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I was looking at your website earlier today after reading about you on the WPMU newsletter.

I’ve bookmarked this for purchase when I start on a new site.

Thanks I don’t think people understand how much you can customize the admin panel I tried to add every plugin and hack imaginable for it to happen

oh so you did test this out with all the different plugins out there to see if it interferes with anything? Looks real slick

Yes it works with other plugins no problem

Please if you see anything let me know

nice is that possible to remove certain admin menu ? for example, i allow user to customize widget and menu under appearance but remove theme selection … thanks

The user can’t only admins but you can remove the left menu and enable the horizontal menu. We integrated admin menu editor so you can change items by role and capabilities.

Widgets, you mean dashboard or sidebar?

Hey just a quick point out, if you edit what it says on the upper right where the “Howdy, (insert name)” when you go to edit it, it will come up as “Howdy, admin” for example. If you just edit the Howdy, and leave the admin name it will double it up below that portion, like adminadmin” it seems. Here is a screenshot.


the admin bar must be edited with the admin bar tab

Yes, the feature from this plugin is what I used to edit it, just saying that it may be confusing to someone by the way it updates because of the way it displays itself when you go to edit it.

I will see about the change thank you

Haha, I was introduced to your admin theme via WPMU today as well. Maybe you noticed ;) Good to see you put on Codecanyon. I will give this a run soon as I can! #Salewishes

Got this showing up on site, just a heads up,


thanks I had a customer see that too today with the simple green color scheme. I will be uploading the fix soon

You can delete the info to get rid of it, worked for me, just was weird. When it was in the edit field area that info shows up the text was overlapping as well.

Why is no style.css file? “The package can not be installed. Missing from the template style.css file.”

Mail is sent :)

Oh, problem solved, sorry! You can set the default theme for all blogs?

if mu, whatever theme you choose will go across all blogs

Hello, on the orange skin screenshot on this page, there is a menu with “Standard”, “Image”, “Gallery”, “Link”, etc… (on the 5th picture under “screenshots”....)

How is this menu added? i can’t seem to find this.


Freakin awesome plugin so far. I got two items that are a bit buggy though.

1) My menus will no longer “drag and drop”. And when I click the dropdown arrow, it will reload the whole page, vs just dropping down. See screencast: http://www.screencast.com/t/y0lgmL2i

2) When importing a new JSON file from a previously exported configuration, it imports absolute paths to the menu links. This only happened when I altered the menu item names (even though I put in a relative paths in the menu items). It’s a pain when I am trying to move from my staging environment to my dev environment.

Those are the two most important items that are causing issues.

You must have disabled drag and drop in the dashboard tab as for #2 I need more information on the problem please PM me


I am interested but i need to see a demo first, the screenshots you have taken do not show the 50+ white labeling options that i am most interested in.. Can you please provide a working demo ?

demo and overhaul coming soon


How do I add the correct code to have an icon show up next to custom admin bar link. I would like to use the same icon/sprite set as the other menu items. I tried adding icon16.icon-site in the icon field but no luck.

Thanks, Paul

It will be fixed in the next release coming soon

Hi there it seems that this plugin clashes with the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin? once your plugin installed and activated the visual composer button which appears when editing pages and posts disappears.

I have noticed similar issues with a number of envato plugins Mymail for example where pages loose formatting? I have also tried it with a number of themes Maestro being one where the Wqat Options page loses it’s formatting. In no way having a crack at the plugin it’s great and know that to expect it to be compatible with all the plugins and themes around would be impossible just thought I provide visibility of my issues as a reference for possible improvements down the track. Just a shame I can’t use it at the moment!

yes, the plugin may not be compatible with those plugins, it features top open source plugins that a generally included in wp blogs and several hacks. I apologize if it’s not working with those but please make sure the ones you are using are built properly because if so you really shouldn’t have any issues, thanks.

no worries!! thanks for the reply

I have installed the latest version of WordPress 3.9 without using your CCS styles and works perfect, congratulations for this work!

Thanks new design coming soon

I just installed it on the newest wordpress, clean install, and nothing looks right… any suggestions?

Come on, man. It’s been 8 days and the guy above me said something 3 months ago.

I am in the process of coming out with new update by the end of this month. Please the plugin specifically states its for 3.5-3.7 version of WordPress.

It didn’t earlier…

Wordpress : 3.9.1

When i upload with the wordpress default system, i have a error/

Style.css needed

Not work for me…. for the moment! =)

I am in the process of coming out with new update by the end of this month. Please the plugin specifically states its for 3.5-3.7 version of WordPress.

When will update 4.0? Not quite perfect icons and javascript.

reply? after a year ??

Sorry no updates soon I just did the design and the back-end developer that worked on it with me is no longer available.