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Hi, this is a pre-sale question.

If I buy and install the plugin, will the review score for each post show up on my home page thumbnails automatically, or will I need to add code snippets to my theme’s core files?

I’m using the latest version of the Bimber theme:

Thanks a lot.

Hey Kiss_Collective,

Thanks for the interest in Let’s Review.

No, I’m afraid it is literally impossible for any plugin to automatically insert data like this (Review html output) into a homepage of a random theme. This is because outside of the post itself, the way themes output their post layouts (such as on the homepage) is all custom code, and a plugin has no way to know how/where the best place to output the data is.

The only way to get the review data to appear on the a list of posts on the homepage is to add the plugin’s API to your theme’s post layout template file. The API is very simple to use and comes pre-styled and ready to go, it just needs to be inserted in the correct file. You can see the API documentation here:

Hope this helps.


Ok, I understand. Thanks for the reply.

You’re welcome :)

Hi there,

The is a pre-sale question.

I’m thinking of buying the Lets review plugin, and I want to make a review box that will be aligned to the right and will and will occupy 30% of the post width. Is it possible to resize the plugin and to align it?

Second Question: I want to customize the plugin so it will have a box with a circle on top and three point reviews on the bottom. I want to cuztomize the colors. Is it possible?

Thank a lot.

Hello. Presale: I am looking for a way to let visitors come to my site, sign up, and research / review. Basically, the way TripAdviser works. Is there a way with this plugin to have a user ratings template automatically added to a user generated listing or a service? As I said… I need trip adviser type functionality. If someone adds a listing, I would need the user review function automatically embedded. Also.. I haven’t yet identified the method the actual listings will be added by users. Is there something that works well to couple with this plugin to meet my needs that you can suggest? Thanks!