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good job :) i wish you all the best for your sales ;) !

thanks man

nice app, is there anyhope in future or next update it will support kind of lotto game user select range numbers for a wining draw

Yes!! we will upgrade day by day

Isn’t running a site like this illegal in all us states?

There are already a lots of website runing there. its an simple app for fun type

I get that I mean will I get in trouble for having a lottery site? I was thinking of starting a lottery website a while ago but I remember reading only the government is allowed to operate lotteries in the us. Even a raffle system with money is considered illegal.

https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/how--to-set-up--a--lottery--or--raffle--online--si-1536192.html http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/legal_guides/u-2.shtml

You should add a bitcoin plugin. I would buy it with Bitcoin l since it cannot be tracked.

Im not a lawyer or anything in just a little bit worried. The script looks amazing though. I really want to buy it I’m just scared of building a site like this with PayPal in my State.

It would be neat if you made a Bitcoin plugin so people can pay with Bitcoin through But pay or something

yes we can add other’s payment method, forthat you need to go for customization solution or customized system. we can change / edit / update any of part as you need. pls contact us via skype for more details. our skype id is: RIFAT636

This soft has future in CodeCanyon and maybe I will buy it. but I see nothing on dashboard and how winner will even notice that he won?(any email notifications or something?)

And good luck bro!

yes everythings included. pls check admin panel. admin can set all manualy. also we will start working for version 2 with new feature’s and payment method soon.

i want to play this before buy but i did able to play game please sugest how to play

visit our demo site. check admin and user both panel..

Rifat 636 Good job I have a question? when you can expect a new update

Day by day we will update it. pls rate our product as five star and make some positive reviews.

i believe alot of people what to become billion…with lottery system but law of most country restrict them…but with bitcon integrated you can make alot of people dream come reality just like….fortunejack.com….like i my self i cant buy it now becouse law of my country/ hug license fee cant let me run lottery system…but with bitcon you can make our dream come tru

Understand. we can add / customized api and other’s if you need customized solution. knock us on skype

Bad demo presentation. Need to register before user can test script.

lol! its simple, if u need to check you must registrared


nycteam Purchased

Hi! I installed your script and managed to log in once. And after that the site just goes blank. What should I do?

provide url pls


Interested in the script. However the questions and responses so far have confused me a bit.

Q1: Is the script in fully working condition (whatever is mentioned as features works?)

Q2: Which SQL is used? MySQL?

Q3: Is there detailed documentation for the script (user guide/tech guide)?

Q1: yes … Q2: mysql ... Q3: yes included

Hello, I would like to buy the script but it shows many warnings and fatal errors.

Secondly, after you checking the errors, can you help to add my own payment gateway?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

we will solve all warnings, No issue…. For Other details, please Contact us via Skype: Rifat636


I wait to see first of all the warnings and errors solved and then we discus the other issues.

Thank you Ronnie

hello, there are no error.. just chk,, i dont know where u found this.. let me know where u face error

Hi, Am waiting for you on skype…RSVP

How user earn coins?

deposite by paypal

if you integrate bitcoin payments and instant payouts with Bitcoins i will buy it.

We can do it for additional charges, more info add us on Skype: RIFAT636

it would be nice if you could fully test out everything in your live demo, so we know excatly how everything works before we (I) purchase.

demo available, pls try

i have tried your demo.. when i try to buy a ticket it tells me.. THIS IS DEMO, YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!!

Yes, That is demo. what you want to know? add us on Skype: rifat636

When will v2 be out or you stopped development?

Add for us Bitcoin.

Thank you

You can contact us via Skype: rifat636

Adding bitcoin should not be regarded as custom work, it should be part of it by default.

I will just contact you for another payment gateway.

Thank you Ronnie

Hello more you should leave a test user, and games to test, and in the administrative area lets at least manage users and approve payment requests, I believe your script still immature sorry

its not possible to serve / keep everyones mind by readymade system

hi what your demo site is not working ? i can only login to admin panel … how about the game ? i cant play or even lunch the game … please fix it so we can test it before buy …

demo working fine, pls go there, create an ID then login n check