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I told a lie too much, but its says true always. :D

its just prank sure :)

Nice app khoya, keep up.

Thanx Bro

Admob integrated ?

Yes (Banner + Interstitial)

Hi there – is this built in eclipse or studio?


Where changes in BANNER admob (no interstitial)?

There is interstitial and the banner in tihs code..if you have any prblem send me a message :)

I wiped interstitial code. The banner top also appears

I close my application appears interstitial admob

and where is the problem in that ?

google Policy. I want to stop advertising display when closed application

google Policy. I want to stop advertising display when closed application

Hi :) is it easy to change the elements like the red/green lamps or the frame? More importantly, do you think that i can change the language of those few words to Arabic?

yes you can change the red and the green lamps…this code its very easy to reskin…and you can change those few words to any language that you want.

You Welcome :)

Please can you explain me how i can change Api Level 17 Above?

just send the screen shot to my email

this email? Appsiori

send it to this email abdelhadirouhi@gmail.com

Hanii chrita , ntmna njam3o manha chi sarf s7i7

Lah Iyasar Lik Akhoya :)

khoya fin kayn admob 7it mal9itoch

khoya lcode kanbadalo l’interstitial o kay3ti arret ohta bla manbdlo mli kaykhrj l inter kay3ti l’arret l application !!

Nice app , good luck bro!

i put my interstitial code in his place, but how i can do it with the banner code ?

Bro you will find the banner code in layout>main.xml

Hi there! is this an android studio or an eclipse project?

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