Light Music and Radio Player

Light Music and Radio Player

This is a jQuery audio and radio player based on HTML5 for playing single tracks from various sources of audio. It supports multi instances withing the same page so you can have more than one of these players in the same page. Also it has a powerful API for styling and customising each player which all come with a detailed documentation that makes it extremely easy to use.


  • MP3, OGG, Wav
  • Soundcloud Tracks
  • Apple iTunes Tracks
  • Radio Station URLs (e.g. Shoutcast and Icecast)
  • Radio Station Streaming formats AAC and AAC+, MP3 and etc.

It is extremely lightweight and easy to use. It only requires one line of code to embed in the web page. e.g.

<div class="lightMusicPlayer" id="player4" />

Light Music and Radio Player - 1


  • Clean & Modern Design
  • On/Off Track Autoplay
  • Changeable Artwork Blurriness
  • Changeable Font and theme colour
  • Extra link for sharing or purchasing the track
  • Multiple Instances in the Same Page
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Cross Browser
  • Fully Responsive
  • Keyboard Play/Pause Control
  • Modern, Touch-Friendly
  • No Coding Skills Required
  • Very Easy and Fast to Install

Light Music and Radio Player - 2

Change Log

Version: 1.1, Spotify playback removed from the plugin, Sep 2017