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Well done, its awesome work! :)

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi there,

nice idea and a timesafer. Some questions:
1. How do I implement a logo picture?

Are you open for features?
- Category/Tag building for better filtering the letters
- Fixed header and footer template option and additionaly date- and letter ID shortcut for dynamic cration on printing or pdf download (and this also separately on categories)

For later additions:
- Clientmanagement for accessing documents

Bookmarked and good luck with sales,

Hi Steve, Thanks for the comment: 1. You can set your logo from this option: (It is just disabled in demo mode for security reason) 2. Sure I am open for features. 3. We are using datatable, that has a very strong sorting, you can easily find your desired letter by typing its title in search box. 4. Letter shortcode may become a very good option to identify a letter. 5. We will keep in mind client management option when upgrading.

And finally thanks again for your comment.

demo user or password is not working. thanks

Would you please tell me which email and password are you using? I have checked this moment and working nicely.

Hi, I have a problem at the installation site locally (MAMP), I followed all the steps of the documention several times, but nothing works properly, I have you ever send an email to: info @ with elements to show problems with the installation. Merci Vincent

Thanks for letting us know about your problem. We are always happy to help you with your problem. I am going to check your email. Thanks.

May be it is better if we have a skype call and a team viewer screen sharing. Please add me in your skype. I am sending you my skype ID in email. Thanks.

please fix change logo option. for sure not working properly on Google Chrome. Also throws php errors.

disregard last comment, I see the delete function under “Saved As Draft” tab. Good work guys!

how does a letter get out of the draft status? i’ve clicked the button to email it.

when you send/print/download a draft letter it is actually no more draft. It’s status is changed to sent or downloaded or printed. For this reason this is transfered from draft to letter grid. Thanks.

e-mail part needs work. specifically ability to put in SMTP info. emails aren’t being sent.

May be there is an issue with your sever to send email. Or may there are server delay. We have tested several times sending email. But we will keep smtp in mind in next upgrade. Thanks.

feature request:

1) tracking/log or history. it would be nice to know who i sent the letter to and when.

2) mail merge. ability to select details from a database of contacts and fill in all the {DATE} {TO} {ADDRESS}, etc fields appropriately with my company info and customer contact info.

This is a great business productivity tool!

Thanks for your request. Your first requirement would be very nice I think. This will come with the next update. But sorry that can not understand your second requirement properly. Could you please clarify more? Thanks again!

Amazing support with this product, thanks for all your help, great script will be looking at further developments

Thanks Guruz2014 for your nice comment. We are always happy to support our customers. Thanks again.

I am getting No input file specified. after entering default email and password and clicking submit.

Any thoughts? Thx

Got it wotk had to add ? on .ht file

Eveything looking good except update logo it does nothing when you click select – any thoughts? thx

Thanks Dear to fix the problem by yourself. And we are going to upload the latest for on logo soon. Thanks.

I have an issue with installation. I followed all your steps but I can’t make it work. What should I see after I run ..config.php

Dear can you please share a screenshot of your problem? So that I can suggest what you should look on. Or you can add me in Skype, I would be happy to support you via Skype and Team Viewer. Thanks for contacting us.


i install the letterdimen evrything is OK but when i login there are error same as the default information 123456 thanks

Hi there, thanks for communicating with us. can you check that if the htaccess is written properly? Try to check that please. You can also add me in skype: nazmul.hosan24 so that I can assist you by Team Viewer. Thanks again!

Hi there, thanks for communicating with us. can you check that if the htaccess is written properly? Try to check that please. You can also add me in skype: nazmul.hosan24 so that I can assist you by Team Viewer. Thanks again!

Lovely little utility! If you can add the ability to attach files, it would be perfect, especially if attached files could be included when a template is saved. With that option, and a tracking record of which emails went to which recipients, this would be a huge seller. It is quite useful! :)

Sorry to say we do not have these facility yet. But you can hire us for few hours to add these facility to the software. Please add in skype: nazmul.hosan24 Thanks.

Dear, I have a problem nothing in the website what is the problem ? look at Thank you for your reply Best regards,

i am so sorry that I am on bed for few days by attacked by jaundice, typhoid and lastly diarrhoea, very sorry for the lately reply brother

Can you share your ftp?

demo not working

Hi there, Thanks a lot for catching this issue. We had some server changes that’s why this happened. We really apologize for this. Now this is fixed, check please. Thanks again!