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I want to buy it now, but I have some points: - how can i install into my php website ? - Am I able to add a video ? - in general, how can I edit the lightbox ?

For any PHP type website, CMS platform, etc – installation all works the same way. Just link the Boxaroo files. The HTML setup is simple and looks like nearly every other lightbox out there. Just an image tag wrapped in an anchor tag. Then, you just provide 1 setting to get it going – the skin number. You can then optionally customize your lightboxes in a number of different ways, but they all have to do with using JS settings similar to any other jQuery plugin.

$(document).ready(function(){ $(’.boxaroo’).Boxaroo({ // choose from a ton });

<a href=”path/to/high_res.jpg”>
<img class=”boxaroo” title=”Caption” src=”path/to/thumb.jpg” rel=”GalleryName”>

The rel=”GalleryName” is used to chain/group different images together into galleries.

Hopefully this clears up usage of Boxaroo. It was made to have a very basic/simple entry level use (explained above), but also expand into some very advanced cases if needed – modding the Skin JSON files for bulk gallery settings, customizing galleries, sets of ligthboxes or single lightboxes at once, importing custom HTML into lightbox environments for interactive presentation components, etc. All of that is the extra fancy stuff if you want to play ;)

okay, and thanks for ur prompt replay, I need to know if you mind to install the lightbox onto my website ? becaus I’m not familiar with code any

I’m sorry – I’m here to provide support, but do not do any customization, installation, etc. :/ The docs are pretty simple and easy to follow. If you’d like to take a look at them ahead of time just email me through my profile page and I’ll send them to you. Thanks!

TypeError: o is undefined

Gave me this error, of course jQuery i loaded before the lighbox, any idea?

Hey there, I’d have to check out your code. If you can email me directly through my profile page with a link to your page I’ll be happy to let you know what the problem is :)


Could I have in a lightbox, 2 columns – left column with an image and right column with 2 rows one header and one text?

And can I have no background, just the background of the website faded out?

And could this be compatible with cube gallery (which I like the sorting feature of) – so display images with cube gallery and open with your plugin?

Yep :) You can scroll down to the button and check out the full size demo. This is using 1 HTML element to drop down a container with an image, header, column of text and an link. Everything is designed and styled on the page first to keep things easy. Then just pass the ID of your container to Boxaroo as an HTML Element and it imports into the lightbox environment like shown. :)

There are tons of settings you can play with for animating the position, etc and the docs are very comprehensive.

You get 2 more HTML elements to play with, so you could even add another box with text, or a header above that box, or a video, etc.

Ty, just need to be clear that your plugin will do what I need before I spend money on it :)

I completely understand. If there are any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to ask :)

Hi, is there any way to put the ligthbox (image) inside ?, I need open the ligthbox and the user clic on the image to send other page , I dont wanna use ths html cause the content is just a image.Thanks

This work locally or I need put on a host to test?

HI now upload all file to my host and work, but a tried to use the html, this is my code:


and use “html_els” : ”#Your_DIV_ID,false,false”, but just load the background and not the content on the html, is my code?

Hi Xavier29, Boxaroo works locally and on a server – all files should be ok – I haven’t heard otherwise from anyone else, but I’ll double check again. Yes, first you create a DIV on your page and give it a unique ID. Then style it however you want to (remember to use em units instead of px or % if you want to make it scalable inside Boxaroo). Once you have it looking nice on your page, use the html_els” setting. You then need to position it using the html_els_pos setting. This is covered in detail on this page in the docs:!/htmlelements if you are still having difficulties, please email me directly through my profile page and include a link to your site.

Hi Crusader12,

I am interested in buying your product. Can you please answer me my these questions before I purchase it:

1) Does this product Support popups for Video, HTML Content and PDF?

2) I have purchased this theme:

Can your product be integrated with this theme?

I want to create a button (in the place of floating text like Lorem Ipsum…) that should popup (your product) the window with the content in it like Video, PDF etc.

Can I do this? If yes, then will you guide me how to do this if I purchase your product?

3) Can we intermix the theme? Like transition like skin-1, Title like Skin-4 and Heading text like skin-6?

4) Are all the $287 items that come with this product usable anywhere? Are they licensed to use on different places like Facebbok, Google Plus and other personal websites of other clients?

In Advance, Thank you very much for taking interest in answering!


Hi, thanks for your interest :)

1) Yes, HTML is supported by using HTML Element Components (unique to Boxaroo). Basically, you get 3 empty containers per lightbox image environment. You can then use simple settings to control a lot of these HTML Element attributes – like adaptive scaling ranges, positioning, animation positions, etc. You can also hide the main lightbox image and only show 1, 2 or 3 customized HTML Elements.

2) Yes, Boxaroo will work on any Site Template – it just requires jQuery. It also uses the same HTML syntax as the majority of other lightboxes – so you shouldn’t need to mess around with the HTML content. You can assign it to a button. The PDF would need to be loaded into an HTML Element (some additional work may be required of you to do specialized styling / uses, but Boxaroo has many settings to accomplish quite a bit).

Support is included with Boxaroo ;)

3.) Yes, all skins are separated. The actual Javascript settings for each skin are in individual JSON files for easy editing and each Skin has its own CSS file. All you would need to do is mix and match your own custom Skin.

4.) Unfortunately, no and this is a condition of all items sold on Envato Markets. When purchasing any item you cannot split it apart and use elements individually. All included items should be used with Boxaroo.

Hopefully, that answers everything clearly – if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask :)

Hello, i am having trouble with this plugin .. its not working as expected.. i have sent an email to support and it has been a week no reply.. can i claim my refund please?

You haven’t even had this item for a week and I can’t seem to find an email from inheritedarts – did you send a request through a different account by accident?

Hi friend.

Can I use this plugin on Wordpress? This may sound a very silly question but I’m new to the business. :)

Best regards, Vasco

Hi Vasco, not a silly question – this is not a WordPress plugin, but you can use this on any CMS you like. It is the standard jQuery plugin. If you’ve every used a jQuery lightbox plugin then you won’t have any issues with Boxaroo – it is setup to have a very simple entry level – but be able to expand to the complexity of a large lightbox plugin. You will need to manually link to the Boxaroo JS/CSS files in your HEAD and call Boxaroo on images/elements. This is all covered in the docs in a step-by-step fashion. Hope this helps :)

Hi Crusader12 – Are the ligthbox templates easily customizable? I’m looking to create a lightbox view similar to facebooks. I want to have a section for comments and likes within my app using this lightbox.

Yes, settings are controlled through individual JSON files and the CSS/HTML design is entirely up to you – the skins can be used as customization starting points :)

Hi. I receive this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘skin’ of undefined jquery-boxaroo-2.0.js:2460 The website is [ link removed ] and in the bottom is a link “coso2” which have the link to the lightbox

d is undefined because d stands for the data being passed to the user options functions in the JS file. This is handled internally, but is pulled from your HTML that Boxaroo is called on, and your HTML isn’t structured correctly: Please check the documentation to see how the HTML should be structured (matches all other jQuery style lightbox plugins also). Thanks!

Thank You. I don’t know what I was thinking

Lol, no problem – sometimes its the smallest things that get overlooked :p

is it possible to launch the lightbox without having to click on an image thumbnail? what I want to do is make another html element on the screen launch a gallery without having to click on any thumbnails (I plan to hide the thumbnails).

also is there a way to load the images via boxaroo jquery object? (meaning instead of hard coding the images into the dom is it possible to just feed image paths to the boxaroo object and have it create the gallery since I don’t plan on displaying thumbnails for the end-user to click on)

actually I have notice something: when I apply “lightbox_class” key to the Boxaroo object with any value I don’t see it reflected in the DOM as a class on any element.

what I’m trying to do is change the background color of the lightbox via a class rather than using the “bg_color” key (the reason is because I have background color classes that I am assigning dynamically and so I don’t repeat code/styles I want to assign via a class) is that possible?

Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Boxaroo uses adaptive scaling, so adjusting the font-size on the body will cause issues. Regarding your other issue, you may need to target the lightbox a different way – the plugin will be applying all settings whether or not you enter anything (defaults applied) – including a background color. Inspecting the lightbox you’ll see this. In your CSS you’ll probably need the !important to override the JS.

ok cool. thanks bro.

Hello! Help to configure. It is necessary that the picture was and how the poster and the background. As for the skin write?

Hi sega76, please contact me through my profile page and include a link to your site with further details so I can assist. Thanks! :)

may be a silly question, but how can I make the captions show on mobile? they seem to only show at desktop width.

when I inspect the caption element in the browser dev tools the caption element doesn’t have any content in it on mobile. is there a setting I’m missing? i’ve noticed that on your demo site those elements show on mobile.

Yes, be sure to check the “boost_mobile” setting. There is a reference page in the docs that covers “Mobile Adjustments” – you can get there by the boost_mobile setting link at the end of the docs in the settings section.

nah that doesn’t work (nether boost_mobile nor boostmobile make the captions show on phones). on second examination I can see that the captions and nav elements are hidden purposely on mobile devices (I revisited your demos and noticed that the nav elements and captions where not showing consistently ).

So I added the following to line 2804 (right above the Boxaroo.isMobile if statement):

 * [propertyOverLoad: overloads boxaroo settings]
 * @param  {[string]} prop [the name of the property to use/overload]
 * @return {[??? || false]}      [the value of the property or default false if no prop is found]
var propertyOverLoad = function(prop){
    if( d.hasOwnProperty(prop) ){
        return d[prop];
    }else if( Boxaroo.settings.hasOwnProperty(prop) ){
        return Boxaroo.settings[prop];
        return false;

and called that function on line 2829 (the object argument):


quick and dirty, but it allows me to have captions on phones and respects the over riding hierarchy (element settings over rides boxaroo instance settings).

in a future version can you add support so boxaroo elements can be controlled for different devices (i.e. settings for phone vs tablet vs desktop)?

How do we control this for non programmers? 90% of internet users. I don;t understand why programmers create mass appeal scripts for the 10% of those who know what to do with them and leave out the other 90%! Is there a backend management? Can you create one for extra? I am not a programmer but want to add this type of functionality to websites I own. This is because he has a PHP admin area for users. They can create pop ups/modals and add to any website. I like this functionality of yours with full screen and such but how can I work with templates, etc :)?

Wow, great. Sounds amazing. The animations are best I have seen and I’ve looked at a lot of pop LB creators. Check your email too ;)


LOVE THIS! Still one of the best modal / LBs I’ve seen. Possible WP plugin? In meantime, What would be best route for taking this code and having a basic admin panel attached so we can visually manage pop ups, LB, use editor, save, etc. So, if I hire a programmer to add a backend, what would I ask them to do?

I know your too busy for project

Just to clarify above question…. An admin panel of some sort (WP plugin type non-programmer editing) but in PHP. No login, etc. Just a panel where I could go in and choose a template, adjust transitions, delay, content, etc and create pop up, grab JS code and add to a web page.

Does this plugin support filters? Just like this one

As you can see the Album One / Album Two/ etc… are filters.

My other question is, when you click next? Does it open the 2nd image on the same page or it opens an “Album” then the images inside the Album would be next when clicked?

I also like to know… is this a wordpress plugin or its for static html sites?

Hi, this is standard JS plugin and can be used in any platform. Filters aren’t supported at this time.

Can you provide a few screens on how I would go about creating a LB/Pop?

RE: Hi, don’t be afraid of using items without buttons, dashboards, interfaces -etc. 99% of the time most of the effort goes into building the interface and typically the closer you can get to the source – the faster and more powerful the solution will be. Boxaroo is pretty straightforward though – even though it has over 180 settings, you only need 3 lines of HTML (and they’re exactly the same as every other lightbox on the market) and 1 JS setting (pick a skin). That’s all you need. If you want to dig into customizing the settings – there are so many to play with – each skin is delivered in a neatly organized JSON file. Just open it and change setting values. It includes docs also if you get lost.

Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?

If you want it to look EXACTLY like that lightbox, you may want to just use that lightbox plugin. If you look at the full screen example on the demo page you’ll see that the image gets loaded full screen rather than inside a container like in your picture. However, you can create a single DIV that has the image and the sidebar column and inject this as a Boxaroo HTML Component. Then use full screen setting with a blank black image. This would get you about 99% of the image you showed me, and you can place it inside a gallery of others styled entirely differently. Boxaroo is pretty powerful and customization is its strong point, but there are A LOT of settings available.

The sidebar on the right I can also customize, right?

Yes, but please be aware that you need to build all of this inside a DIV on your page. Then you give the DIV an ID and tell Boxaroo to use that DIV as one of the optional ligthbox environment HTML Components. Boxaroo then moves your DIV inside the lightbox environment as a Component where you can then use a lot of different HTML Component settings to customize lightbox related things such as animation, etc. You can import up to 3 HTML Components at a time.

pre-sales – does this work on mobile devices? is it responsive, touch enabled? Does this support videos, youtube?

Yes, touch enabled and fully 100% adaptive. Supports video, swf games in lightboxes, injecting DIVs, all kinds of good fun :)