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Hello I want to purchase your plugin. I upload video thru my ftp. But is not generating a thumbnail when adding a post. Can your plugin generate thumbnail images from videos loaded thru ftp to wordpress media library?


Thumbnails for self hosted videos need to be provided manually when adding videos in admin area.

Thumbnails for Youtube videos will be generated automatically when player runs in frontend.

I’ve just purchased and installed your plugin. In setting up playlists, it requires an Ogv path. Where do I find this for a self hosted video?


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Purchase code: 4f5cc18c-a562-420b-a19c-dcef96e33e26 Hi! Can you please let me now why I see the word “string” at the top left side of the playlist?


That is an echo that needs to be removed in apvw.php file:

echo gettype($id);

So, are you publishing an update? Thanks

Just open this file in any text editor, and remove this line, it very simple, or send a private message if you want me to do this.

Hi, And a second question – How can I make this plugin work on mobile devices? When I view the page on iPhone the videos won’t play.

Can you share your settings? It doesn’t work for me even with the default theme.

Your demo page doesn’t look like WordPress site.If you could share your WP settings it will be great.

Inside Playlist manager / Add video window, Under Data-type select ‘media’ and enter ‘hook’ value (this is a string for example ‘my-gallery1’)

Hello, Can you lease let me know why I have the horizontal scroll show up when I embed a playlist on my site here: It only happens when the site uses RTL language instead of English.

Its in the plugin folder (apvw/source/js).

That string is not available in the source (Original source taken from the zip file)

It is available, just send a private message and I will do this change for you.

Hi, great product. I’ve gotten most of it working, but when I upload a self-hosted video and click, it does not play in lightbox. (Only a white box and “tweet”.) I an able to add a title that will be displayed, but nothing else. I would like to have just the video play and no other text (remove “tweet”). Am I doing something incorrectly? (I uploaded an mp4 file.)



Have you set lightbox source video?

If it still doesnt work, send a message at with a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look.


Hi there, I’have some problem with this plugin. I have created a playlist and I have added some videos of you tube. After I have added the shortcode, I see the image the video, but if i click on video, the video doesn’t play. Why


Videos is your example play on mouse hover, thats why the preloader is shown until video starts playing.

Is there other specific case you were asking?

Maybe you want to set up lightbox action?

yes ok!

Hi there, How do I show all the text I wrote on the video setting? I only see a 33 caracters. Best regards

Description is shortened on purpose, but it doesnt have an option for adjusting this. Send me a private message I and I will edit the code to remove this for you.

Hi Guys,

I was searching for ages for a Plugin for my website that would do what I wanted for displaying my videos and when I saw your demo, I was very excited to try it out on my wordpress as it looks cool.

However I haven’t got a clue how to get this working, your instructions really make no sense to me, sorry. I’ve been able to install and figure out most plugins but this has confused me.

You had Vimeo links on your Demo, how do I get them to work not just YouTube?

I don’t really know what an API Key is? How do I get this API key, that video instruction link in the instructions didn’t make sense? Does each video need a different key?

Confused, please help.

Just want to add some videos to my website :-(


You need youtube api key if you want to use youtube media.

Go here for the API key: and create new project, enable YouTube Data API, go to Credentials, create Browser key and enter API key.

Tutorial on how to create Youtube API key:

Vimeo can be set as lightbox media under the link column:

Thank you for the advice. One more question, your Plugin seems to stop the Parallax Scrolling affect on my Twenty Seventeen Template. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Perhaps with some code?

Can you show me the link to your site? I want to see where this happens.


creoadv Purchased

I see BAD REQUEST error message an I dont see anymore my video. How can I solve this problem?


Please consider renewing your support.


Hello, I am getting “bad request” where I have not before.

contact me for URL

Can you advise? It is somewhat urgent.


Can you send a message at with a link to you page and more details?