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I would like to test the demo but I don’t understand which login you want?


Hello Paulettepailette,
The link to dashbord is: http://webmatiq.com/lightpost-wordpress-lightbox/demo/wp-admin
Login : demo
Password: demo
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Thanks :)


lymsl Purchased

Hi there, I just bought your plugin. I a having a problem. In homepage, I have made a sample post list. When I click the post, it redirects to the post page with link like this: mysite.com/postname?lpw=18139

Hello Lymsl,
Thanks for purchasing LightPost. For your problem we think is a conflict in your website thats why doesn’t work, just send us your website link to support@webmatiq.com to investigat on your issue.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Really cool plugin. How does it affects pageviews on site? I’m afraid I can loose my pageviews ratings

Thanks wbrenner, for now the plugin does not support pagesviews, but it can be added by our support, just send us to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

I have some problems. If you click a post it work as it should, but if you close the lightbox and click on the post again it dont work.

For example see christianmagdu.com

BTW, I tried to login at the support portal but I got the msg: “Portal is currently not accessible”.

Hello Bandersson,
Thanks for purchasing, please just send us to support@webmatiq.com.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

It work fine for us, tested on firefox, chrome and safari.
Please send us on how are you produce to have this issue to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi Webmatiq, just bought this plugin – it’s great :) Wanted to know if there’s a way to have a background that is red… then, when I click next, have it blue? ... As in per post… can I define a background colour? So far I can do this by adding a background image per post… but wanted to know if there’s a better way to do this?

As in, can I assign a class per post? or can the lightbox inherit a class based on the post ID?

Hi Infodorf,

Thanks :)
For now you can just use a small image. the other solution is not possible. but thanks note is going to consider it in the next release.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team


This is best Lightbox Plugin i have ever come across. Am so glad its just the way it should be, apart from, when i click for example on my Post. It displays the Lightbox right at the top of the Page. So visitors has to scroll all the way down again. How can i make changes that the Lightbox would open without pushing the page to the top. Looking forward for support.



Hello King88sley,
Thanks for your comment :)
Please just send us your issue and website link to support@webmatiq.com. it will back to you as soon as possible.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi! Where can I edit the lightbox theme(s)? I want to add advertising, a button with a link to the article’s single page and other useful information. Regards, Sascha

Hello FSAviator!
Please send us your question to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team


zwinggi Purchased

I just purchased this and put into my dev site. I have a category list, but when i use this plugin, the “next/prev” buttons load all the posts, not just my specific category. Are there category considerations for this?

Hello @zwinggi,
Thanks for choosing LightPost for your website. It sgould considerate it on next/prev buttons, please send us to support@webmatiq.com, it will back to you as soon as possible.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi, is there a way to optimize it, please review the following link. they load very slow


Hello RacingAustralia!
Thanks to choosing LightPost. Our support have checked your website and he replied to you.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi there. Did you maybe try the modal to work with divi builder? tnx regards

Hii ThemeManiac, No, We didn’t test it with Divi Builder.


neodan Purchased

I use lightpost on a specific page, but I see the scripts loading on homepage. There was a CSS conflict. Any way to have the plugin script load one pages that utilizes the plugin?

Hello Neodan, Please send us to support@webmatiq.com Regards, Regards, WebMatiq Support Team


neodan Purchased

thank you!

Great plugin! But it works for me only through the shortcode. When I activate all the options of “Enable LightPost for / Enable LightPost” I can not get it to work in any link (http://aex-xixona.es/index.php/proves/)

Hello @Sergisellop, Thanks. please send us to support@webmatiq.com.

If comments are enabled will it show them below the posts in the popup?

No, the comment is not yet integrated on this version.

Ok, thank you!

I didnt understand anything.. Where is your training video on how to put these codes or html codes in which situations ? I just want to do a read more button and whenever i click it, it will show the article, thats it

Hello @nsbranding, please send us to support@webmatiq.com.