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how big are css and js files? Which jquery version is the minimum required?

I wrote this using version 1.9 but I just checked and it seems that it works just as well as with version 1.7.

Files weight: JS – 21KB, CSS – 3KB.

Thanks for your answer. contains the download file a HTML file with a gallery without automatic start?

Package contains copy of website. This script does not start automatically if you do not want to. I enabled it for demonstration purposes – it’s click() method on document.ready. Just remove this part from HTML file:

}, 900)


I really like your script but I have a couple of questions before to buy it:

1) It is possible at video gallery to have also preview of thumbnails (for next videos)? please check the screen shot from iLightBox script http://imgur.com/1UglM84

2) You have also an option for Google Maps, but can be integrated there (like an iframe) the panoramio with street view. Please check the screen shot http://imgur.com/aY0BcMf (I made it also from iLightBox http://codecanyon.net/item/ilightbox-revolutionary-lightbox-plugin/3716175 )

I bought iLightBox, but unfortunately it have problems with IE, and now I am looking for a new solution and your script seems to fit perfect my needs.

And last 2 questions:

- Is possible to integrate the social share buttons on your script? - That script I planning to use for a floating button – it will be some problems to integrate it on a floating image or button?

Thank you

Yes, you are right about error in my code, that was caused by your error in code on online and offline documentation – you forgot to put at the end of script “}”

Anyway, thank you for your great support and I wish you many sales!

oh, you’re right, I’ll fix it

No problem, it’s happen sometime when is new product.


Again me. Question: On pop up window (lightbox) you have control buttons: play, pause, next, prev, close etc … it is possible to add expand button? So if I will click on that button, then video, content, map from lightbox will come in full screen mode.

Thank you

no swipe Support on iPhone, HTC one and iPad :-(

Great job! GLWC