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Hi codetipi, I made a big mistake by purchasing this plugin instead of 15Zine theme! Can I purchase 15Zine and get a refund for this purchase? I am sorry! Nowhere to contact Envato support, so leaving a comment here.

Thank you!

Hey S15codecanyon,

Thanks for the interest in Codetipi products :) Sure, contact me via the contact form on to discuss further - But just in case you didn’t know, Let’s Review is not included with 15Zine. If you want to use them both together, they require individual/separate licenses.


Oh!! I thought 15Zine contains this plugin as well. So to confirm, I have to purchase both licenses right? If so, will purchase 15Zine as well. Let me know!

Hey S14codecanyon,

Sorry for the delayed response! Indeed, the theme does not include Let’s Review and to use both together, you need individual licenses for each.

15Zine comes with the plugin’s API already integrated in its code, and that is to ensure it works smoothly and automatically if used together :)



pcwd Purchased


I have the same question as “OceanEyes” did about User Reviews with no Author Review. It seemed you emailed him the response so I’m not sure if it’s possible.

I would like to receive user reviews only and use these reviews for rich snippets and to update the overall rating on the page.

Is this possible?

Hey Pcwd,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review.

When you say user reviews, do you mean a “user rating only” type review? Like in this example from the demo site:

If so, then the plugin does output user rating only schema. You can see it in action by typing this into Google:


As you can see, Google shows 1/5 stars and “Rating: 25% – ‎354 reviews”.

Hope this helps.


does the plugin has compare function like techwise and rehub?

Hey Njhafez,

Let’s Review does not have something like that currently. The closest to it is the list feature:

However, one thing that is definitely being looked at for possible inclusion in future updates is more “comparison” type features, so if you’re interested in checking them out in the future, stay tuned to for future update announcements, and everything is announced there :)


1. Can I upload an image along with my review to back it up with some proof?
2. Can the plugin be connected with users > profiles? If I have a winery review website > 10 reviewers.

Hey Lateralus578,

Thanks for the interest in Let’s Review :)

1- You can upload a gallery of images to reviews, you can also click them to open the images up in the plugin’s lightbox. Here is one demo post that has a gallery in the review:

2- The review system appears for anyone who has permission to write/publish posts. So if your other users are able to create a new post and publish, they will see the Let’s Review interface in the post editor screen and can add a review to it.

3- The plugin is written following WordPress best coding standards, so it should work fine with all WordPress updates, unless they change something dramatically :)

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the swift reply.
Regarding the upload images issue – I meant when I actually write my review. Why can’t I upload images?
When I select “IS THIS A REVIEW?” in the comment section bunch of fields appear. I can rate by category, write review headline but I want to upload image as well, since it’s my review

You’re welcome.

Ah I see, you were asking about the user review via comments functionality.

As those user reviews are done via comments, it’s WordPress that controls whether you can attach images or not. To add an image upload button to your comments you can install this free plugin:

I tested it on the local demo site and it works fine. It allows user review comments to include an attachment by using an upload button option.

Hope this helps.


Hello, I’m trying to replicate something like this top10bestpossystems(dot)com where there is a comparison of products and the user can vote directly on the comparison page, instead of the review page. Can you plugin do something like this? Thank you!

Hey Jfeemster,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review :)

I had a look, and I’m not sure if I’m missing it, but I can’t see how users can vote directly on that page? Do you mean on the homepage? If so, can you point out exactly where I can do that to check it out?

Because from what I can see on that page, the plugin can do something similar with the list shortcode:

Let me know.


Users can select the stars where it says “please vote”. I really like the x list, just hoping that users can vote directly from that x list page. Thanks.

Ah I see, I’m afraid currently the lists do not have any option for users to rate on the individual entries. Sorry about that! But that is an interesting idea so I will look into it and see what can be done for a future update. I can’t promise it will happen, but if you want to hear about future updates to see what was included, you can do so by following the Facebook page: as all updates are announced there :)


leszekem Purchased

hi there, will this add work with the latest WP?

You’re welcome, and thanks to you for choosing Let’s Review.

Happy reviewing :)


leszekem Purchased

ok, got it, but after installation i can see Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. for last 20 min, same for admin and for a front end, can you please help?

Hey Leszekem,

Oh I see! That error is a problem WordPress sites have when they try to update a plugin and it fails. You simply need to delete the .maintenance file in your site to fix it. For details steps check this out:

Hope it helps.


Hi there,
Does it play with Visual Composer nicely or not really?

And the final question before I buy the plugin. Change shopping cart icon how do I do that? I believe it’s font awesome, so I just type “bell” or “fa-bell” or “fa fa-bell”. What means name?

Hey again,

The plugin has not been tested in Visual Composer, so I’m not sure 100%, but Let’s Review is written properly and works absolutely fine on the default WordPress theme, which means that it should work fine with anything that also is written properly and works fine on the default theme.

And there is an option in the plugin options to change the shopping cart icon :) And you can indeed change it to any font awesome icon of your choosing.



berkoz912 Purchased

Receiving some errors in Google Structured Data Testing Tool –

This widget is only for visitor reviews.

Any updates planned to fix this?

Hi Berkoz912,

Thanks for choosing Let’s Review. But can you share the exact url where you see this? Because on the demo site user rating example this is working perfectly:



BBTMedia Purchased

Hello – I’ve used this plugin for quite a long time, but just realised that the Rich Snippets have never worked/shown – any ideas?


BBTMedia Purchased

Just to clarify this: they’ve never shown in Google results – checking with the structured markup tool shows no errors.

Hey BBTMedia,

Could you please share the url of a review post to check out the source? Also, have you tried searching in Google like this:


That shows you what Google naturally sees from the site. Because remember that Google only shows rich snippet markup in SERPS if it believes it to be beneficial/relevant to the searcher. Because Google doesn’t always show all the rich snippets your site may have, it’s only in some searches.