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Can the plugin be used with any of the major grid plugins, namely “Essential Grid” by Themepunch or “The Grid” by Theme-One?

It does support the Essential Grid, but we haven’t checked the other one, yet.

Seriously awesome! I own and use Essential Grid but I am considering switching to “The Grid” by Theme-One because of a few features and would love to see support for it! This is the plugin:

Just to be clear, is there any custom code or integration required to use the LightGallery Lightbox with something that is “supported”, or is it simply a matter of activating the LightGallery plugin as a default display method for all supported media? Sorry, I’m not sure how these types of plugins work, or who to consult for code if it is required for integration. Thanks for your timely response!

We will check that out asap. As it is advertised, it will work as soon as you activate the plugin. In case it does not, just send en email through the item support and we will sort out the issue ;)

Can you have a 300×250 ad instead of Facebook comments?

Unfortunately, It is not supported at the moment. We will note it in the todo list.

thank you, i will wait

Great plugin !!

Thank you.

what’s included in the new update? I have recently ran into an issue, do you have a Github page for this project?

what’s included in the new update? I have recently ran into an issue, do you have a Github page for this project?

The description page will be updated soon. This plugin does not have a github page, if you ran into an issue please send an email here via item support.

Sent you detailed email on the issue, fixing it will help everyone !

This looks nice but I’m viewing the demo on an iPad (landscape) and the light box has some problems.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Could you please send some screenshot via email? (Support page)


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I keep getting an error overlay at the bottom of my site when i have this activated

I’ve just sent you an email, please check.


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I did same result

Hello, Is it compatible with this theme (and in particular its content builder):

It is, just send me an email when you install the plugin.

When I go into an image from the gallery and then exit the image. I loose the scroll bar on the page. Is this common? Is there a fix?

Hi, it’s a conflict with magnificPopup, please send an email via support page and I’ll send you the fixed version.


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I really like this plugin but seriously why am I continuously seeing this;

Notice: Undefined index: Notice: Undefined index: tab in /home2/lawsmit1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightgallery_pro/dashboard/dashboard.php on line 62 in /home2/lawsmit1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightgallery_pro/dashboard/dashboard.php on line 31

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/lawsmit1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightgallery_pro/dashboard/dashboard.php on line 31

overlay atop my settings page, and further more my settings never same when I try to change them.


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received ?

(Issue solved)


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yes solved < thank you so much!

Hello, I bought your lightGallery Pro plugin.I have a problem on page “”. There are 14 MediaGrids (Visual Composer component). When I click on any image of these MediaGrids for scaling, LightGallery Pro plugin works incorrectly (sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t work).

Hello, I wrote about problem with lightGallery Pro plugin on page “” (when I click on any MediaGrids’ image for scaling, LightGallery Pro plugin works incorrectly – sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t work). You answered about theme’s conflict and possible way to set the background to non-transparent. I set the background to non-transparent (LightGallery Pro plugin settings). Unfortunately, the same result. I use “BeTheme” in site But there is another one site used theme “The7” with the same problem.

Hi there, I’ll look into it. In the future, please use only the support page :)

Would there be any way to follow a link path in the lightbox (preferably by clicking on a link icon) that directs the user to a specified location/url in the item’s grid settings? I would like to use a grid to display a collection of my best work as a portfolio and it would be amazing if there was a way within the lightbox to link an image to the rest of the work associated with that image to view the rest of the entire project/associated images.

The first image is a grid, which in my example is a collection of “portfolio” images that represent a body of work. The second image is the lightbox for an image in the grid with a like and link icon. The third image is the page the viewer is taken to when clicking on the link icon in the lightbox toolbar. The third image is a page containing other images and other content associated with the lightbox image.


Portfolio of only the best images from different projects and genres > Lightbox with links specific to current image > Project page of current grid item containing all other images and a writeup of the senior portrait shoot

This is just one example, but in short, I would love the ability to link lightbox items to any URL, and “like” items with a visible count! (My preference would be in the order)

Okay, I got it :) It’ll may be implemented, thank your the feature request.

Sorry I saw your previous response after my third comment. I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well and I really appreciate your patience! I have used Essential Grid for quite some time and know that you can assign a link to an icon that overlays an item in the grid, but I have never seen the option to assign and follow a link within a lightbox. Here is an example of how my Portfolio page is currently set up as a grid of images, each with an overlaid “Enlarge” and “Link” icon on hover, the latter icon links to the project the image is contained in or taken from. It would be a lot better if I could remove these icons from the grid and move the functionality to within the lightbox!

Since I’m pouring on the feature requests here is one more! I probably wouldn’t use the thumbnail strip in the lightbox for a more clean aesthetic, but I would be more likely to enable it if the selected image in the strip was the only one in color, and the rest were grayscale with a lower opacity for less distraction!

Looks promising, we’ll implement them, thanks. You’ll be informed about the result.

Looking forward to the updates. Fantastic support by the way!!


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On mobile, the share buttons appear cutted. How do I fix it? Here is an image:

Hi there, it’ll be fixed in the new update coming soon. Please be patient.


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Worst support ever! This simple problem is still not fixed.

Can I launch the lightbox gallery on a click of a button?

Not yet. It is on our TODO list, it’ll may be implemented in the new update coming soon.

OK, I like your gallery, but I need this functionality, I will check back when you have this implemented, thank you for quick replies.

You’ll be informed about the update.

Hi, We’re looking forward to purchase this plugin for our website We do not have visual composer installed on our website, will it be functional without visual composer, using shortcodes etc?

Hi there, lightGallery Pro works without Visual Composer as well. Actually, it works with any gallery; just keep in mind that in case it could not recognize the structure of your gallery, you may have to set a custom Wrapper and Item Selector. If it would be the case, just send an email via Support Page and we will solve it asap.


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When will you fix this issue:

I will look into it asap.