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Hi, I’ve been using your plugin since the beginning now and need some rapid assistannce asap. I did some updates to wordpress and woocommerce and cannot get license keys to be sent out anymore at all. Reinstalling the plugin does not fix this issue. Can you login like you did last year and take a peak at what’s causing it? I can pay you $70/hr for your fast personalized support. Please reply back with a way to send a private message and I’ll shoot you over the login details. Thanks

Hi, kindly send me an email from my profile page. Thanks


Memlok Purchased

I am experiencing the same issue as rromanstefogio. Your plugin has worked well for a long time but a couple of days ago customer order receipts are not sent with the unlock code.

Hi, it has been fixed for you. Thanks

I’m experiencing the same issues after updating Woocommerce, please assist!

OK, I need to know if you’re going to update the plugin or not. I’m about to purchase another plugin, but if you update this one I’ll continue to use it.

Hi,the plugin will be updated for sure. Once we round up the development, we will make the update available here.

I already purchased another solution.

This plugin is not woocommerce 3.0 compatible.. not deducting licenses when product is bought. Please update ASAP.. I agree with the other people here. Not asking for support. Just asking for a working version.

Please check the plugin description page properly and check list of WooCommerce versions the plugin is compatible with. If you don’t want to pay for support then you should wait till we release an updated version for WooCommerce 3.0 (that’s if we decide to do that). We can actually decide not to release any update for WooCommerce 3.0 and I assure you that we won’t be violating any envato author terms.

I just noticed on the previous page of comments that you had declared it was compatible with woo 3.0 which it is not.. You must have taken your customer service course from United Airlines..

Dear scopes I support clients, so I will comment on this account.

You said that it will work with Woo Commander 3.

However, LicenseCode is not sent.

Serious damage to customers occurs. Please update as soon as possible.

God bless. Thank you.

Steve-acet Purchased 8 days ago

Is the plugin compatible with Woo Commerce 3? If not when do you plan on releasing an update? Scopes

Scopes Author 8 days ago

Yes it is.

Hello, if you buy the plugin you won’t have any problem using it with WooCommerce 3.0 above. I can guarantee you of that. Thanks

I would like to buy this plugin, but when I read the comments following the update of Woocommerce, I know that I will not buy this plugin! Your buyers are right, it is normal to hope for an update and this without having to pay anything.

Hello, if you buy the plugin you won’t have any problem using it with WooCommerce 3.0 above. I can guarantee you of that. Thanks

Reading the comments it’s disgraceful that the developer is treating customers like this, you have to remember that although internet orders come through we are REAL people who have fill your pockets with money.

The minimum you can do is update this, like any other worthy developer on code canyon, to the latest version compatible with Woocommerce 3.0 so our shops work again.

As others have stated, it’s not asking for tricky support and personalised customisation, it’s kindly asking you to update the plugin.

New customers can’t even buy this if it’s not compatible with Woocommerce 3.0?

Hi, you’re only saying this because your support expired months ago. All new buyers and those with support extension have been provided support to on how to rectify the issue as some WooCommerce database values have been changed. The plugin will be updated once we have completed the necessary adjustments. Until that is done, we will only be able to provide support to those with support extension on how to fix the issue.


panda414 Purchased

I have sent you a support request. Would appreciate a fast response. Thanks

Also license code email is being sent when order is completed. Please check status of the order or email spam folder. You can also install email log to see outgoing emails.


panda414 Purchased

I had the order email, and the licence code is under the product. But its not showing the code anymore.


panda414 Purchased

I am trying to send you a image of the email template I got after a order showing the key missing. Trying to upload it to your ticket system, you really need to sort your ticket system out, I cant add a file…..


Dalvo1 Purchased

Hey there, I’m having an issue with this plugin shooting out emails after I upgraded to Woocommerce 3.03. It used to work fine without any issues… Please help me to get this issue addressed, ASAP!

I’ve also attached your quote from a few days ago. -

“Hello, if you buy the plugin you won’t have any problem using it with WooCommerce 3.0 above. I can guarantee you of that. Thanks”

I see a lot of comments on here about the plugin not working with 3.0+

There is a CLEAR warning from Woocommerce to backup & check you plugins before upgrading. Whilst Scopes’ answers to some questions has not been great, I can only assume the frustration he’s feeling.

Looking forward to the official 3.0+ compatible plugin, works great on my store.

Keep up the good work Scopes :)

Thanks. The latest update to the plugin addressed the issue.

Thank you for this new update :)

Btw, dont forget to update your changelog too. Keep up :D

Thanks . That has been done. Please don’t hesitate to rate the plugin.Thanks

When someone buys multiple keys will it send all the keys in a single email or a separate email for each key? When you upload a txt file with keys does it overwrite the current txt or does it add on the the previous txt file? Is there a video preview of this plugin available anywhere?

It will send the key per product. If 50 quantities of a product is ordered, the 50 license codes will be in one email. Thanks

Not working with newest version of Wordpress!!

It works with latest Wordpress and WooCommerce versions.

I have upgraded the site and woocommerce , still not working

Hi, the latest update is working for virtually everyone. It’s definitely an issue with your configuration. I am only able to review your issue on your server if you have a valid support license.

Do you have a skype? I would like to get a quote for a few addons for this plugin.

Hi, skype ID is scopes90 . Thanks

Hi, does the plugin allow shorcodes on wordpress pages too? we would like to add the licence in a membershio area. Thanks

No it doesn’t. Thanks

Sorry its not working with latest version . I checked it many times and I see a lot of comments as well .Anyone having the same issue please comment.