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I would like to test the demo but I don’t understand which login you want?


Hello Paulettepailette,
The link to dashbord is: http://webmatiq.com/lightpost-wordpress-lightbox/demo/wp-admin
Login : demo
Password: demo
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Thanks :)


lymsl Purchased

Hi there, I just bought your plugin. I a having a problem. In homepage, I have made a sample post list. When I click the post, it redirects to the post page with link like this: mysite.com/postname?lpw=18139

Hello Lymsl,
Thanks for purchasing LightPost. For your problem we think is a conflict in your website thats why doesn’t work, just send us your website link to support@webmatiq.com to investigat on your issue.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Really cool plugin. How does it affects pageviews on site? I’m afraid I can loose my pageviews ratings

Thanks wbrenner, for now the plugin does not support pagesviews, but it can be added by our support, just send us to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

I have some problems. If you click a post it work as it should, but if you close the lightbox and click on the post again it dont work.

For example see christianmagdu.com

BTW, I tried to login at the support portal but I got the msg: “Portal is currently not accessible”.

Hello Bandersson,
Thanks for purchasing, please just send us to support@webmatiq.com.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

It work fine for us, tested on firefox, chrome and safari.
Please send us on how are you produce to have this issue to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi Webmatiq, just bought this plugin – it’s great :) Wanted to know if there’s a way to have a background that is red… then, when I click next, have it blue? ... As in per post… can I define a background colour? So far I can do this by adding a background image per post… but wanted to know if there’s a better way to do this?

As in, can I assign a class per post? or can the lightbox inherit a class based on the post ID?

Hi Infodorf,

Thanks :)
For now you can just use a small image. the other solution is not possible. but thanks note is going to consider it in the next release.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team


This is best Lightbox Plugin i have ever come across. Am so glad its just the way it should be, apart from, when i click for example on my Post. It displays the Lightbox right at the top of the Page. So visitors has to scroll all the way down again. How can i make changes that the Lightbox would open without pushing the page to the top. Looking forward for support.



Hello King88sley,
Thanks for your comment :)
Please just send us your issue and website link to support@webmatiq.com. it will back to you as soon as possible.
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team

Hi! Where can I edit the lightbox theme(s)? I want to add advertising, a button with a link to the article’s single page and other useful information. Regards, Sascha

Hello FSAviator!
Please send us your question to support@webmatiq.com
Regards, WebMatiq Support Team