Life: Sleep Sounds - Meditation Sounds - Relax Music App - iOS (Swift UI/Laravel)

Life: Sleep Sounds - Meditation Sounds - Relax Music App - iOS (Swift UI/Laravel)

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Life is an iOS app script to create a Calm and Relaxing music streaming app for iPhones. It has many cools features like categorizing music, Premium music, In app purchase, Favorite Music, Background Player in Notification and lot more. Anyone can create an app with in couple of hours and can save hundreds of coding hours.

Life app is only for iPhones, not created on the bases of iPads

Life app can be monetized with two ways

1) Admob Ads

2) In-app purchase


DEMO Android App: Click Here


Admin Panel Demo:

Username: tester | Password: tester@123


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Admin Panel Features:

  • Easily manageable Dashboard
  • Create and manage categories
  • Add Sounds to the categories
  • Add and manage sounds
  • Mark sounds as Free/Premium
  • Add Video backgrounds
  • Manage ad units of admob
  • Manage miscellaneous settings
  • Manage Premium Packages

App Features:

  • Elegant UI on homepage
  • See featured Sounds
  • Explore categories and sounds of it
  • Explore sounds by categories
  • Search sounds
  • Notification Player
  • Favorite sounds
  • Enable/Disable notification
  • Subscribe to pro version

And Lot more…

To see all the features, please install the demo from the link and go through all features to experiance all the features.


  • 18 Oct 2021
  • Minor bug fix in Xcode project
  • 1 Oct 2021
  • Banner music player added in all the screens of app
  • Improved notification player
  • Background videos removed for iOS version, as 2 players can’t run smoothly at a same time in iOS
  • Next and previous buttons in music player
  • Looping is enabled so that music keeps playing infinity
  • In-app purchase billing library updated to V3 (official library by google)
  • Facebook Ads removed as they are going to serve ads directly. Buyers can configure bidding via admob to run facebook audience network ads
  • Minor bugs fix