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Hi, I planned to buy Extendend License for your “LMS” product. i have few questions, need clarification for the same.

1) If i buy the extended license can i install this application in mutiple URL? 2) if yes what is the limit? 3) i want to run this application in my local, UAT and production, can we do this? because i already bought HRMS application, which i cant use mulptiple URL like UAT and Production. (i bought regular license , it may be the reason)


1. No, You can install it on one place.

2. N/A

3. One purchase code can be used for one place only.

with extended or regular, these are same.



Hello, I have a problem with the software… I am using this script on my domain. but I have to use it on localhost. can you help me to solve that?


Contact with us when needed :)


Hello, I am using LMS. it’s nice. but, I need a little help. can I input BOOK ID manually? I need a manual input of book id in every book. how can i get it? Help me Please. Thanks

Sorry but you can not, it is auto increment field in database :(

Hi, I would like to know if, with this app, I’ll can add a new book thanks to his ISBN number ? I have a lot of book in my ccompany, and I don’t have so much time to xrite the name, the author, etc. for each book..

Thanks for your response !

Sorry but you have to enter the info :(

Your demo not working. Interested in your product.

Yes, it works :)

That’s cool. But, looks like there are bugs in the application. Am unable to logout in the demo.

Actually there is no bug, having some trouble with server cache, working with it :)

I would like to Request a refund. The product is not compatible with my server and causes errors if i attempt a work around

Replied in your request.



there is no option like ‘no. of copies’ for the same book. will it be possible to add this

There is ‘no of copies’ when you add a book :)

but when i click on add books, a white page appears and nothing happens

There is some server issue in demo, will fix it. It will work :)

read our manual to know more: http://lms.xeroneit.net/documentation

Did you plan to add iOS & Android apps?

Nope, no plans for now :(

I want to buy this product but when i go through the live demo their is lots of error occurred.

I just tried but did not find any !

Can you attach an screenshot ?

Thanks :)

I have issue to adding a new book..you ask for attachment but i didn’t find the place for attachment file…please let me know where i can attached.


I am seeing that you didn’t buy the script. So how you are testing this?


In my previous message i told you i wanna buy this products but just because of of error i didn’t bye yet..then you ask for screenshot..and i find the bug on your online demo portal


Please use single thread of comment that will help us to understand your problem clearly. Other wise we have to search for your issues :)


sir i like to buy your product but when i go through to your online demo find a error in add_book page


Thanks for your kind information :)

Now you can use our demo site. Let us know if you face any problem.



I buy your product today and go through the documentation but i’m not able to install please help me out..

Please send your ftp access to info@xeroneit.net , I will check the 404 issue.

One more thing, open_basedir has value. Please contact your hosting provider to clear value for open_basedir

ftp access details sent in your mail id

replied :)

Hello Sir, I purchased your script some time back.I want to buy another license for a client but i want to know, Is there a way to protect the read online to avoid copying or downloading of pdfs. Eg. Read only should extract pdf into images and display in flash to prevent save and copy, disabling of right click etc and read online mode. Please advice

Hi, I am not sure if such things can be done with other pdf script or not ! But it can not be done in the pdf script of ours :(