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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you, @AlekseyZhdanov :)

fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks, @EricProchnow :)

Great work! :-)

Thank you :)

Hi. I’m very fond of Lightgallery and I’d like to implement it in Visual Composer. First, I want to ask you if your plugin works only for images grid layout or for images slider too. Because my version of VC let me choose between grid and flexslider, and I’d like to use them both along with Lightgallery when clicking on them. Thanks.

Thank you for your kind reply. I’ll be waiting for the new release, thanks.

I just found out. You just have to change the “Wrapper selector” to ”.flexslider” and the “Item selector” to ”.prettyphoto” in the “Settings/LightGallery for VC”. I hope you like it :)

If you have any more question, feel free to ask us :)

Hi, If you can set the price at $15? I have $15 in my envato account, can’t submit another $20 for $1,,, can you do me this favor please?

I am out of VAT Zone, I am in Asia !

Ok. Thank you for your interest.

Ok. great.. thanks Bought It ! :) I’ll install in a couple days, let’s see if everything works smoothly…

Hi, I installed the plugin and activated it, it’s also showing under Settings > LightGallery for VC but the “Masonry Media Grid” component is not showing in my Visual Composer when I try to add an element from the + sign,, it’s not showin at all.

I am using the Bridge theme:

is the theme doing this trouble? I need this gallery and have purchased it alreay, but doesn’t seem to be working :(

Send us an email through the item support and we will discuss the details.

Sent you email from Support tab, pls help If you guide me I can make edits easily and make it work ! thanks..

Thanks for the support It’s working fine on the website now..

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The plugin works as it is described. It replaces the Visual Composer’s default lightbox. We wrote it nowhere that it will be shown in the Visual Composer, only in the Settings page. If you have different gallery structure, you have to change the Selectors.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, a pre-purchase question. Does the plugin offers sharing options like the original LighGallery plugin?

Not yet.

Thanks, I see that it has an update, how to apply the new update any manual on it? Also can we integrate Ads in the gallery, I have seen on some big sites !

I will send you an email.

Thanks !

good job i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you.


rtomo Purchased

Hy! Thanks for that great plugin. I have one problem. When step in the picture viewer (3rd, 4th picture) and i push the “back” button on the browser, it’s step back one picture, not back the url. How can we fix that? :)

Could you please send us an email through the item support form?


rtomo Purchased

Okay, thank you! But when you read my message, please write reply in Hungarian language. Thx! :)

Got it :)

I’m loving this lightbox for my website. Glad I found it. Great job!

Thank you Mike for the kind words.

Hi, how can I use this with just single image/feature image? I am using newspaper theme.

Hi, thank you for purchasin our plugin. Could you please send an email through the item support with you page’s url? Thank you.

Hello, i have a question before purchasing. Please answer this. i am trying to create a gallery in 3 sizes. 1 thumbnail size which will be showed not normally 2nd lightbox size this one will get open when user click thumbnail 3rd. download high resolution image size. if visitor want to download high resolution image of the lightbox size..

So please tell me is this can be done with your plugin ?

Hi, the download button will download the exact same image what appears in the lightbox.

Hi, will the plugin work without visual composer? I’m using Avada Theme. I need to replace the default lightbox in avada theme.

Thanks for the question. Basically, it works with the default wordpress lightbox, so lets give it a chance. In case it would not work, don’t worry, just send us an email through the item support and we will make it compatible asap ;)

Alright. Thanks

Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?

So that the lightbox opens with the sidebar on the right, which you can set up, as in the photo text and pictures

If you enable the comment section, it will appear on the right as the description shows. There is no other way to customize the right side yet.

I understand, thank you!


kartikg Purchased

Hi, your plugin seems like it’s just what I was looking for. I have a pre-sale question. I am currently using a theme which seems to have a custom visual composer plugin. So I was wondering if it’d work just as well with that or not. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I don’t know why it would not. In case it does not, we’ll make it work for you or we’ll give a refund.


Law2708 Purchased

Hi, your plugin seems like it’s just what I need! Pre-sale question. Will I be able to change the color/background of the light box? looking for something like this: Thanks

Hi. You can only set it to half transparent, but can’t change the background color yet.