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hi, i have a movie website and i would like to add movie trailers from youtube inside the content. Im interested is it possible to have text links with anchor Trailer which will open the lightbox with embeded youtube video? im asking this because so far all the plugin i’ve tried automaticly produce thumbs for the videos and i cannot have the text link.

is it possible to add a side panel to the lightbox with image title/commets and have it auto expand/load the slideshow as modal window on click event?

Using to popup Vimeo videos,

Shortcode : Video

Issue : Fullscreen button disappears ! (enabled in my Vimeo+ for all files),

How to enable fullscreen button in popup window for Vimeo video?

Anybody here !!!

Hello, can this work with Gravity Forms? so that when people click on a simple URL text link, the gravity form lightbox will open, is this possible? Thanks


I want a refund for this plugin – it doesnt work!!

Can you e.g. play a youtube video at a specific time?

I modified the link address for the youtube video on your demo page to the following:

Although the autoplay option works in the lightbox, the video does not correctly start playing after 8 seconds. This is a deal breaker for me. Is there a way to start the video at a specific time using the lightbox??


Can I add post content in the popup in WordPress? For example, when a user clicks a post link on the homepage, the popups appears and displays that post’s content.



geo-k Purchased


I have found that the plugin dose not work with PHP 7. Any idea about the update for that ?


Plugin not working with DIVI 3 theme :-/ Can you help please? Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is no longer supported, use preg_replace_callback instead in /domains/........./public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-lightbox/plugin-lightbox.php on line 39

I want to know if this works with video from Thanks.

Don’t buy this unless you don’t care that it’s not responsive. I went through all the trouble to customize it, but it turns out that you have to hard code in the width and height. I don’t know who makes things that aren’t responsive for web these days, but apparently it’s these guys. Bummed. Wasted my money and my time.

is it possible to add social buttons?


geo-k Purchased

This plugin needs an update. It is not compatible with new WordPress anymore.

DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN. NO SUPPORT IS GIVEN. IT IS ABANDONED.It simply doesn’t work with newer and latest Wordpress.

Hi! If I’ll buy your plugin, can i use them more than 1 site?

I JUST BOUGHT THIS PLUGIN and it doesnt WORK AT ALL with my wordpress! I WANT MY MONEY BACK! just bought it today. can I get a Refund

Just bought the plug-in and it does partially work, not fully. There are a couple of things that need to be repaired. 1 – I choose the Theme but even if I choose a different one does not show up in the page. And 2 – once the lightbox opens there is no way to make the video full-screen because the option is disabled (is possible to repair those two things? Otherwise I would like to get my money back. Thanks

Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?


Plugin is using deprecated PHP. “preg_replace()”.

I have purchased this plugin, but i see that it hasn’t been updated in ages. As other users on here have requested and pointed out – can you please make this compatible with PHP7 or newer versions of PHP?, You Plugin is using deprecated PHP. “preg_replace()”.