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momnt does not currently provide support for this item.

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No news from you guys re how to resolve the spacing problem – I would be very grateful if you could please respond asap so that I may move forwards with the website for my client.

Many thanks :-)

Hi Divebel, Please contact us at for any support requests. Thanks!

Hi, i have problem with this plugin, your support registration not working, report this error “For security reasons, you must pass the remote ip to reCAPTCHA”, my problem is, the plugin does not work properly, as if it loaded no script, I can not do drag n drop photos to reorder them, also the main works of lightbox does not work … I think that there is a problem just at the level of loading script …

I bought the plugin Lightbox Gallery Manager and installed it on my site. Two things are not working well: both the admin panel and in view of all pages on the site, appear gifs load left aligned. One below the other. I would like to send a print-screen on the problem. The other problem is that the thumbnails do not obey an equal size. Each is a different size in my category page. I would also like to send you a print-screen about it. Can you help me?

Please post on our support queue at for support issues.

Great plugin. Exactly what I was looking for. Where do I go to decrease the lightbox black background transparency?

Please post on our support queue at for support issues.


Your plugin looks almost perfect for what I need! I am a developer and wanted to know if it was possible to allow your plugin to work under a Custom Post Type for users to upload images per custom post? Would it take much fiddling around do you think?

I cannot seem to find any code to implement a thumbnail for a gallery, hence me wanting to use your plugin.


Hi welshhuw, You could customize our code to work with any custom post type, but it’s set up with it’s own by default. You could also look into our other plugin, Portfolio Slideshow Pro, which you can add to any post and has a popup gallery feature much like this one:

Cheers, Dalton

Hey Guys,

I tried using the support forum to ask a question. I’ve been waiting for a while now. Can someone get back to me.

How do I add existing pictures(previously uploaded to library) to galleries?

Sorry, we had a backlog, we should be caught up on all support requests now. Please follow up if you didn’t get an answer to your question.

I have the same problem. I can upload from my computer, but don’t see how to use an image that is in the media library. Would appreciate a response on this. I didn’t see anything in the forum that will help.

Hi j4rmmbll, the plugin doesn’t allow you to add images to a gallery that are already in your media library – you need to upload new images to a gallery for them to be attached properly.

This was a limitation based on WordPress 3.4 and earlier. Now that WordPress has implemented a better media picker & support for ordered queries, we can add this feature.

Thanks. I think it would be good to have it added. I would like to be able to remove them from one gallery and add to another without having to upload them each time. Appreciate your time.


I have been looking for something simple like this for 2 days and it looks almost perfect for me needs, however, I noticed a previous post without an answer and would like to know the same

“Does your plugin let the googlebot index the images? And do they get indexed with “alt” and description? “

Please answer as soon as you can so I can purchase.




I opened a support ticket on your support forum a couple of days ago but haven’t received a reply yet. Can someone please take a look at it.



HI, His this compatible with WP 3.5 and wil also be with the upcoming 3.6 version?

Does it work with with NextGen Gallery?

Appreciate your reply!

I was going to buy this plugin. I came on here to let you know the ‘Watch the demo video’ is not working on your preview page. Thankfully I came to the comments page as now I know that you haven’t responded to people in 2 months, which is an unacceptable level of support.

Hi – very nice plugin. Just wondering how this plugin manages images of differing sizes, for example, when selecting images from the thumbnails that are have different sized fullsize images, how is the transition between these sizes handled in the main display image area…? Is there an example you can provide (all the images in the preview demo are of the same fullsize)...? Many thanks.


Galleries all seem to work, but for some reason the shortcode for the carousels are not working. Any ideas? I am looking for the same look as the demos here:

I’d really like to use the Lightbox Slideshow since my galleries have many, many images per category. Am i missing something or is another plugin required?

Currently my site is hiding behind a coming soon plugin. If you need access I can provide.

Also, where can I subtract some of the space underneath the images? Also, also, I cannot register to your support site :/

demo doesn’t works

Hi there, Before I purchase I just to know that it can do what I need.

A simple looking box exactly like this example (scroll down past the hear images ), when you click on the image you’ll see a sharp white thick border and title of image. Can this be done visually?

On some images I would like the option of having additional images below the large image relating to that image that may not appear back on the main gallery? Is this achievable? easy enough?


I am porting an existing wordpress from one server to another. I wanted to know if there was a way to export existing libraries in order to import to the new installation location. I have access to the FTP of both servers, and the backend of both Wordpress dashboards. The existing install location has about 100 Custom Lightbox Galleries in it, and I would really like to avoid having to recreate them all manually. Any help at all would be extremely appreciated!

Hey @Shibsterrr,

There is not a specific feature for exporting/importing built into LGM itself.

There are three possible solutions I can think of – first would be manually migrating your database and files and everything yourself. You can look up “How to migrate wordpress” and stuff like this online, there are many different ways to do this and different methods you can choose from.

The next option would be to use a migration plugin like WP Migrate DB to help with this – there are many alternatives, and I am not recommending any specific one, that’s just an example.

The final option I can think of would be to manually export the lightbox-gallery post type from the “WordPress Exporter”, then import that export file into your new site with the WordPress Importer. If you’re missing media, you will have to manually bring that media over to your new site.

Best of luck with this, migration can be tricky but take some time to research the option that works best for you and make sure you have a backup of your site and database before proceeding.

Cheers, George

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