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Thanks for your support. Admin task: How do I change status from “Pending” to “Borrowed” after issuing book to a user.

Then when you click Return, It shows a page with the code below:

Array ( [fine] => [date_return] => 2017-01-31 10:36:17 [borrow_status] => returned )

Instead of refreshing the page with the data.

Both the statuses “pending” and “borrowed” are completely same. Please email me at for further assistance.

Hi, can I use this system with barcode reader? I want to get information of the book by using barcode reader.

When you issue/return a book, Books ISBN & Members Card can be scanned using a barcode.

Hi I have installed it on my server but all it gives me is a white screen. I was able to run the installation and that worked fine but any other page is a white page. This is the installation page

And this is the main page

Replied to your email. :)

i just opened the link, it seems to work fine. :)

Yes I managed to fix the issue, turns out that in my hosting the CI session save path needs to be specifically defined. I had to change the $config[‘sess_save_path’] = sys_get_temp_dir();

My major issue was that there were no errors being displayed so I couldnt understand why the white error page once I stopped panicking I changed the environment variable to development so that i can know that the error was once i saw the error i instantly got what the issue was made the fix and it works :)

any updates


some of the major changes:

  • requested books added
  • enhanced frontend.

Is it possibel to use barcode scanner with this script on a local machine ?

Yes! :)


swaitw Purchased

Change Member of group doesn’t work when update users. // var_dump for $_POST after submit. // no ["group"] found. array(14) { ["first_name"]=> string(5) "test1" ["last_name"]=> string(4) "test" ["company"]=> string(4) "test" ["password"]=> string(0) "" ["password_confirm"]=> string(0) "" ["id"]=> string(1) "1" ["PUz5Fim7"]=> string(20) "FgDYHtdJQMqSuzKxso4k" ["phone"]=> string(4) "test" ["gender"]=> string(4) "Male" ["address"]=> string(0) "" ["member_type"]=> string(1) "1" ["class"]=> string(1) "1" ["submit"]=> string(9) "Save User" }

Could you help me to fix the problem?

Hi, Yeah! Sure.

in panel/views/auth/edit_user(Line 143) add a class to the input. :)
<input type="checkbox" class="skip" name="groups[]" value="<?php echo $group['id'];?>"<?php echo $checked;?>>

if the problem persists, email me at


swaitw Purchased

Many thanks

Always ready to help our customers. :)

Hi Usman,

Just updated to the Jan 27 edition – ver2.3 and I am seeing these errors. Please help.

1. Circulation – book edit.

Array ( [isbn] => 9789814420310 [isbn_13] => 9789814420310 [book_title] => Kind Bird [book_copies] => 1 [book_pub] => Key Links Interface [date_added] => 2017-03-09 14:47:18 [price] => 4.90 [copyright_year] => 2017 [date_receive] => 2017-03-08 [description] => This is a book of the year 2017 [custom_fields] => {426f6f6b205061676573“} ) Array ( [0] => Array ( [author_id] => 1 )

) Array ( [0] => Array ( [category_id] => 1 )

[1] => Array
        [category_id] => 2

) 1

2. Settings

It says Book Pages

3. Return book –

4. In auto category, the 13-digit ISBN doesn’t work; the 10-digit ISBN is ok. Can you include the 13-digit ISBN to work as well?

Array ( [fine] => [date_return] => 2017-03-09 14:54:48 [borrow_status] => returned )

4. Book Pages

5. How would you code the Dewey Classification? Give me an idea.



Replied to your email. :)