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How can I change the color of the “Lights On” text to something other than the bright yellow? Thanks!

Replied in email.

Hello i would like to ask if this plugin works on every video player lights out or just vimeo.. i would like to purchase if this is possible also i don’t want the text light out only for video.. thanks in advance i will wait for reply!

Sure i’ve been looking for a lights switch plugin for months and i finaly found it you deserve it.

I don’t see the Custom Element Light Switch on my posts this is my current settings is this correct?

Flowplayer, #Wistia, #YourUpload, #Mp4Upload, #VidWoot, #Mp4UploadHD, #jwplayer-1, #uploadSeeHD, #Vidbull

Flowplayer, #Wistia, #YourUpload, #Mp4Upload, #VidWoot, #Mp4UploadHD, #jwplayer-1, #uploadSeeHD, #Vidbull

Could you update the changelog please.

Thanks, Bernhard

Hello, current changelog is visible to item details page. Regards

So nothing changed with the release of January 7?

Update 1.1 (23/06/2014) - Added Shortcode for light switch button

Hey Pixolab, just like other people have asked, is there anyway that you could customize the plugin to have it, “default to lights off when entering a certain page and then give the user the option to turn the lights back on with the standard button?” Also, like someone else has asked, how am I able to change the color of the switch? Thanks, this plugin is exactly what i needed.

Also, if it could still fade it on the load, it would look sick. Edit: Like possibly delaying it until all dom-content is loaded? If that’s even possible haha.

Also, when you leave the page that the lightswitch was activated on, the zmask continues to stay. Sorry for blowing up this comment feed.

hi, author i have purchased that plugin but it seems not working i have tried to copy past code as written in manual but its not working! my website is www.onlinemovie.pk

Tried to get some support via the email form … wondering if the author is supporting this plug-in any more? I’m sure my problem is simple, but can’t for the life of me get this to work with the theme True Mag .

It installs fine, it shows-up on the page fine, turns the lights off fine, but the whole page goes dim. I’ve tried every class and element ID that seems to have something to do with playing the vids, no luck. Like I said, I’m sure it’s something obvious, but several hours in, not obvious to me LOL!

Help Please!

I answered to you today 07/14 at 12:50 o’clock in email.

Please, check your email.

Sorry … found it in the spam box. Replied. No workie.


A before purchase question: When I read through the comments here, I see that you have added a feature to make the lights turned off on page load. Is it done manually per page/post or is there a setting to turn the lights off automatically on all pages/posts?

If there is not an option yet, do you think to add it?

I see but I have hundreds of posts for now and I cannot enable it one by one. I need something opposite. I mean it would be perfect if there is an option (on options page of the plugin) to make it enabled for all posts. Then I could disable it for the individual pages or posts.

I checked the options page from the screenshot but couldn’t see an option to auto enable.

Auto enable box is the box highlighted with red border. However i can add a setting so that by default auto light off option (in the box) will be checked.

I’m afraid I couldn’t make it clear enough. I will use it on a live news site which already has hundreds of posts. The setting you offer works for the new posts. Then the visitors will see the lights off for new posts but not for the older ones.

I need an option or a button to change all posts including the ones before the plugin “off” at once.

very nice plugin! good work!

Thank you!

Is it possible to put the button and turn it on and off in widgets?

Yes, it is possible.

Just purchased this plugin. How do I make the light switch horizontal instead of vertical? I sent an email regarding this but no reply.

hello there you got php version of this ?

1/Does this plug-in function by a multisite?

2/Does this plug-in function in PHP7.1?

Hi, 1 – I didn’t test it but there is no reason why it should not work. 2 – Yes, it works normally in PHP 7.1.