Discussion on LicenseBox - PHP Licenser and Updates Manager

Discussion on LicenseBox - PHP Licenser and Updates Manager

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Does this script keep logs of all requests made?

If any user installs the software even for testing purposes, I want to see the log of it. Is this possible ?

Yes, it logs all activation or update download attempts and whether the attempt was successful or not.

MashDiv Purchased

Did you make the update for the api call to check all updates at once?

I have noted it in the list of requested features, it will be released as per the priority and if the same thing is requested by multiple clients.

Hello, please reset our license. We need to install the program. Thank you.

Hi, This is done, please check now.

This is Pre-Sales Question. Can we use your application for any PHP application Licensing ? Do you have any documentation with Integration ?

Hi, Yes you can use LicenseBox for your PHP applications. The full documentation and integration guide is available with the purchase, you can check the API documentation here:

MashDiv Purchased

clean my license asap please

This is done, please check your email.

how iam updated to latest version im downloaded file and removed config.php and database.php but appear ( issues handle this request ) can u guide me how to update files and how to update database thanks

Hi, You don’t need to manually replace files. You just need to install the new version from the LicenseBox menu under “help” section.

1. What is the cost of the Woocommerce plugin you mention in other comments? 2. Would end-users access their downloads and subscription information from Wordpress woocommerce? 3. Would software purchases happen in WooCommerce and be pushed to LicenseBox?

Hi, The WooCommerce plugin is sold directly for $90 and Yes your end-users will be able to see their license key in their account and also in the purchase successful email. Whenever your client would purchase your application from WooCommerce, a License key for them will be automatically generated in LicenseBox which you can manage via the LicenseBox admin panel easily. For more information, please contact us at

Thank you. This appears this will satisfy our need to allow customers to purchase and manage via WordPress/WooCommerce while we manage the licenses outside WordPress/WooCommerce.

please clean my license

Hi, please send all support queries from the support tab ( comment section is for pre-sale questions only. Thank you for understanding!

Please reset my license. I need to reinstall the program.

Already replied over email, please check.

Hi Codemonks,

I am trying to install the new update on the staging sub-domain of my website but I am getting error while installation.

As with previous update the complete website went blank and inaccesible, this time it’s not showing in updates tab of existing installation.

Also there is no guide or documentation included to update the latest version on existing installation or installing on local system.

Let me know how to fix this error. Thanks.

Hi Codemonks,

Awaiting your reply on how to use the latest updated version, I can’t even install it on my existing domain.

How existing users can download and upgrade to latest version 1.6.4 as the check updates on existing version is not working.

Can you please check again? You should first see a v1.6.0 update and then you will see the v1.6.4 update.

Hi it worked now, I had to update twice. Hope it works well with new version of PHP 8.1.

Thanks :grin:


I’ve a question.

Can I use this plugin to protect my own build plugins I sell? I’ve sold my plugin to clients, I want next clients to have license for it. Thank you.

Even if someone copies your activated plugin from your client’s server to their server the plugin won’t work as you can bind the license to the activated domain/ip or uses count. They will be asked to enter their license key again. I hope it answers your question.

Thank you! Last question, what happens if someone deletes the helper file? Will they possible to use the plugin without the licenser?

You would be including license checks at multiple locations and after that we recommend obfuscation of the full script or at least some important files.

please add the an api call to check all products updates in 1 call instead of doing loop of calls to check updates

yes but we need an api endpoint to check all available updates, in case someone have addons, we need 1 call to check all addons updates instead of making aloop that need to check all available updates one by one which is very slow process

You mean to check updates of all products at once in the same API call? That’s a good idea, I have added it in the list of requested features.

and i would highly suggest adding samples for laravel integration, it took us time to rework your code to work on laravel properly

please clean my license

This is done, please check.

Can I see a history of failed license verification attempts in the external api?

The unsuccessful activation attempts are only visible on the dashboard.

I would like to know if the system works for me!

I have an application in node.js where the license code is placed in the .env in the installation, I just need to check if the license is valid via api, with that I do the blocking routine in the system.

Yes, you can call the external API from node.js to check if the provided license is valid or not.

New update 17 jan ?? Nope is project dad ??!

Sorry, there has been a slight delay. Please expect it this week!

Aside from the features, we purchased this as it was advised there would be a new version on 17/01 along with a price increase?

No comment about this?

Sorry, there has been a slight delay. Please expect it this week!

A month in for the ‘slight delay’. Seems like a marketing scam to lure buyers in with the notice of a failed price increase and non-existent update. Thanks!

What about nginx compatibility and rewrite rules?

But there’s still a single point of failure: database.

No service can have perfect 100% uptime, even multi-billion dollar companies have down-times. The goal should be of having multiple instances so that even if one instance is down some other instance can handle traffic, database can be shared or be different.

But what you advise here is just bringing costs of hosting to a higher level, at the same time that a purchaser will have a bad experience in activating his product for the very first time.

Instead of pointing there, couldnt you just prevent this by applying a logic at your code, under which, failed attempts due to downtime of the server will cause a postpone of validation, and a successful verification of the product at this, specific time that incident occurs?

Hi codemonks, i did the installation and translation of your system for a client of mine, and I’m waiting for the new version to be able to buy a license for myself as well because I intend to use it in custom modules that I develop and sell, in the item description it is showing that an update will come today with new functions and php 8 what’s next?

Thanks for your quick feedback, can you skip a spoiler of what we have in the update?

Support for PHP 8, endpoint-based API key restrictions, IP whitelisting for the admin panel, improvements in the in-built obfuscator, config for always serving the latest update files, postman collection for all API endpoints, and other improvements with bug fixes.

Perfect looking forward to seeing the update thank you and good sales.

How can I translate the admin panel?

The API can be translated easily using the provided .po files but to translate the admin panel you would need to customize the code, if you want we can also do this for you please contact us at


MrDemo Purchased

Greetings, I am facing errors while installing the script, i have sent an email with all the credentials please help me out thank you.

I hope this is resolved via emails.


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