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Good app. but you should have put all the words all alphabet words instead of putting just answers words. this way make the game more challenging. you put only the answer words its really easy to find answer

THX :) we also add new video.

So will u do it so i can buy it

Hi, we don’t plan any changes because this solution works perfect fine :) You can create very long answers and difficulty base on questions = hard question is not easy to answer :) This app also base on dexterity because you build answer and time is running ( more time you need less points you will get ).

No demo or any info? Thanks

There will be soon. We are working on it.

The video presentation is now online. Link in description :)

Loved the screenshots and demo video, It would be great if I can see demo apk to know its compatibility and size , to decide whether to buy .

also, how can I change anything ? does it support android studio

Hi, it’s full compatibility. App soon will be in Google Play. If you want extreme modification then everything you do using Adobe Flash / Animate CC (all information is in description and at the end of video). This is not a java app. All categories and questions you add in administration panel (you install it on your typical web hosting server that support PHP and MySQL). Also keep in mind that in Friday ends luanch promotion.

You you can check all our quiz series:

Hi, possible to have the link of your quiz app android for test ? Thanks

Hi, this application in the coming hours will appear in Google Play. In the meantime, see other quiz demo apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=INVEDION Remember also that promotion ends soon.

pre-purchase query is this android studio project?

Hi, no you have in description and on the photo information: Adobe AIR so you edit it by Adobe Flash/Animate CC. Base on Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_AIR
“Adobe AIR was voted as the Best Mobile Application Development product at the Consumer Electronics Show for two consecutive years (CES 2014 and CES 2015).” – this is professional sollution.

Hi, Is it possible to change the answer type ? Instead select from letters available to free input ?

Hi, no becuse this is the whole idea of ​​this application to select letters. If you want to work differently then you have to modify code by yourself.

congratulations ;)

THX :)


adige Purchased

Hi!.I Purchase this application.But ads version not build apk and stop.Error message Adobe Flash cs6 or CC and animate 2017 .This link error message https://i.imgsafe.org/fd5e92b2be.png How to fix this problem.Please help.Thank You

Hi we send you mail 03.01.2017 and we don’t get any answer from you. Find mail from us and send us more information what SDK you use and more.