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Hello, can you make and update to the library, for getting information from books from isbnsearch.org ? for exemple i enter an isbn code and getting from isbnsearch informations about book like: name of the book, ISBN-13, ISBN-10, Author, Publisher and Published date? I think this will make your app more powerfull and more easier to enter data in app! Thanks! Best regards and thanks for the app!

Sure. We will implement in future update. :)

Hello Sir, please the software has been installed successfully but cant login using username=admin@admin.com and password=password, Kindly assist me

hi, this should be working. what error are you getting?

Please email me your FTP and Database credentials at uskhan099@gmail.com

i will look into it and get back to you.


i want to configure my own sms gateway for notify the students so please tell me how to configure new sms gateway in your project

for urgent, i can only customize it for you. please email me at uskhan099@gmail.com if you are interested. :)

It is paid or free ??

paid. if interested, email me at uskhan099@gmail.com

i install this project on localhost using xampp but have some problems i reinstall xampp and now i configure old project with old db and source code but login page is open perfectly but i cant login it please help me throw remote connection

hi, this is something to do with Xampp. please goto Xampp and download with PHP 5.6 and it should fix your issue. :)

i download latest verison of xampp

you need xampp with php 5.6

can i install your product without lms folder ?

i dont want url like this : www.xyz.com/lms & www.xyz.com/lms/panel

i want url like this www.xyz.com & www.xyz.com/panel

when i extract your zip file then lms folder i got then i move to all files out side lms folder now i start the installation process using this url www.xyz.com/install

and i put the base url like this http://www.xyz.com in installation

but in the last i complete installation and i got login page link like this www.xyz.com//panel so thats why panel is not open please give me solutions

when you copy all files. you miss a hidden file. goto xyz.com main folder. and create a new file named ”.htaccess” and put the following code in it and save the file.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
# Rewrite all other URLs to index.php/URL
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?url=$1 [PT,L]
ErrorDocument 404 index.php

let me know, if fixed.


thank you so much for giving support its working

hello tell me how i can configure email details for the notify the users with the email..

i want to notify users for the return books so that’s why i want to configure email id and password for notify the users

i m trying to setup that but still i m not send emails plz help me

i m trying to use 3 diffrent mail account for sending email but still i m cant able to send mail


are you using Gmail Account? if yes, you need to enable less-secure apps in Google Dashboard.

otherwise, please send your FTP and LMS URL & credentials. i will look into it.



I want to use your script for a laptop/ computer / printer rental system. This script found to be okay for me and purchased. Would you be able to help me to remove “books” from the entire script with “system” ( so that I can add category for laptop, desktop, server etc ) or can you just tell me how can I replace it ? I really appreciate if you can work on this.

Purchase codes

66ae2eb4-8e2d-434b-b510-2b99a0ea0bdd – 7 Feb 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

Hello I want to use this script for a computer rental service, so I wish if you can help me to replace “book” with “system” so that I can create categories and use it for laptop/computer/ printer rental service.

Purchase codes

66ae2eb4-8e2d-434b-b510-2b99a0ea0bdd – 7 Feb 2018 REGULAR LICENSE


I wish to use this script for laptop/desktop rental service. So instead of “books” I would like to make it as “system” so that I can use it for rental business of different products like laptop/ desktop/ scanners / printers etc.

Can you please replace as mentioned or let me know how can I edit it ?

Purchase codes

66ae2eb4-8e2d-434b-b510-2b99a0ea0bdd – 7 Feb 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

You can only change the language phrases from books to “Laptops/Desktop” etc. in application/language/english/all_language_files

or otherwise, we can customize it for you.


Hello, thank you for making the reply, would you please customize it for me ? I really appreciate if you can do it for me.

Customization is paid. please email all your needs at uskhan099@gmail.com. if you are interested.



How can the book id or ISBN generated automatically and saved per category.

In my home library books archives are designed per category, so by reading book id or isbn it will be easy for me to know to which category is the book belong to. how can I implement this in LMS?

You mean, by scanning BOOK ID, you want to know Book Category? please explain. i don’t get it.


can i get source codes?

yes, you get the source code when you buy.

Hi, i want to buy your software but i want to know if you add some features for me on request, if it will be possible let’s talk on skype as it is urgent!


yes, ofcourse. please email your needs on uskhan099@gmail.com or we can talk on Skype. my skype username is “usman.sher”.


hi, i don’t understand? there are multiple users available in repairer. i don’t understand how you want to manage everything? please explain. email me at uskhan099@gmail.com

not able to login using admin@admin.com password

hi, please send me your technical details such as PHP version etc at uskhan099@gmail.com


after successful install,,, not able to log in… the credential you have provided are not working.


baquir Purchased

Hi, I have bought this software and installed it. It looks good. Although I have found one issue that if a digital version of the book is uploaded, I can read it from admin screen but if the member is trying to read then the pdf on pdf viewer its giving error.


thanks for letting us know. we will fix this in the next update. for now, please email me at uskhan099@gmail.com, i will send you the fix files.


caitwiu Purchased


Is there anyway to adjust the fields that I include when I do an import via .csv file? These are the categories that I would like to use. ID, Book Title, Book Copies, Publisher, Copyright, Description, Categories, Authors, Format

Thank you

okay, BOOK ID and Format is missing in our import system and with format you mean digital books? please email me details at uskhan099@gmail.com. i will get back to you ASAP.



paakpoom Purchased

I need a check in module for LMS. Use for member’s barcode scan when them walk in to library. This will be save a statistics record for user, and can report daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, class/sector and individual. Can you customize for me? And how cost of this?

Ps.sorry I’m not good in English, Thanks

Hi, Yes, we can customize it for you. :) okay, this module will track both check in & out? or only check in?

please email me at uskhan099@gmail.com


why there is no call number and shelve number supported by this project such as CONGRESS classify? is there any plan in the future to support this?

no. :( but if you are interested, we can customize it for you. :) email me at uskhan099@gmail.com, if you are interested. :)

Hey, After installation, showing : 500 internal error, Please help

Replied to your email. :)