Light Tone

Light Tone

Light Tone is a nice colorful game on Eclipse. One of the screen sides is brighter than the second. For getting scores a player needs to choose the side which is brighter. Everything you need to succeed is to be quick and attentive.
Light Tone game helps you to improve your reaction time and recognize colors better.
Note! There is abrupt change of colors.



You can turn on and off sound and/or vibration. The Light Tone game contains banner admob option.
The game has 4 modes:
  • Classic – a player needs to score points for limited amount of time.
  • Crazy – similar to Classic, but to collect points is a bit more difficult because of constant changes of colors.
  • Reaction – a player can estimate how fast he/she is.
  • Practice – a player can train his/her reaction without a time limit.

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Latest Update

** Version 1.2 - December 8th, 2014 **
- IMPROVEMENT: Now the counter is suspended if the application is not active

** Version 1.4 - January 13th, 2014 **
- NEW: Leaderboard is added
- NEW: Achievements are added
- BUG FIX: tablet 10"