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Hi elcarian,

I think it would help, for myself and others if you added some links to reference “Redis” in the description.

I’ve never heard of it and all I could find maybe related is this

Is this Redis?

Thank you for your comment, you make a very good point. We will update the details to include a link. The link is:

Great, thanks and you’re welcome!

link go to 404

Interesting, it is linking fine for us here. Try copying and pasting into the address bar:

Awesome plugin, congrats.


Will this plugin work even if my REDIS installation is on a different server than my wordpress installation ?



Hi Mike. It ought to work, but there is of course the potential for increased latency. We haven’t had the opportunity to test this use case, would you email us at and we can discuss an opportunity to test this situation?

This looks very interesting, as I’m currently fooling around DigitalOcean Servers with NGiNX and Redis. Does this plugin do anything at all for WP object cache, or would I still have to use


Our plugin (Lightning Cache + Redis) caches the HTML output of front-end pages, it doesn’t do anything to replace the object cache. Our plugin uses the advanced-cache.php file within WordPress. I believe you ought to be able to drop in that file though and use them side-by-side with the same Redis database. Feel free to send us any questions you have about implementation.


How does this plugin handle sensitive data? Does it serve cached pages to logged in users? What happens if a logged in user tries to access a page? Is there a risk the page may show data of other previously logged in users visiting the same page?

How does the plugin handle the POST method? I.e. we use Formidable Pro to post messages and we show the submitted form details again on the results page. Is there a risk that a previously submitted page will show up?

The Lightning Cache plugin won’t serve caches to logged in users, nor will it cache pages being viewed by logged in users. So, there should be no risk of a page displaying information from a previously logged in user.

Our plugin also won’t cache POST data for exactly the reasons you mention, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

If you have any problems or more questions you can contact us directly at

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightning_cache_plus_redis/lightning_cache_plus_redis.php on line 752

any suggestions?

This error was triggered by code that uses array dereferencing, which is only compatible with servers running PHP 5.4+. We have updated the code to not use array dereferencing so it will be compatible with earlier versions; an updated plugin version will be available on CodeCanyon soon. If you would like us to email the new version to you, please send us an email at

i got white blank screen when activated this plugin.. how to make it work?

Is Redis installed on your server?

Hi, is that plugin support the PC/mobile theme switch plugin? I have try individual redis client, but it’s cannot live with theme switch plugin, show visitor the same theme in PC and Mobile.

Unfortunately, no. It might be challenging to find any good caching solution to work with the theme switch plugin due to the nature of caching.

Yes, I think it’s a important thing!

Yes, I think it’s a important thing!

Hey guys,

Does this speed up Woocommerce at all? We’re using the redis wordpress plugin and are not seeing much of a difference in page loads.. Woocommerce is horrendously slow.

Please advise, thanks.


It should help you out. The problem with WooCommerce is all of the many database queries it needs to do. This should be able to help a little bit, because a cached page will never make a database query. It is served before WordPress does anything serious.

Hope this helps you out, Thanks!

Hi, can you explain the difference between a “usual” cache plugin like WP Super Cache and this plugin to cache with Redis. Is it faster? Can you provide some tests with and without using Redis (GTmetrix or Pingdom?)

Kind regards, Laura

A “usual” cache plugin like WP Super Cache stores it’s cache files in the filesystem whereas this plugin caches in Redis which is stored in memory. Depending on server configuration this can allow our plugin to be faster in some situations because memory is faster than a disk access. (However servers can be configured to keep commonly used files in memory for fast access which could make WP Super Cache equally or more fast than this plugin) *Note: you MUST have Redis installed on your server for this plugin to work.

We’ll try to take some test cases of this plugin within the following weeks to share with you.

Thank you for replying and answer. have a nice day!

Hello,Compatible with memcached?I am now using memcached, I want to uninstall?

No, Lightning Cache requires Redis on your servers to work. It has no interoperability with memcached.

Whether to support wp rocket cache plug-in?

I just want my site a little faster, I now use the wp rocket plug-in.If you use your plugin, is not to uninstall wp rocket?