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Thanks for your support. Admin task: How do I change status from “Pending” to “Borrowed” after issuing book to a user.

Then when you click Return, It shows a page with the code below:

Array ( [fine] => [date_return] => 2017-01-31 10:36:17 [borrow_status] => returned )

Instead of refreshing the page with the data.

Both the statuses “pending” and “borrowed” are completely same. Please email me at for further assistance.

Hi, can I use this system with barcode reader? I want to get information of the book by using barcode reader.

When you issue/return a book, Books ISBN & Members Card can be scanned using a barcode.


rick001 Purchased

Hi I have installed it on my server but all it gives me is a white screen. I was able to run the installation and that worked fine but any other page is a white page. This is the installation page

And this is the main page

Replied to your email. :)

i just opened the link, it seems to work fine. :)


rick001 Purchased

Yes I managed to fix the issue, turns out that in my hosting the CI session save path needs to be specifically defined. I had to change the $config[‘sess_save_path’] = sys_get_temp_dir();

My major issue was that there were no errors being displayed so I couldnt understand why the white error page once I stopped panicking I changed the environment variable to development so that i can know that the error was once i saw the error i instantly got what the issue was made the fix and it works :)


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any updates


some of the major changes:

  • requested books added
  • enhanced frontend.

Is it possibel to use barcode scanner with this script on a local machine ?


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Change Member of group doesn’t work when update users. // var_dump for $_POST after submit. // no ["group"] found. array(14) { ["first_name"]=> string(5) "test1" ["last_name"]=> string(4) "test" ["company"]=> string(4) "test" ["password"]=> string(0) "" ["password_confirm"]=> string(0) "" ["id"]=> string(1) "1" ["PUz5Fim7"]=> string(20) "FgDYHtdJQMqSuzKxso4k" ["phone"]=> string(4) "test" ["gender"]=> string(4) "Male" ["address"]=> string(0) "" ["member_type"]=> string(1) "1" ["class"]=> string(1) "1" ["submit"]=> string(9) "Save User" }

Could you help me to fix the problem?

Hi, Yeah! Sure.

in panel/views/auth/edit_user(Line 143) add a class to the input. :)
<input type="checkbox" class="skip" name="groups[]" value="<?php echo $group['id'];?>"<?php echo $checked;?>>

if the problem persists, email me at


swaitw Purchased

Many thanks

Always ready to help our customers. :)

Hi Usman,

Just updated to the Jan 27 edition – ver2.3 and I am seeing these errors. Please help.

1. Circulation – book edit.

Array ( [isbn] => 9789814420310 [isbn_13] => 9789814420310 [book_title] => Kind Bird [book_copies] => 1 [book_pub] => Key Links Interface [date_added] => 2017-03-09 14:47:18 [price] => 4.90 [copyright_year] => 2017 [date_receive] => 2017-03-08 [description] => This is a book of the year 2017 [custom_fields] => {426f6f6b205061676573“} ) Array ( [0] => Array ( [author_id] => 1 )

) Array ( [0] => Array ( [category_id] => 1 )

[1] => Array
        [category_id] => 2

) 1

2. Settings

It says Book Pages

3. Return book –

4. In auto category, the 13-digit ISBN doesn’t work; the 10-digit ISBN is ok. Can you include the 13-digit ISBN to work as well?

Array ( [fine] => [date_return] => 2017-03-09 14:54:48 [borrow_status] => returned )

4. Book Pages

5. How would you code the Dewey Classification? Give me an idea.



Replied to your email. :)

Very interesting to me. I have one small question. Can I control privilege for each member type?

Because multiple people will mange issue/return, so I don’t want everyone to have access to full admin pages.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance!



Basically, There is no such feature in LMS but we can customize it for you to add user permissions. If you are interested email our developer at


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I just bought this script and trying to install ist showing “Installer is Lock!”

Please how do i unlock it


Please create a file inside lms root directory named “LMS” without any extension or email me at; i will help you with it. :)

in demo , when login with “ / password”

Member cannot see library books. why?

supposed to be in the script itself. it is a basic requirement.

we will surely add this feature in the next update. :)

Thanks for your suggestion. :D


We have a bar code reader machine. Instead of entering the ISBN manually we want to read by bar code reader machine. 1. Do you provide bar code scanner integration? 2. If so can we read the ID card to get the user details?

Awaiting for your reply.


1. Library Management System fully supports barcode reader. :) 2. Yes. You can also try this in the demo when issuing books.


oh Great!! How do I setup the bar code scanner? I haven’t seen the settings in admin demo. Can you please help me to find out the setup. Please make me clear before purchasing:

1. If I scan the book using Book/ID card will it show the book details/ user details? 2. Navigate the scanner setup in admin panel demo. I haven’t seen any details about the bar code reader setup in the documentation..

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, Basically you dont need to setup the scanner. this is a web application. that is why you just need to setup the scanner in you computer/laptop. to test the functionality.

goto circulation>Issue Book(s).

you will find two inputs with small barcode signs on the right.

the first input is for members barcode. second is for book scan.

just focus one of the input and scan the barcode.

you will get the information of the book/member associated with that barcode. simply!

Yeah! in the documentation it is not mentioned. due to some circumstances i was not able to update the documentation. i will update it very soon.


Hi, I would like to know if, with this app, I’ll can add a new book thanks to his ISBN number ? I have a lot of book in my ccompany, and I don’t have so much time to xrite the name, the author, etc. for each book..

Thanks for your response !

Yes you can add books using ISBN using the auto catalog feature. :)


CodePade Purchased

Hi, I am trying to customize this application. I want to remove field required from book add form. I see this function on applications/modules/ panel/views/books/add.php On there, required=”required” on input field. How to remove field required, remove field and add field ? Please how do I? Regards

Answered the first question via email.

Enable development mode and goto of modules/panel/controller/Books.php. goto add function. comment all the redirect() functions. and now add a book. it will give you the error, if any. this has never happened to me. also at the time of testing we add million of records to test. it worked well without any error. maybe you are not filling the form correctly. please do check. :)


CodePade Purchased

My another question, How to add extra field on user.?

Add a input field in the create_user.php. In Auth.php Controller. goto create_user function. in the array $additional_data. add that field.

This application takes much time to load the book list. It is very slow. What is the soltion?

Thanks for reporting. We will fix the issue in the next update. :)