPad? Thanks.

Hi BrandonLeongKY, this project is for iPhone.

Hello team,

Is this game compatible with iOS 8?


Hi, can I load in the app store this version without reskin?