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Can you explain or give example of working textarea validation?

no support.. completely sucks DOES NOT WORK WITH TEXTAREAS

Hi! Can you give me css for clean validation without changing my existing form style?

To add validation to textareas you need to edit the .js file. Find this line:

this.$inputs = this.$element.find(“input[type=text], input[type=password]”);

and change it to:

this.$inputs = this.$element.find(“input[type=text], input[type=password], textarea”);

Lovely little plugin, have spent a while extending it to support all manner of input, radio, check, textarea, sliders etc.

Not very advanced or capable when first downloaded from provider.

ALOT of work needed to make it adequate and robust with various advanced validation types but a good starting block.


For select boxes and other form elements without a type, replace:

this.$inputs = this.$element.find(“input[type=text], input[type=password], input[type=number]);


this.$inputs = this.$element.find(

Didn’t fully check all browsers etc. but it seems to work.

Thanks, i will check it. Mioo

Just saw that part of the new line is lost in publishing. It should be: this.$inputs = this.$element.find(<double quote>:input<double quote>); Where of course <double quote> must be replaced by double quote.


I buy the plugin, I wanted to upload it to wordpress 3.5 but it strikes me invalid extension! is this normal?

Thank you for helping me

Hello, LeValidate is not WordPress Plugin. It is fully suitable JS script.


Thank you for your reply,

How can we put it on wordpress and configuer

I buy, and disappoints me to be able to use

please help me thank you

Hello, if you still need this option, please contact us on miootive@gmail.com. Thanks. Mioo

How do you have a number and a text within the same field? I can do class=”number” or class=”text” but not text and number together.