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Works great and very easy to use. Just what I was looking for – Thanks.

A quick question: Are you still working on an update 2.x ?

Cheers Maxplay

Coooooooooooool :-)

Thanks for all your feedback maxplay!

This is a “MUST HAVE” code for every photographer.

Just drop your photos from a shooting into a directory and the code does the rest. There is no need to do any programming. You do not have to make a XML or SQL file – yes it’s true – NOTHING.

I have been looking for such a possibility for a long time – and now I have found it. Now my customers can easily select the photos they require and send me their list automatically via Email. There is no faster way and a great service for my customers.

Thanks Stefano

Tip: Use the thumbnail feature – the gallery then loads much faster.

this lightbox can be used in php , that is ok.

use this lightbox I should perpare two photo , one is small , the other is big of the same photo ,right?

or I only use one big photo?

No you don’t need to prepare any different version of the photo (of course if you use a smaller size thumbnails it could help speeding page load) but if you just want to upload one version of the picture everything works fine! :-)

For example, I already have LightBox PHP. Then later you send me an email to notify me about the update. Does that mean I can delete the existing lightbox PHP, and use the newly downloaded program?

Yes I usually update the script when people report me a bug or I add a new feature.

You should remove all the existing files and replace them with the new ones, but it is always a best practice to backup your old scripts and test the new ones before deleting them.


Hi Steff, very handy plugin, have you made any progress with exporting to php addon? That would be massively useful. many thanks!

Hello i have a problem.. i put the directory name in conifig.php and it doesnt work, thanks

Hello thanks for purchasing the script; the directory name is a path relative to your document root.

It is actually not an absolute path like C:/whatever but it is something like /images/whatever/ or /whatever/ (remember to put the trailing slash!).

Hope it helps.

Your Lightbox PHP script does everything I need but I am having a bit of trouble with it. The icons above the photos and at the top of the page don’t show sometimes. The selection functionality does not seem to work. When I select some photos they are not selected. The selected photo count does not increment or decrement.

Hello, first of all, thanks for buying the script :-)

The issue you are having is quite strange; as far as I can see you there are some timeouts maybe due to the fact that some of the images are quite big in both size and weight (some of them weights around 4 Mb).

The first suggestion I could give is to generate thumbnails for all the images (there are a lot of free programs for batch performing such task) and then enable the USE_THUMBNAILS option in the config.php

Please feel free to send me a private message for a quicker reply :-)


ciao informazione si possono inserire le categorie?

Ciao scusa per la risposta tardiva che è no :-)