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Hello Is it possible to add a document (PDF, Word, etc) and / or a link (internal or external) with the sales email?

Hi, you mean license manager email?

within the sale (the email) add a pdf doc and/or link

Possible to add link.

hey there, i have bundles to sell. is it possible to add multiple keys in one line? example: 1. xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx.xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx 2. xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx etc… can you add a section which people can get the product with a coupon code. how much cost it to adding this?

Hi, yes you can add multiple license per quantity of product. You can email me from my profile page for pricing on the additional functionality. Thanks

already sent you a mail but i didnt get any answer :) i send a email again

if you still didnt get any message, write me a mail. please delete this comment after reading it

Does this have a “Hook” to allow a function to be used to create a two part licence eg Licence Name and Key. We already have a function which returns the licence information, so just need to be able to use that rather than a static list of codes.

Possible with some programming knowledge.

Possible bug. If a customer uses the Check payment type (in my store called Wire Transfer), Woo puts the order on hold automatically. The license manager does not put the license code in the order email from Woo, but still sends the separate license email. Two questions a) that seems like a bug to send a license for an order on hold, and b) can you stop the separate license email sent? Since the license code is included in the email from Woo with order details, the separate email is not needed.

I don’t think it sends license code for when on hold. I was mis-interpreting something. Still it would be nice to have control over both if the license code email is sent or not (since the code is embedded in the Woo order email to customer), and who it is sent to (maybe we want to sent to our sales group instead of the customer). I have changed code for now but on next update my changes will be overwritten.


We need plugin to sell gift certificate for escape quest with unique numbers. So: 1) We need 2 variants of delivery: - delivery on physical address (plastic card with unique numbers) - delivery on email (automaticall after payments) 2) We need options to upload predefined certificate numbers 3) We need possibility to choose manually what certificate numbers we just sell in case on delivery on physical address.

Does your plugin support this options?

Does License Manager for Woocommerce NOT support WordPress 4.7 ? Have installed latest version here. Installs ok and activate ok. But i can’t see it in left menu-bar og it does not activate/works with Woo Commerce? Something wrong?

Hi, the plugin is compatible with Wordpress 4.7. The plugin settings is a tab in woocommerce settings. Licenses are added to the product on product page.

Thank you. Works fine now! Great product.

want to buy it , but the idea to have to manually add license that should be generated on purchase would be a better solution.

Hi,not sure what you mean by manually adding license codes.

adding license codes, so does each code you add go out to one per customer? wouldn’t it be better to have it auto generate license codes from an order, and a button to generate codes for order already placed for customer who purchased prior to adding your plugin? just don’t want to manually add license and looking for a great method.

i’m using digital download license and it generates but i want to use woocommerce .

This is exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Please do not hesitate to leave ratings for the plugin :)

I found a bug that prepends a question mark, ”?” to the first license string when uploading a .txt file. I wonder if this has anything to do with Wordpress update.

The question mark is likely to be coming from the txt file. Thanks


geaven Purchased

I’ve opened a ticket on your internal support system 2 days ago but I’ve not received any replies yet. I am getting a lot of fraudulent customers trying to purchase my codes using other people’s credit cards or paypal logins. I would like to set it such that the code is only sent to the customer’s email and not displayed on checkout, that way I can make sure they are not entering a fake email address. How would I go about this?

Hi, I replied your support ticket 3days ago. Please let me know if you got my reply. Thanks

I found a bug that prepends a question mark, ”?” to the first license string when uploading a .txt file. I bought this last week.

The question mark is likely to be coming from the txt file. Thanks

No there is no question mark in my txt file. I am stumped.

I also tried to submit a ticket on your website, but the Submit button doesn’t work so I hit it too many times, and it apparently generated tons of tickets even though it appears on the user side that the submit didn’t do anything. So, you can close out the 40+ identical tickets due to the submit button dysfunction.


I have sent you a support email through Envato last week and I still have no reply. Do you answer questions sent by email?

I am looking to stop the plugin from sending the key delivery emails. Considering the keys are shown in the Complete order email under the title of the game I don’t see the point in sending several emails for each order. If a customer purchases 5 games he will receive the Complete order email plus 5 additional emails each containing a key. I want to stop sending those emails and only display the keys in the Complete order email and on the Order page in My account section.

Hi,you’ll need to comment the email function in the code. If you email the plugin I can get that done for you. Thanks

Can you please tell me which code to comment and from which file? The plugin is already installed and I prefer overwriting only one file. Also, is there a way I can copy the file with the changes in our Child theme so that it doesn’t get overwritten on plugin updates?

Thank you.

In the license-manager.php file. Find ‘wp_mail’ and comment the line. Thanks

Hi, I’ve used this plugin before and these are the issues with it. I would like to buy it for my own site but I need these fixed. When you upload keys there is no way to re-order which key goes first. This becomes a problem because when you upload there is no telling what order they go in. I see you added a feature to show which key belongs to which product(that wasn’t there before). Also it would send key when it didn’t fully purchase

The license keys are taken from the bottom. So you can actually determine which keys will be purchased next and you can also delete keys individually. Thanks

Any ability to delete more than one key and not having to delete one by one? Imagine having hundred or more keys!

Might consider adding this to the next update. Thanks


This looks like the closest I will get for what I need to do. I am only selling 3 products, which are codes for games in which you can download. I want to put the codes in for a product, then the buyer receive a random code when they purchase the item. When reading I see that it goes in order, is it possible to make it random when the buyer orders?


Hi, It’s possible to have the codes send randomly. You will need to make slight edits to the php code for that. Thanks

Hi, is it posible to add a permanent license key ?

Hi, what do you mean by permanent license key?

Hello the module manages the variables?

Hiis possible search the orders by license key? and if yes how i can do that?

No its not possible.