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Great work!

1. Is it possible to highlight a element (image) automatically after (for example) 2 Seconds?

2. Is it possible to scroll to the highlighted elememt automatically and then highlight it??


thank you :)

1. yes, it is possible. Just by executing on/off with delay (for example with the help of javascript setTimeout function)

2. this plugin does not make scrolling. But of cause you can use some custom script to scroll the page and call light ON/OFF function on scroll complete.

Can this be configured to “light out” on mouseover?


You have done great work.. the only thing that i suggest you to change is the preview images :) (Added on my bookmarks)

thanks ;)

is very nice, but can you use for a tour on the site? step by step?

with javascript you can, of cause, force it to highlight different elements one after another. But it could be not the best choice, because this plugin will not scroll the page to highlighted element.

Thank you for your interest :)

Hi, Great work, However, is it possible to do it onclick? For example, when click on the play button on video player, the light automatically turns off, the play turns off when stop the video.


yes, if your video player can execute custom script on click

Terrific idea! What size is the original uncompressed javascript file? Pl advise, thank you.

uncompressed – 7.5kb, compressed – 3.6kb

how can you use it on bootstrap modal? It darkens everything including the targetid element.

as i know bootstrap modal darkens everything around and you don’t need any extra code/plugins. If you mean that you want to highlight element INSIDE of bootstrap modal – please send me the link from my profile page so i could check your example and help you.

Really clean and useful.