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Hey Can I Integrate it with my Own Application? Is there is tutorial available for integrating with application?

If is a .net application, yes you can. There is a well documented tutorial.

Hey, tutseasy,

You can easily integrate it into your own project, but you pretty much have to create your own system from scratch. The way it is set up now, there is NO WAY to tell which key belongs to which “Customer”. This file is useful to show you how to create a “key”, but pretty useless in any other way.

Sorry ragsmaster69 but I disagree.

The WAY to know which “costumer” is if you use email function. Everything is explicated on item details.

In addition Source Code is included to create your own system.


Yes, I know it will email the “key” to you. Just knowing the key isn’t enough to know “who” the key belongs to without implementing your “information gathering” schema. For example, the way it stands now, with NO ALTERATIONS , using the email method, it will email me a generated key. If 20 people all open the program , it will email me 20 different keys. But unless I implement my own “registration” system along with yours, I have no way of knowing which key out of the 20 belongs to which person out of the 20. With a little more work (which I’ve already done), it actually works out pretty well.

Of course. This is only a basic example to know how it works. I’m happy you find cool :D

This is a nice program but very basic. I feel you should devote your precious time to your own program and use ready made license systems for this stuff. Rhino Licensing, CryptoLicensing, etc come to mind.

Well, is very simple.

If you don’t want to use it. Do not buy it

I am very much interested, but no demo or video working.

There is a demo on comments

No Demo, No Video(not found in comment too). Your program is very good but basic and because of your unprofessional manner people like me hesitating to buy this plz update the program and also add the video demo and exe demo. Thank you.

How can I suppress the dialog “LicenseGenerator” or localize the text “Email has been dispatched”?

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You can use the source to modify. Regards

i buy your soft ready. but i don’t know how to use. please send me video tutorial please. my email:

Have you read the help file?

is the licensing only thru email? what if the client has no email

You can do what ever you want with the license code

Nice Work. Is it compatible with web applications as well?

Not sure about that

Hi.. I have a desktop software built in C#. Is it possible to manage the licensing with this software? My goal is to restrict single installation/usage at a given time for a license key. Is it possible to accomplish this?.