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presale question: to add review to a post there ist a review edit box in the editor or works it just with shortcode? Example:

Now we use but i want to change the plugin. Is it possible to take over the data from it?

Hey Soulfly999,

Thanks for the interest in Let’s Review.

The reviews are all built in the Let’s Review metabox inside each post. Check the “Powerful, beautiful & easy to use” image on the description page, those are actual screenshots of the metabox. As you can see, it’s very graphical and interactive.

A new update (Let’s Review v2) is currently in the oven and will be out at some point in the near future. And one new feature that is complete and will be included in v2 is a new migration tool that will allow you to automatically convert reviews from other review systems to Let’s Review with one click. Currently it only can convert reviews from the 15Zine and Valenti theme’s review systems, but I will also be adding more. Before v2 is release I’ll try to add the option to convert reviews from that plugin you shared too. So stay tuned for v2 to see if it was added or not! As I can’t promise it 100% yet.

You can follow to hear when it comes out :)


Great thank you.


You’re welcome :)

Can I disable the “Reader Rating”? I don’t want it on the review. For now, i added this to my custom CSS, but I was curious if you had a built-in way:
display: none;

Looks like I found the answer under “Review Type”—please disregard my comment above!

Hey Jakdonahue,

Thanks for choosing Let’s Review, hope you enjoy using it :)

And happy to hear you found the option for that!


Loving the plugin so far. I have a couple of suggestions for affiliates:

1. As well as the affiliate name, set up an option to upload their logo. My clients would like to see their logo stand out from the other affiliates. 2. Make the affiliate boxes fixed width — the centring and different widths would look better if all the boxes were the same length.

Other than that, looking forward to v2. Keep up the good work.

Hey Macmonkeymark,

Loving that you’re loving it :)

1- In v2, the affiliate title will accept HTML code, so that will make that possible.

2- Could you please share a screenshot of what you mean to get a better understanding?


Great news on the HTML. That will improve my offer considerably. As for the screen shot:

Happy to hear that :) Ah I see, the buttons do have a minimum width setting already to achieve consistent widths, but yours are much longer so the minimum width has to be increased. Add this custom css to your theme’s custom css option:

.cb-skin-base .cb-aff-block .cb-aff-button a { min-width: 200px; }

And increase the 200px value until your desired size.

Hope this helps.


Can 2 or 3 admins, not random users, review the same product and does it show the admin reviews side by side or summarize them?

Hey KimMcReynolds,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review :)

Currently a single post can only have one review by the post author. And so you’d need to have 2/3 different posts where each admin would write a review + have a Let’s Review box in it. Then you could use one of the reviews shortcode to load reviews from those posts to appear in one of the posts (but they don’t appear side by side, they appear one after the one).

V2 for the plugin is almost complete, but one of the last things I’m working on it right now is to add the option to create post-independent reviews completely from a shortcode. So this way you’d be able to add lots of reviews in the same post without needing to have another existing post with review to load multiple on the same post.

Hope this makes sense, and if you’re interested in finding about v2 release, make sure to follow as it will be announced there :)


Thanks so much! It sounds like V2 is exactly what I need. Any estimate on when it will be out? Looking for beta testers? :)

You’re welcome :) Thanks for the offer but there are already enough beta testers at this moment. And I hope to release it this month, at the latest – early March. :)

Hi, I’m interested in buying this plugin. But first, I would like to know if the review score is going to show up in the thumbnail of the post.

Hey SimonGQA,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review.

When you add a review to a post, the review box/es appear inside the content area (before or/and after the content).

If your homepage has a list of posts (blog list) with thumbnails and you want the review score to appear there, then you have to add some custom code to your theme’s code to integrate it. The reason for this is that it is impossible for a plugin to inject data into such a theme-specific functionality, because blog lists are all coded differently depending on the theme. The plugin has an API (which will get even simpler in Let’s Review v2), which your theme can use to get the data easily from. If you don’t understand code, I may be able to take on the work and we can discuss the details in private.

If you are using our Valenti or 15Zine themes (15Zine is the theme used on the Let’s Review demo site), then the scores will automatically appear everywhere because the themes have the plugin’s API already integrated.

Hope this info is useful.


hi there, enjoying the review plugin! is there an easy CSS to be able to use a different font?

Hey OneTechTraveller,

Really happy to hear that and thanks for choosing Let’s Review :)

If you go to Let’s Review -> Typography, you can change the fonts there, or if you prefer you can set the fonts there to the “inherit” option so that the plugin uses the fonts from your theme, so that whatever you set in there the plugin will use.

Hope this helps.



pupalol Purchased

Hello, can you help a bit?

1. how can I change the shopping cart icon in affiliate button? 2. can i make the button bigger and change the white background to different color?

1- There is no solid date yet, but it will be released at some point soon. Until then you can surely do that, add this custom css to your theme’s custom css box:

.cb-skin-base .cb-aff-block .cb-button-ani-1-hid { top: 0; }.cb-aff-block .fa-shopping-cart { display: none; }

Should do the trick,

2- I see you’ve managed to tweak that already :)

Hope this helps.



pupalol Purchased

Works for me, thanks.

You’re welcome, happy I could help! :)

Looks exactly like what I’m looking for. Just a couple questions. The descriptions says it includes unlimited criterias, is this true? For my project I’d need 27 criterias. I see the plugin includes percentage, points and stars rating. What I was looking for was a 1 to 99 rating. I know this can be implemented with the percentage rating, but is there some way to remove the ”%”? Or some way to make a 1 to 99 point percentage? And finally, is there some way to calculate the overall score manually or taking into account some criterias only? Thanks in advance.

Hey Rahspot,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review :)

1- Yes, it is true. Every review can have unlimited criterias. The system uses a drag and drop + add/remove system, so there are no limits.

2- The percent sign is wrapped in special HTML, so you can easily add this custom css to your site to make the percent signs dissapear everywhere:

.cb-percent-sign, .cb-score-type-1 .cb-criteria-score:after { display: none; }

3- Yes you can set a manual final score: When you add criterias and then adjust their scores (using a slider tool), there is a separate “final score” below that is automatically set to an average score of all your criterias. It automatically changes whenever you change the score on your criterias. However, at the end, the final score is also its own slider, so you can then change it to be anything you want manually.

I hope this info helps.


Presale Question: Is the plug-in fully compatible with the “Betheme”? Need to ask in case that we had a bad experience with a other reviewer plug-in.

Hey CasionJoker,

Thanks for checking out Let’s Review.

I have never used Betheme before so I can’t say for certain. If you contact me via email (via Codetipi profile here) maybe we could try to arrange a test done to confirm before purchase. But I am confident it should work, as the plugin is coded very well, so any theme that is coded using WordPress standard practises, should work fine with the plugin.


Im missing a index of the reviews on the page if you have 1000 reviews, then a one level frontpage isnt good enough.

Hey Need4speed,

Could you elaborate a bit on what you mean please? Do you mean – you’d like it if the plugin added a page template that lists reviews?


a question I just thought of that this does not allow is the ability to edit the URL for no follow. THis is important as the affiliate links will affect domain authority and google ranking. please bake this into the plugin.

Also on top of what was asked earlier,

there needs to be an ability to sort or filter the reviews using the categories instead of needing to create multiple pages of different review categories

Hey OneTechTraveller,

All the affiliate buttons created by Let’s Review are automatically set to be nofollow, as there is never a case for an affilaite url to be set to follow :)

Regarding the filter, what are you referring to exactly? Do you mean the top reviews list shortcode?


Hi Codetipi,

I already write a couple of times and ask for some new features. As example: The numbered score on top of the stars rating with 2 digits behind the comma. I hope every day to read the news the v2 is released. Do you have current information of your release schedule yet?

kind regards, Thomas Frenken

PS. I will definitely renew the support after the release.

Hey Thomas,

Hope you’re well :) V2 is very close to completion (currently beta testing) and I can confirm that an internal release date has been set, I can’t disclose the date quite yet, but it will happen soon and I will announce more info soon once the beta testing is finished! Stay tuned to facebook to hear about it – as it will all be announced there :)