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Can I edit it with Eclipse?

Yes, you can edit it with Eclipse

What a good app ! Congrat and good luck with sale ! :)

Can you add Google Play Leaderboards?

Please add it. And the Update version 1.2 does not work with my app. When I quit the app in the game, the sound is still there.


It’s difficult to say why you have a problem with sound. This problem was present only in version 1.0. I’ve just checked it and everything works well on different devices.

Hi, interesting game. I agree with the other poster, if you integrated Leaderboards it would be great. Interested in purchasing but might wait a while to see if there will be updates to it. Thanks!

bought your game, plz add leaderboard thank you

Please add Leaderboard!

And?? 2 weeks later sir..

Sorry, but I’m still working on it

Please do it. :)

Hi, your source code is still using the admob sdk which is obsolete and can’t be uploaded to playstore. Could you update it using google play services sdk? Thanks

I agree that AdMob SDK is obsolete, but it can be uploaded on playstore (see an example and as I wrote here several times I’m going to add google play services sdk soon.

Highly Recommended

  • The source code is very well organized and so easy to modify to meet our needs.
  • The developer responds to all questions and provides solutions for any problems.
  • I modified the game and published it on the Play Store.
  • You can find it here Colors
  • A 5 Stars review will be much appreciated, if any one needs help you can contact me on my website Ibrahim Jaber

Ibrahim, thank for such a nice feedback and good luck in a New Year :)

You are welcome. Happy New Year to you too.

hey the game is very nice thnx. But I want to put admob banner s or intertitial ad to this can you tell me how to do it

the game is so cool anyway !!! good work !!!

You’re are right, Leaderboards are already incorporated into the game :)

But I need some time to prepare all the documentation and as far as I do it, I’ll upload a new version of the Light Tone with Leaderboards and Achievements. I expect it to happen in a few days.

okok thnx for your answer :)

Interested in buying, have you added google play services SDK or still using admob SDK? Thanks :)

Google play services SDK are already integrated into the app

My app is always crashing can you help me

At what exact moment does this happen?

when im trying to open app