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Hi, PreSale question.

I want that at time of issuing books issuer scan the barcode and all details gets filled about book and also scan student’s badge barcode and all details of student gets filled. Is this possible? is Bar code reader integration is just configuration or it need quite much coding. -Ram

Yes it can, barcode does not need any code just plug and play :)

I’m installing software on bluehost and when i upload and run it, just do nothing, i just see The requested

http://bgmrj.com/home/installation URL /~hermano3/index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


If you face 404 page not found during installation (http://yourdomain/home/installation), It may happen for one of the 3 reasons below. Check each one and fix it. Hopefully your problem will be solved.

1) First make sure, there is the .htaccess file in the root. if not extract file in local pc and copy the .htaccess file which is in the root and upload it to the server.
2) Make sure your server has mod_rewrite enable. If not , then enable it.
3) If mod_rewrite is enabled,then make sure it is AllowOverride All for your domain in httpd.conf or apache.conf



Thank you, i fixed that, now i have the next problem

mysql support : Error. MySql Support is not available. Please enable MySql Support

what can i do? i’m using bluehost hosting.

Contact your hosting provider to enable MySQL extension.

Mysql is working, i don’t know why your software doesn’t let me install, help me.

“mysql support : Error. MySql Support is not available. Please enable MySql Support.”

But i created database, don’t know what’s wrong with your software, help me.


now your site is not working i reseted 3 times the password and it’s not working ¬_¬ i really need this solved before saturday… Can you do it?

Hi, Replied. Give us the cpanel access. We will try to solve the issue.



Hi there, can we use a barcode reader to fill Member and Book ID? When Issuing / Returning books?


Yes you can do it. However you can also check the demo by using it as test.



I got this error, it’s a fresh installation on godaddy. .

.. ‘); mywindow.document.close(); mywindow.print(); return true; } // end of print section for search generated barcode //print section for add_book function print_barcode(elem) { popup($(elem).html()); } function popup(data) { var mywindow = window.open(’’, ‘print_details’, ‘height=562,width=795’); mywindow.document.write(’’); // mywindow.document.write(’’); mywindow.document.write(’’); mywindow.document.write(data); mywindow.document.write(’’); mywindow.document.close(); mywindow.print(); return true; } //end of print section for add_book $(”#import_book_btn”).click(function(){ $(”#text_upload_modal”).modal(); }); //Section for upload CSV.* $(document.body).on(‘click’,’#pull_data’,function(){ var site_url=”http://uroka.mx/”; var queryString = new FormData($(”#csv_import_form”)[0]); var fileval=$(”#csv_file”).val(); if(fileval == ’’) alert(“Please select a file”); else{ $.ajax({ url: site_url+’admin/import_book_action_ajax’, type: ‘POST’, data: queryString, async: false, cache: false, contentType: false, processData: false, success:function(response){ alert(response); } }); } }); //End of Section for upload CSV.* LMS v2.6.2 – Biblioteca Gabriel Muñoz Rueda Jimenez

Hi, Replied in ticket. Please provide the cpanel access, then we can check and fix the issue for you.




kpasupa Purchased

1. As demo http://lms.xeroneit.net/admin/circulation. I cannot search “Expired and not Returned”. 2. When Issue > New Issue > after choose a book and accidentally edit a book id and click “Issue”, the system is accept even the Book id is wrong. 3. The Issue from #2 cannot delete or mark as return. 4. Is it able to find timestamp of Issue Date or Return Date?

Expired and not Returned is not available.

I see, need to check this, I am noting down this.

Nope, timestamp is not stored.


soemoe Purchased

I want to export book list with excel file and I want to sort bookid

Sorry but export option is not available :( I am noting this down as future feature. You can export from database directly if you want !

Pre-purchase question: Is there a way to keep the front end hidden as I would like the member to have to login to see book listing?

Yes, you can skip front end if you want :)

I am afraid the search engine will still list.

No search engine will not find the link anywhere because login page will be your front page :)


hatbe7 Purchased

Do you have a product roadmap available to see upcoming features? When will you support Php7?


We will update to PHP7 of this application soon. Thanks for your patience.



Do you have planning to include video learning?

No plans for now :(

Pre-purchasing question: how many books can the app take?

Nope only one place :(

i have gone through and i must say i really like it few questions please be alarm because i truly want to know much more as you stated we must know the app before buying.

i want to know the purpose of “circulation settings in the admin page because it does not provide option to add anything am am simply not sure what that does. thanks you for your kind patience.


Circulation settings has some option to put the day of expiration for returning books, if delays then how much fine , such stuff. For any help don’t hesitate to contact us https://xeroneit.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/



I have bought Advanced Email Scraper (AES) from you, the it is similar to this, and the Advanced Email Scraper (AES) has no longer available, it will be replaced? Or i will have my money back?

Item Purchase Code: e8cf5020-7859-46d6-ad31-a393d7ddb506

Hi I have a question, i want to know how long you will update the code to php7? If i buy this code how hard to upgrade to php7 code? or it so easy? please rep, Thanks

It should easy technically but we have not tried yet.


gaxxons Purchased

Hello Since i bought the application i have not been able to install it. i tried several ways to fix it but the error still persist. here is the error

“mysql support : Error. MySql Support is not available. Please enable MySql Support”

ple help me understand am using localhost (xamp and mamp)

Replied to your ticket.

my problem is when i try to registration ….the user type can’t be selected

Please open support ticket https://xeroneit.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/ here, providing the details of the problem, if possible screenshot. And application url, login credential and if possible FTP.

We will check.