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I see you support importing reviews from other plugins. Does this plugin also import from WP Review (MyThemeShop)?

Hey LunaticZorr,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review.

Yeah, the plugin has a migration tool to migrate from other systems. Currently that one isn’t an option, but if your site has reviews from this plugin and you can share your admin login details, we can take a look at how that plugin stores the data and we might be able to add it to the migration tool as an option too. Send an email (Via Codetipi profile page here on Themeforest) and we can discuss further.



can we add user reviews to custom post types ( like Properties, Movies or Books ) as different review templates or should we add reviews one-by-one to every each eg. Books?

Thank you

Hey Vanetreg,

Yeah you can definitely add reviews to custom post types too. There is currently the main global default template, in the future there are plans to add options to have multiple default templates though.



I may missed something but where can I 1) enable this main global default template for ALL posts by default, 2) where can I enable it for a specific CPT?


Hey again,

Apologies for the slow response – you set the global template in Let’s Review > Default Values.

You can’t enable the review automatically for all posts though, because if you did, what would the scores be for each one, etc? You need to manually enable a review to appear in a post.


Can this be enabled for custom content type, like hotels and rooms? Also can this be used without a content type, ie create a review and embed it on a page with a short code? as I want to show the reviews on one page which will not be linked to any particular content type

Hey Dufferito,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review.

Yes, reviews can be added to custom post types and you can indeed add reviews that aren’t connected to any posts. You can use the plugin’s shortcodes or the custom Gutenberg review blocks the plugin adds.

This is how all the reviews in this post were created:

Hope this helps.


Hello, I bought this plugin based on the above, but the reality is, is that the plugin does not work as a shortcode in any popup plugin. I have tried 4 and none work. I opened a ticket 3 days ago and have to received a response, can you help me here?

Hi again,

Thanks for choosing Let’s Review.

You opened your ticket on a Friday evening, and as there is no support done on weekends, then it is normal to not hear anything until the next working day. I had a look now (Monday morning) and you’ve already received a response :)

Hope it helps.


Hello there, i intended to buy your plugin but i wasn’t lucky to grab your offer. Are you planning a cyber Monday discount? Thanks in advance

Hey there,

I’m sorry to hear you missed it, but I’m afraid the plugin’s cyber week indeed finished that day.

The plugin is packed with premium features, design, value and the affiliate built-in features could also help make the plugin pay for itself, so I hope you are still able to consider it for your project :)


When will this plugin be ready for Wordpress 5.6?

Hey there,

I’m afraid that plugin support can only be provided to confirmed buyers. Please login with the account that purchased the plugin or open a ticket at


Many thanks for your swift reply. I fully understand that, but before purchasing the product, I need to know if it will work on my Wordpress website.. which is on WP 5.6 at the moment. Best, groenekroket

No problem! But yes, the plugin will work fine in WP 5.6. If you do ever run into any issues when using the plugin, you can simply open a ticket in the support system with all the relevant info and the support team can investigate and fix anything they find :)

Since the last Wordpress update I have had problems with the plugin. All links on my website no longer worked. Then I deactivated all plugins one after the other. In the end, it turned out that when I deactivate the let’s review plugin everything works again. Is this problem known and is there a solution?

Hey Cattivolo,

The plugin was already patched up for this. It was a lightbox script and WordPress 5.6 quirk. Just update to the latest plugin version and it will all be okay.


Hi, is there a way to have the mulitple review criteria as just reader ratings, and not the editor? Want it to display as this for example: with the bars/criteria, but as reader ratings, not editor.

Hey TMmusic,

Thanks for the interest in Let’s Review. I’m afraid that isn’t possible – the closest way to do that would be to add multiple one-off user ratings blocks (using either Let’s Review Gutenberg blocks or shortcode). A new native option to achieve that could be added to the plugin in a future update though too, just can’t promise it 100% at this point.

Hope this info helps.


Hey Hi. I just wanted to wish you a “Happy New Year” and I’m already looking forward to the further development of your plugin. Hopefully this year the long-awaited functions like “templates for categories or criteria” or smaller or more compact “list (table) of ratings” will be available. I would be happy. But as I said. I just wanted to wish you a good year 2021. greetings

Hey Senfdazu,

Thank you very much for the kindness. Happy New Year to you too, hope 2021 is a great year for you, your family and all your projects :)

Yes, I think this is the year Let’s Review will get its next big update :)

All the best,


Hey codetipi, I use the shortcode [letsreview] in the sidebar, and it’s working and looking great. Unfortunately I don’t know what template that shortcode is using. Your documentary doesn’t show that. Can I create an own template for the sidebar? I need to make things smaller.

thanks Jochen

Correct, Elements is cheap because you don’t get any kind of support.

All the best.

You should not be salty, if you want to sell something ;)

I think we are having slight communication confusions because we are talking via text, but I’m definitely not salty or anything of the sorts. I was agreeing with you and ensuring we are on the same page of what Elements is, that’s all :P

Hi, Does this plugin and the review import tool work with older versions of Valenti such as Valenti 5.4? Thanks!

Hey MacHow1,

Yeah it does :)


Thanks! Sorry I couldn’t reply to your previous messages regarding the new version of Valenti by the way but since the support license had expired, Envato Codecanyon wouldn’t allow me to reply to you :(

It’s no problem, hope it’s all good :)

It would really help if the plugin had a json-ld schema for books, for example something like this:

Hey Midtlund,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think that is valid for reviews. It’s only for aggregate voting, so I don’t think it’s a realistic schema to add.


senfdazu Purchased

I saw your plugin create a preview image. Is it possible to deactivate this somewhere and instead say that the plugin should use the standard image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large)? Medium (350×250) is almost as big as “lets-review-360-240” for me. I’m just trying to clean up my media and happened to see that your plugin also generates images. Best regards.

Hey Senfdazu.

Hm that may be possible. However, you’ll need to open a ticket at and see if the support team can help you out with it.


Hi Codetipi! This plugin has compatibility issues (since a few versions) with Oxygen Builder. When you install Oxygen Builder & activate Let’s review on a certain page, you’ll see it. It would be great if you could fix that with the next version! Thanks a lot!

Hey Martin,

Coincidentally, another user is using Oxygen builder and Let’s review without issues, so I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Please open a ticket at and share as much info you can so the support team can help.


Hi Codetip!

How would I get (php/echo) the user/comment rating score of a certain page?

I tried: <?php echo lets_review_get_final_score_only( $postid ) ?> but that doesn’t work….


Hey Martin,

Open a ticket at and share everything you tried to do and someone from support can try to help out.


how to search for an item? I don’t see any search option

Hi Ckavindya9,

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you mean by search for an item. Could you please elaborate?



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