Discussion on Liberty VPN - Free & Unlimited VPN Service

Discussion on Liberty VPN - Free & Unlimited VPN Service

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can you add inapp review and inapp update and Appopen Ads

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VPN Servers not connecting

Gofayda Purchased

There is billing issue when purchaseing vip server its not change vip plan and its still on free plan only.

is your app is published in production or in testing?

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Any New Update is coming ?

currently, we need to fix the ssl issue.

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There is a Biling issue mailed to you

what issue you’re facing share whole details please we are happy to fix it.

Please make sure you app is publish in production or in test mode also follow official documentation for setup.

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There is billing issue when purchaseing vip server its not change vip plan and its still on free plan only.

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Can you add Reward Video AD and Open App Ads?

This is the custom request, you have place custom order for that.

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OpenSSL 1.1.1g in lib/x86_64/

error on play store

Hi, with a 1 pcs – regular license, for 30$, I can do only 1 VPN ? Or can I make as many VPNs as I want, and publish them on google play? (changing them visually)

To make multiple VPN get extended license.

This file has Error.

  • 1 MESSAGE FOR VERSION CODE 7 ** error Defective OpenSSL Version Your app uses a defective version of the OpenSSL library, which can cause your app to crash. Update to a fixed version of OpenSSL.
  1. Defective versions:

OpenSSL 1.1.1g in lib/x86_64/

how to fix this error??

Please fix this error

sure, will start working on it

I’m very much confuse that which vpn server protocol you use in app. Because in your thumbnail you mention Open vpn but in description you said Vpngate server.

Protocol we are using is Open VPN and Vpngate server means free open VPN servers from

The App stucks at splash screen

Tried contacting you on email but no response from your team

Yes, working on it updating the billing lib to newer version, sorry for replying late.

Please use the latest source code available, billing lib is already updated to v5.0

why ads stoped working after I published the app?

App ads are working find you need to check from your side.

Openssl error and vpn are not loaded after compilation

Thank you so much for informing us about this issue, team will work on it.


filint Purchased

supsciptions doesnt work ı published app play console help

Please follow the official documentation also make sure you have replaced the subscription id’s in the app before publishing it on google play.


filint Purchased

I follow the officeal ducment please help ı send mail

Support team has fixed your issue, thank you.

what sdk you use? 32 or 33?

Currently, app is at SDK 32, but we will update it to SDK 33 soon.

Unable to access Demo App link please check demo app link

Link is working fine, please check it or download demo directly from link below.

Demo APK link:

Hello, very good technical support and listening. I recommend. For my part, I am still in full development and customization. Thanks

We are honored, thank you for your support and love.

Hi Buddy is vps servers paid also can you integrate applovin max in that code for custom and how much it will cost i want to buy that code

Hi there, thank you for taking interest in our product.

In current source we have both Free and Paid servers option. Free servers are from VPN gate and Paid are the custom servers setup by user. Yes, you can use your custom severs. If you want further modification we can do that also.

Yes, we can integrate applovin ads.

Please contact us by Email or Skype for price breakdown and for more detailed discussion. As price is depends upon the customization you want.

Thank you.

If I want to live this application in play store, Will it goes into Free or paid category ? Because it has subscription plan so which category I can choose Free or paid.

Subscription plans are actually for free apps, to remove ads or to unlock premium features. If you want to upload your app as “Paid App” then there is no need of subscriptions as you’re already charging users to use your app so Subscription plans usually comes with free apps.

can we put flag icon next to the name of country server?

Currently, we are using an icon for servers flag as most of the VPN gate servers are from same country, If you want to put flag instead of server icon you can contact our support team for customization as it required some changes in code.

How I can connect them ?

Need to do some modifications in code, you can contact our support team.

How can i Added Custom Server

Please follow the official documentation, guide is available about how you can add custom servers.


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