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How to change Banners footer in this page: ? I try to do it in adminpanel, but nothing hapening… That is light theme, if you can tell me where I can find that code than I can edit my self, or can you tell me how to fix that adminpanel ads settings?

Please go to “Theme Setting” -> ads section

Thanks! Its working now :)

Can it be automatically based on PC or mobile phone system language switching language?

This script doesn’t detect language from PC or mobile phone system.

Hello i have 2 questions: 1. How to Takeout “Your last 10 URLs” Tab? 2. How to edit “Don’t Have an account yet?” text in modal login.

Thanks in advance

another question :D

How to remove this in every header?

Thanks in advanced

Remove this code in themes/light/functions.php line 83 $menu.='<a href="#lang" id="show-language"><i class="fa fa-language" /></a>'; If you remove this your users can’t change site language. But if you want change icon just replace <i class="fa fa-language" /> with <i class="fa fa-globe" /> or custom icon <img src="link to your icon" />

Thank you, it’s working now!


strange thing happened, hope you can help on this.

i added RTL arabic language, after a while i dont know what happened, the arabic language is gone and i can see ARRAY as one of the language with ?lang=

can i get the arabic lang back? and remove the ARRAY from the language drop down.

send me you ftp login details via contact form i will check it

hey, sent by mail from the link

I sent you an email.


1. can the catcha form appear as soon as we paste the url to shorten? instead now it appears only after clicking the shorten button.

2. how can i get the logo also appear in the fixeded shorterner section, when we scroll down?


i have added it too, but some how it does not show up.

have sent you the ftp, can you get the fixed header to remain the same as is with the background? and just bring the shorterner form net to the logo upon scroll. thanks for the help.

also, why it does not enable the shorten button, after shortening one url? we have to refresh the page to do another url to shorten.

I sent you an email.

Hi, how logo is added to the front of the shortened button.

Upload your logo to themes/light/img folder
Then use this css code #main-form .main-form .main-input { background-image: url(themes/light/img/logo.png); background-size: 40px; background-repeat: no-repeat; padding-left: 50px; background-position: 3px; } change “logo.png” with your image name in above code



I was watching the demo and looks excellent. is there a way to exclude dots overlay from the header menu when the header with transparency ?

And one more question please; how to remove if I want the frame/bg from the title/running description in main page ? ( and changing the color ) I saw that others here did that

You can simply do above customizations.

When i select the drop down to select a geotargeted area i cannot scroll down in the drop down because the whole web page scrolls. Can you suggest how to fix these issues i am having? I am guessing maybe it is a z-index issue however, i don’t want to make the changes and have them be overwritten during an update.

I am using Firefox 45.0 and Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit)

Okay just wanted to update this. The problem only happens when “Enable Smooth Scroll” is on.

Well i just tested a few things and here is what i have discovered using Firefox 45.0. When trying to select a Geotarget location from the drop down scroll does not work regardless of animations or not. Also i enabled video backgrounds and the website works fine in Chrome however, In Firefox it just displays a plan color background and the website has 2 navigation bars. I have cleared all browser history and also forced refresh and video background simply does not work in Firefox.

Please edit index.php file line 157 ( in themes/light folder )
change this jQuery('#warp-video').tubular({<?php echo "videoId: '".$random_video."', repeat:".$repeat.", mute:".$mute; ?>}); To: jQuery('#warp-video').tubular({<?php echo "videoId: '".trim($random_video)."', repeat:".$repeat.", mute:".$mute; ?>});
Edit header.php file ( in themes/light folder )
1.Remove this line (line 160) <script src="<?php echo $this->config["url"] ?>/themes/<?php echo $this->config["theme"] ?>/static/js/lucid.js"></script>
2. Find and relace this code (line 179) echo "$(window).on('load', function() { $(this).impulse(); });"; With this: echo " /* Smooth scroll */ Math.easeOut = function (t, b, c, d) { t /= d; return -c * t*(t-2) + b; }; (function() { // do not mess global space var interval, // scroll is being eased mult = 0, // how fast do we scroll dir = 0, // 1 = scroll down, -1 = scroll up steps = 50, // how many steps in animation length = 30; // how long to animate function MouseWheelHandler(e) { e.preventDefault(); // prevent default browser scroll clearInterval(interval); // cancel previous animation ++mult; // we are going to scroll faster var delta = -Math.max(-1, Math.min(1, (e.wheelDelta || -e.detail))); if(dir!=delta) { // scroll direction changed mult = 1; // start slowly dir = delta; } for(var; tgt!=document.documentElement; tgt=tgt.parentNode) { var oldScroll = tgt.scrollTop; tgt.scrollTop+= delta; if(oldScroll!=tgt.scrollTop) break; } var start = tgt.scrollTop; var end = start + length*mult*delta; // where to end the scroll var change = end - start; // base change in one step var step = 0; // current step interval = setInterval(function() { var pos = Math.easeOut(step++,start,change,steps); //window.scrollTo(0,pos); tgt.scrollTop = pos; if(step>=steps) { // scroll finished without speed up - stop by easing out mult = 0; clearInterval(interval); } },10); } window.addEventListener('mousewheel', MouseWheelHandler, false); window.addEventListener('DOMMouseScroll', MouseWheelHandler, false); })(); ";

Best Regards

Hi, I have uploaded background images and set to change every hour but they are not showing up, just grey background. can you please help?

And my users have asked can I remove my logo and header from their splash pages, how can I do that?

Please uncheck “Show Video” and remove browser cookie then test it. If not solved send me your site url -> here

For remove header open this file “includes/Short.class.php” line 486 replace private function custom($url,$splash){ // Add timer animation if(!empty($this->config["timer"]) || $this->config["timer"] !=="0"){ //Main::add("<script>setInterval(function(){ window.location='{$url["url"]}';}, ".($this->config["timer"]*1000).");</script>","custom",FALSE); Main::add('<script type="text/javascript">var count = '.$this->config['timer'].';var countdown = setInterval(function(){$(".c-countdown span").html(count);if (count < 1) {clearInterval(countdown);window.location="'.$url->url.'";}count--;}, 1000);</script>',"custom",FALSE); } $data = json_decode($splash->data); $data->avatar = Main::href("content/{$data->avatar}"); $data->banner = Main::href("content/{$data->banner}"); $this->header(); include($this->t("custom_splash")); $this->footer(); } with this private function custom($url,$splash){ // Add timer animation if(!empty($this->config["timer"]) || $this->config["timer"] !=="0"){ //Main::add("<script>setInterval(function(){ window.location='{$url["url"]}';}, ".($this->config["timer"]*1000).");</script>","custom",FALSE); Main::add('<script type="text/javascript">var count = '.$this->config['timer'].';var countdown = setInterval(function(){$(".c-countdown span").html(count);if (count < 1) {clearInterval(countdown);window.location="'.$url->url.'";}count--;}, 1000);</script>',"custom",FALSE); } $data = json_decode($splash->data); $data->avatar = Main::href("content/{$data->avatar}"); $data->banner = Main::href("content/{$data->banner}"); $this->headerShow= 0; $this->header(); include($this->t("custom_splash")); $this->footer(); }


It works with version Premium URL Shortener V4.2.4 ?

Yes, works. Demo site uses version 4.2.4 .

Hello, I saw that the uses the template Light, however has several features and tools, I would like to have this in my also shortener. I wonder if you would do this kind of additional programming service? I will pay part.

The site use light theme, but I didn’t customize that new features.


I found your URL shortener software in and got interested.

I wonder following:

1. Can we add our own domains to your software and then shorten the affiliate links? Ex) we have following domains:,…

We want to shorten our affiliate links and choose each domain that we have.

2. Can we also choose 20 different affiliate links with each domain by adding a parameter after the domain? Ex),,

3. Can we add our IP´s to the software?

4. Can we see the status of our IP´s (if they are good or bad)?

5. Is there any installation manual for it?

6. Does it have a panel to simplify the work

Regards Mike

This is a theme for “Premium URL Shortener” script. Not works separately
Yes, Script support multiple domains. But all domain with same alias redirect to a link. and have same redirect.
Script has installation manual and panel to manage user, links and ….
Please for more info (qustion 3,4) contact main script author. Here

hello sir can i change short url domain everyday in this template or?

Excuse me for the late reply.
You can do it by changing “shortener_option” function in
includes/App.class.php line 883 (Main script)
In this function, main domain is defalt domain. you can change code for random domain as defalt domain.

I’m very tempted to BUY theme, but I think needs better Logo Upload/addition function OR step-by-step documentation for adding Logos to different areas on Theme + Favicon.

Also DOCUMENTATION must be MORE Advanced for us Learning Coders to be able to change to be different enough from all others using it, you know? = HOW TO CUSTOMIZE SECTIONS in the Docs would be a GREAT IDEA …. I’m sure MANY AGREE!

Idea for Next Theme – a FLAT/MINIMAL design with documentation on how to add/remove each personal sites requirements. DOCUMENTATION IS ALWAYS KEY I FIND WITH THEMES :-)

Looking forward to purchasiing ASAP & UR NEW THEMES!

(Over 1million Shortened is most on 1 of my sites, so I go for PRO,, Please eMail if you do Customizations for clients! P.S: a ‘BareBones’ theme would sell like crazy for those able to then add what & where they require on theme ;-) ...suprized nobody has done this for Developers/Designers yet actually,,,,,

cheers @Code_Collective [tweet]

MORE UPDATES too BUDDY, Only 2 Major Updates in 2yrs, Lets make YOU no.1 THEME GUY Hey? :-)

Hi pxldin
Excuse me for the late reply. I’m so busy. I always check my Gmail but not author dashboard here. :(
I try to decrease my number of updates because my customers customize their theme and when I upload a new update they need customize theme again. another reason is main script not a big change from last year.
Theme is very depended on the main script and some customization need to change script code.(script developed by another and I can’t include the main script for download) I want to create a new theme if @KBRmedia released big update for this script.
We currently working on project for a company and I haven’t enough time for working as a freelancer.

You can change the logo in main script setting (in admin area).
For hiding/show “Top 10 URLs” and “Show Public URLs” :

Best Regards

There is SMALL DESIGN BUG = the [PRO] in the Admin Login has no space between the wording eg. Account info[Pro] instead of: Account Info [Pro] (make Info capitalized?)

I’m buying this theme, I hope these is an UPDATE SOON. How about more Documentation on how to remove & add cetain functions (eg. remove Top 10 URLs = code xxxx to } the remove on line 55 etc) or (eg. remove total clicks = code xxxxxx to } on line 77) & (eg. ADD Premium Users ‘as above’) etc etc….


NOTE-:::: I have some coooool ideas for upgrades, and idea for a BAREBONES BOOTSTRAP THEME for GitHub etc (via a Crowd/Community-Sourced Design/Dev Open Project Collaborative I’m a Contributor for [twt]Code_Collective (we are currently working on TWTTR Design & FB page, we have pro’s as members in our Collective FYI) & looking for Contributors for Premium URL Shortener BareBones Bootstrap Theme so Users can have very individual looking websites (great for Google Rank, and SELLS MORE as we will all have different layouts using fontawesome icons, bootstrap, jQuery/AJAX/JS options & tooltip different styles (for eg.) in diff colour choices and favicon upload feature etc etc…... WE ALSO NEED SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGN PROS (Tweet Us) Oh & Yes, you get AWESOME PERKS, PRIZES FOR COMPETITIONS ON IDEA’s we Hold WEEKLY, STICKERS, HOSTING & GIFTS FROM OUR SPONSORS & REVIEW STUFF SHIPPED WORLDWIDE for our Premium Members and Full Volunteers & Contributors. PLUS LOOKS AWESOME ON YOUR PORTFOLIO Doing Stuff for one of the 1st Crowd-Sourced Collectives (formed from the old Original Members).

Thanks so much for reply, i understand waiting on script updates before you can update theme, i will play with it myself for a while, until update :) Can you pls tell me largest dimensions the LOGO can be that I upload, as I was as big as possible please….. (eg. 150px wide X 250px height) so i can resize my PNG in photoshop.

thank you for great support!

hope you make more themes soon!


I want to remove the Name of the website that is just above the scrolling text so it is my Logo PNG instead, where in the Theme Code can I do this please?

I need the HTML & CSS as the logo is 250px (x) 120px and since I like the 2nd line that shows different working below, but the ‘ALL WHITE’ background behind, makes it look unfinished/non-professional. Can you change to ‘transparent’ instead of the all-white background behind the text….


if you see at:

anything in BOLD comes out much larger than rest of text. I wrote ‘Yato’ in settings as you recommend….. any ideas?

3 you should have a DETAILED WRITTEN or better yet a ADVANCED VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to Customize you’re Theme for those who don’t want our sites looking the same as 100 others!

I noticed in /imgs folder, there is some different buttons etc that can be used for Social Media etc, I want to add my own and my own ‘FEATURES’ section Icons also, this is where the idea to show us how to add our own custom Sections and Page Dividers etc will get alot ore customers, as we can then make each site/theme totally different using color, icons, layout/dividers, and even add a background 2px (x) 2px repeat background image instead of solid colors for example…. or change from the ‘GREY’ to a totally different color-scheme just woth some TUTORIALS ON HOW TO MODIFY YOUR THEME! etc….

I like this theme, but it is very complicated to customize with NO ADVACNCED INSTRUCTIONS…... I’m teaching myself so far how to edit themes, but with so many files, i have no idea which are the correct files (no .tpl or /theme folder makes it hard even for veteran PHP/mySQL & Web COders w/out having to go through evvvverrrry bit of code!


P.S – I now have v5.0 , when is update due for these changes please?

Also with Header logo, I now want to put a smaller favicon-type logo approx 125px (x) 85px for the normal placement, and a larger full logo on the index.php where the is written above the animated text, where do I need to change this in style.css and other .php files please? (you should make this an option in future versions, as the basic text looks rather amateur? loooking IMHO of course…. thanks so much for your guidance

FYI -: in the “Settings” -> “Theme” when admin logs into normal usercp there is some of the images missing from the options…....
Hi I will update theme for v5.0 as soon as possible. some problems are exist for example in v5 languages files not included in the main script.
to replace the Name of the website above the scrolling text with logo :
In index.php line 178 change this:
<h1><span class="title"><?php echo $title ?></span></h1> To <div class="center"><img class="" src="<?php echo $this->config[" url="" />/content/<?php echo $this->config["logo"] ?>" alt="<?php echo $title ?>"></div> -----
For transparent background and change fon color and font size in api page add this codes to end of style.css // for site title .promo .title { background: transparent; color: black; } //for scrolling text .promo #box1words_container { font-size: 20px; color: red; background: transparent; } // api page .content p em { font-size: 15px; } -----
The theme hasn’t page builder. for more customize, you must change codes and CSS files. for exanple to create new section use this html in index.php (Don’t place it between another section or if statements) < section class="custom-class-name"> YOUR CUSTOM CODES </section> -----
Theme very dependent on script and i can’t change main script files, that is reson why complicated to customize.

Is this just a theme, short URL script should be purchased separately?

Yes, you need to buy the main script first.

meCode4U Purchased

Hello, Kindly remove the bugs and provide the updated theme as a parent theme script is updated to version 5.0.

I am very disappointed after buying your theme by facing the several bugs issues.

Hello Friend,

I’m trying the Demo but all the links I shorten take me to because that happens?

In demo mode, all links redirect to