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Demo not working on the HTTPS, because Firefox not added library jQuery on CDN with HTTP.

Set http protocol on url demo or https on jQuery library.

Calendar looks great!

Thanks, fixed. Also many thanks for your opinion. :)

hi, that’s what I was looking for ! If it was responsive, I ‘d bought it right away. Is it part of your future plans ? regards

Hello. Not really understand you, but soon I plan to add this plug-in for Word Press. Regards.

I can’t get the style to work…

Sorry for the long-term answer. What exactly do you have trouble with styles?

Please fill in the correct path to the style file. Perhaps the problem in this.


Oh guys, I’m sorry. I kind of found the problem, it is an error in the help file. I used in the examples help attribute ID = “lce”, but this is incorrect. Need replace “lce” by “licovents”. (also in script section) Try it should help. In the near future I will correct help file. Thank you for understanding.

I can’t seem to get the style to work either. Path is correct. Using FF latest version? Just bought.

Yeah, right. I corrected the help file.

Thanks. Great Calendar, playing with it right now. Love it.

I am glad. :)

Hi! Great Calendar ;)

Is there a way to change color of #lcedshortcut selector for each event?

In the event array i wish configure something like this: { date: ‘20140201’, title: ‘You can write the title 1’, description: ‘test for description 1’, color: ‘red’ }

where ‘color’ is just the color of border-bottom of #lcedshortcut selector relative to that event.

For me is really important… is there a way?

Thanks a lot, Danilo Italy

Hi iamMakep, can i contact you via email for a specific request?

Hi! You can find my email in readme.html file, which is located in archive of plugin. E-mail me! I read it!

Email sent, thanks!


I just buy it and install it but doesn’t work. I have copied the 2 folders to the root directory then created a test.php file with the code on the help file but I just get a white page.

Any idea why?

Hi! Use one ID=”licovents” and add different classes for divs. Init e.g.: $(’.lico_1’).licovents(); $(’.lico_2’).licovents(); ... But they will use the same style! To use different styles must edit css. Regards.

Perfect thanks!!!

not for that! :)

Hi, Im interested in purchasing, I’m trying to do this, will you be able to help me.


Hi! Do not really understand how to help. Can you tell a bit more detail?

Hi, in the section where the user clicks the date and panel open, is there way to add a form where he can enter time card or timsheet information like in the link.

I want to implement that time entry, but need help in customizing it, or you can enhance your calendar with this functionality (more sales) for a unique feature!


I’m sorry, but I no have time now to add this functionality. If suddenly you buy my script, email me I will send you the source code that you can adjust by itself. Thank you for understanding.

Can french be added and does the calender show on all browser or people who visit my site.reply to

Yes, I can add a french translation!

Added in version 1.5

hi i am considering to buy this but i wanted to know if its possible to slide but not based on the slider but based on the body tag or a div tag for example

Hello! Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean. But it and so it based on the DIV tag…

Hi. Where are the events loaded from? Could an external file be used? .... and a Google calendar? TIA

Unfortunately I do not have time to make this functionality, but I would like to ask what format you are interested an external file (in addition to google)? Thank you anyway! :)

Any format that does not involve the pages on the website: a csv text file (to be uploaded on the server) could be a first good option, or any format in which I could export a Google calendar. I’ll keep following your nice product: it seems very close to my goal (but the import feature)


You can use the library CsvtoArray ( And inicializeAnd initialize the calendar like this:

I tried it and it works, of course if you follow the format of the data. Maybe it will help you.

Hello, I have a problem with the calendar. Last date calendar jumps to the second line. And all the breaks. What could be causing this?


Did not work. Please check whether the right place to insert the code:

            language: lce_lang_PL, 
            lcesize: 50,

            links: new Array (
              date: '20151211',
              href: '',
              newwindow: true

            events: new Array (
              date: '20151212',
              title: 'You can write the title 1',
              time: '03:00',
              description: 'test for description 1'
              date: '20151213',
              title: 'You can write the title 2',
              description: 'test for description 2',
              sc_color: 'yellow'



try this script block…

Very good work. Thanks for your help and greet :)

Not responsive? Any plans to make it responsive?

Great work, GLWS my friend

Hello! I have a problem: try to use this plugin on wordpress site. Insert code from example, link css and js files, but width of calendar is extremely high (about 17600px), so no one date is shown. What can be a reason and what should i do to fix it? Maybe, you have a wordpress version of this plugin?

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no version for WP. You could send a link to a page where there is the problem?

Hello, i downloaded the calendar and tried to install inside a new wordpress website I am building trhu Divi Theme. After trying many times I don’t know how to do it. I did read all the comments before buying but decided to try it. If it’s possible any help I will apreciate. thank you, Ivan

What exactly is the problem?


Can we add multiple calendars in similar way that is being displayed in demo. Each calendar will display in its own events and links