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I can’t reach your support portal and I have an issue with downloading files in Internet Explorer 11 – it’s not working. I’m using the latest version of Lift – can you please advise?

nevermind – my mistake – sorry

Oh internet explorer should be killed you know :D But it’s ok, there is a js file named filemanager_js.js in your filemanger_js directory. Open the mentioned file with a simple text file editor like notepad++ and edit these two functions show_this_dir_file and show_user_dir_file as below:

function show_this_dir_file( is_file, is_zip, is_img, path, download, search ) { if( search != ’’ ) { return false; } if(is_file == 0) { page = 1; showFileManager( path ); } else { if(is_img == 0) { //“download.php?show=”+download, “download.php?show=”+download);“download.php?show=”+download, null, ””); } } }

function show_user_dir_file( is_file, is_zip, is_img, path, download, search, active ) { if( search != ’’ ) { return false; } if(is_file == 0) { page = 1; showFileManager( path ); } else { if(is_img == 0) { //“filemanager_user/download.php?show=”download“&switch=”active, “filemanager_user/download.php?show=”+download“&switch=”+active);“filemanager_user/download.php?show=”download“&switch=”+active, null, ””); } } }


Does it need special configurations| settings or special permissions for some libraries on the hosted server?
in other words .. do I have to contact my hosted server or can I install it by myself using the FTP only?
To which Versions of php is it compatible with?
Thanks :)

Hi, you can easily install it yourself with the help of the documentation file. Anyway since this a php script there should be some php libraries and requirements installed on your server. So in rare cases, you may need to contact your host provider. It’s compatible with PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5 versions and above. Cheerz :)

Could you mention these libraries & requirements on the server side, please ?
Thanks a lot

Files / folders read and write permissions + gd library which are normally set and installed on most servers :)

Hi Codstack, since the demo is not fully functioning due to server issues, then there could be a possibility I have same problems in my server too, right? In this case, will the support include helping solve the problem? And in case the problem is unsolvable, is there any refund policy?

Hi, I still hope you can answer this question. Thank you…

any update coming soon?

Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /membri/hostingfile/filemanager_user/edit_file.php on line 20 Mi da questo errore mi aiutate a risolvere?


Lift File Manager is compatible with PHP 7.0 ?

i just try and i have a blank page instead of the normal home page.

could you confirm or not ?

thanks you

Upload, download, creating folder…. nothing is working in demo

can you make sure? everything will be working in the real system.

Thanks Sanjay

Hi All,

This person is cheating, There are many files which we can not see. We must need complete code if we are paying for the code. There is security issue if we are using other servers URLs SSL will never allow you.

Hey codstack!

Give me the complete code. I don’t want to see your URLs in my code.


The Person is not responding on support call


I don’t need your urls, I need everything on my domain Please see – public $user_gravatar = “”; public $admin_gravatar = “”; return “”.$email_hash.”?s=”.$size.$custom_avatar; return “”.$email_hash.”?s=”.$size.$custom_avatar; return “”.$email_hash.”?s=”.$size; if($tickets_class->admin_gravatar == “”)

How can I make it on my domain.

Please help me



One more issue.

The link in the received email after registration is not able to activate the user.

Please help to solve it.


Is this item still supported?

I cannot get the install to work. Ticket submitted via online portal 2 days ago & no response.


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getting PHP Deprecated: mysql_connect()

Does this item support chunk upload? If not how easy can it be implemented ?


sidbet Purchased

Getting this error in my server logs:
PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'UnexpectedValueException' with message 'RecursiveDirectoryIterator::__construct(..//home/bruce/public_html/sms/filemanager_user/download_backup/bt2/test/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory' in /home/bruce/public_html/sms/filemanager_user_core.php:525\nStack trace:\n#0 /home/bruce/public_html/sms/filemanager_user_core.php(525): RecursiveDirectoryIterator->__construct('..//home/bruce/...')\n#1 /home/bruce/public_html/sms/filemanager_user_core.php(488): filemanager_user_core->set_limitation('..//home/bruce/...', 524288000)\n#2 /home/bruce/public_html/sms/index.php(23): filemanager_user_core->userInfo()\n#3 {main}\n  thrown in /home/bruce/public_html/sms/filemanager_user_core.php on line 525, referer:
In Admin, I see the user directory, but can’t upload at all. Seems that it doesn’t matter where I put the user directory, it doesn’t work. Other upload scripts work fine.

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Hi, I want to know how to add another admin account as we want to be 2 admin on the plateform. thnaks for helping.


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I just figured out how to fix the ERROR above that “sidbet” posted..
 * Directory Settings
define("ROOT_DIR_PATH", "./"); // Root directory path # "/" in end of path is required

define( "CHANGE_ROOT", false );
define( "LAST_ROOT_DIR_PATH", "../" ); 
// If you are update from version 2.X.X to V3.X.X please set it "../" else set with your last ROOT_DIR_PATH
I made the same mistake and put the full path in and then got the same error.. I looked on the demo site and was able to figure out that you DON’T use the FULL Path, but relative paths so below now works without the errors seen in ‘sidbet’s post..
define("ROOT_DIR_PATH", "../lift/");
define( "CHANGE_ROOT", false );
define( "LAST_ROOT_DIR_PATH", "../lift/" ); 

I hope it helps !!

hi codestak, can i get Version 1.0.3 – August 10, 2013 ?. do you have a repository?

Is there any way to protect direct access to files through http? Sample:

Hi, I want to know how to add another admin account as we want to be 2 admin on the plateform. thanks for helping.

Hi, video and images can be opened online? Or only .pdf. Do I have to download them to see them? Tks

Is it possible to order the Users in an alphabetical order? Or perhaps add a Search bar for users also?


Can you add more function downloading files from hotlink , or download files from a remote host ?