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good work. very nice :)

Thank you sir :)

Nice. Looking for a live preview? Can the modal be full screen?

Thanks, i hope you enjoy customizing your Lightbox. in next updates i will add more interesting features. I don’t check for Visual Composer, but i think it work because LightBox display all shortcodes. Please If you like it don’t forget to rate it.


Just for Remind, the LightPost now can display Visual Composer content, I invite you to make an update.

Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

That’s Awesome! thank you!

Its amazing… Some questions here:

1. The last tool like this was “WP Post Preview” here on codecanyon. it was cool but just supported for a few months. Will you constantly update it?

2. What about these features: - Enable/disable featured image/article image - Enable/disable comments, social sharing, author box (or inherited from theme??) - shortcode stripping on/off? - what color options are available? examples: border, background, shadow, font, close button, etc.

3. Il will buy around 20th november i think :)

A dashboard demo is available here: Demo

Is your plugin comaptible with ajax search pro (from wpdreams, link: https://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-search-pro-for-wordpress-live-search-plugin/3357410)

I mean.. I would love to click on the search result and show the popup with post content

I think yes, Please send us your request to support@webmatiq.com They will answer you as soon as possible


neodan Purchased

How does this lightbox affect SEO or Google Analytics if post is opened in lightbox?

This is the main features i’m working on know it will be in next updates. for that version, lightbox it’s not indexed but the page of post is. about Analytics this can be configure event tracking or virtual page views within Google Analytics.

Excellent Work! :-)

Thanks you very much Friend :grin:

so how it works? can i make image in post and link it to open in lightpost site post from blog?

Hello @Gantonr,

You can add shortcode and make any content show LightPost, but it can display just: Featured Image, Content of post(text & image), Title, Author name & avatar, Publish Date.

great, so how did it works on example? i have image: sample.jpg and post with ID – 3 and want to show image on homepage or some other page and when it clicked it opens content of post ID3 with title and content of it. what would be shortcode? i want to test it on you demo, what is great by the way. Cheers

You can add html code like:

<a class="lightpost" data-id="3">Show post</a>


gregorh Purchased

Hello, just purchased your plugin but have a problem:

When I activate your plugin, my websites stops working and I get on all pages a big list with error, all starting with:

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /Users/Gregor/Documents/Websites/web4prosneu.dev/wp-content/plugins/lightpost-wordpress/includes/lpw_front.php on line 88

what can this be?

Hello Gregorth,
Compatibility with the Visuel Composer is done, It will be available in less than 4 days on Codecanyon, if you are accurate I can send you the latest files.
Regards, WebMatiq Support


gregorh Purchased

Great news! Do you have my email?

I don’t have your email, You can send me to contact@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support

Sorry mate the price is to high to take the risk, and see if I can get result I need this item personally should be about $16.

The price will still be high in the next version, with added comment and publicity. A version already being updated with the shared buttons.
You can test the demo version before you buy

Hello, I have a problem. How can I make direct adres to post on my website? Thanks

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The plugin is already up-to-date with this feature :grin:, It will be available in less than 4 days on Codecanyon, If you need the plugin updates you can mail us to support@webmatiq.com and we’ll provide you with the plugin updates.

Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Yes, I would like it :) Please, provide me the plugin update. If you need, contact me on jendapospisil@producthink.cz. Thanks

Hi Webmatiq!

Nice plugin!

Question about the demo: The written content of the posts shown on the post page is the same written content inside the lightbox.

Is it possible to display the written content of the post only in the lightbox? And the link to the lightbox be a featured image for example?

Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

Kind regards

Hello, BlueKoe!
– Yes the written content of the post is the same written content inside lightbox,
- Yes, it is possible to make your link like you want: image, link, text or button, you are free.

Regards, Webmatiq Support Team

Thanks for the quick response!

Is there a way to see this in action? If so, can I test this myself using the demo site?

Kind regards!

Please mail us to support@webmatiq.com, it will create an example on demo site for you.

Regards, Webmatiq Support Team

Hi, I really like your plugin. I got a question, Is it possible to make my own lightpost template( or I could change it in your plugin) so we could add other content like related products or custom fields to the post? if i make a post template like image is on the left and a button on the left, the lightpost will show as the template do or it only show it like your demo?

I just want to make the lightpost like this site https://canopy.co/


Hello, Miuniu!

If you have Visual Composer you can customize your content like you want, the plugin can show this customize content with title, author info, publish date time and media.
If you want change it in the plugin yes you can, you just need to have some development skills. if you have any suggestion or question in this please mail us to support@webmatiq.com

Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi there! I purchased this plugin and installed it on my portfolio website. But some how I’m not able to change size of the light box. So how to increase the width of the light box? Or is not possible. Also Can i open the light box with a different image than the thumbnail. Every time the thumbnail opens up. Instead of the page I wanted to open. Please help me. Thank you.

We’ve received your email. Thank you!
Your issue is placed to the queue.
You will receive a response of less than one hour
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

You guys are amazing. Loving it.

We have sent you an answer, but the mail is returner, may be there is a problem with your email address.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Nice job! Good luck with sales!

Thanks Sir :grin:

Is there support for comments and the comment form? <?php comment_form(); ?>

Hello Chozen!
You can send us your questions to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Do you have an example with video content instead of image?

Yes, that’s one: http://webmatiq.com/lightpost-wordpress-lightbox/demo?llpw=40

and you can edit it on the online demo : http://webmatiq.com/lightpost-wordpress-lightbox/demo
user: demo

Please if you need more help, mail us to support@webmatiq.com

Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Thank you for your reply. What is the password? I tried leaving it empty and pressing spacebar but could not log in.

Hello Fantasmo81! The login is demo, and password is demo.
Sorry, I thought I added the password in previous reply.
Regards, WebMatiqSupport Team

Hi, Can i apply the Lightbox on one single category? so whenever a post from that category clicked on, it will open as Lightbox.


Hi, please give us your mail, the support can response to you for this request.
Regards, WebMatiq supports

Hi, Can i apply the Lightbox on one single page? and for widgets on that page? i’m using this theme an widgets form this theme https://themeforest.net/item/multinews-multipurpose-wordpress-newsmagazine/8103494?sso=1&_ga=1.211898256.500354814.1474913906

Please give me the answer I want to buy

Hello Ivandancom,
You can apply the lightbox for a custom type at all, you can not apply for a specific page. but you can send us to support team it may be have another proposition to support@webmatiq.com.
Regards,WebMatiq Support Team