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Test Mails Works But Newsletters are Not Sent

Lethe using shell_exec command for cron management. Main cron handler file must be created at fitst installation. Lethe using every minute for Cron, if you didnt see any crontask in your crontab list, your hosting service may be block your cron attemps. Because some hosting services does not allow to use every minute for Cron.

PHPMail Sent Mails But SMTP Method Doesn’t Work

Firstly check your SMTP account settings.

Some shared hosting service providers is blocking foreign SMTP accounts for SPAM reasons. You can ask foreign SMTP connection access to your hosting service. Also this detail should be informed in their knowledgebase.

Subscribe Forms Gives Form Error

If you delete subscribe form on your database, front-end subscribe forms will give this error. You must create a new form and replace embed code on your webpage.

Bounce Handler Works But I Got Too Many Returned Mails

Bounce handler is not catch all returned mails. You can improve of your bounce rules with your returned mail experience for next bounced mails.

If you get a unwanted mails like “Firewall blocked your mails” titled, you can create a new rule on your Bounce Catcher are with this title. You will not get this returned mail anymore.

Bounce Catcher Doesn’t Work

Bounce catcher required to correct POP/IMAP settings for mailbox connection. Also Bounced Mail Control file must be created on your Cron Job.

Newsletter Images Doesn’t Appear On Mailbox

Newsletter image URL’s must contain full URL path. Relative URL’s only works on webpage views.

What is the Organization, Limits and PRO Version

Here is the differeces for Lite and PRO version. Codecanyon version contain Lite Lethe.

Blank page issue after installation

mb_substr function error. mb_substr extension must be enabled on your server. If you do not have access to edit php extensions, please contact with author for alternative modification.

MySQL Syntax Error While Trying to Install Lethe

If you working on IIS platforms, you could be get and error about syntax error.

Lethe requires the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES option to be disabled in MySQL settings in order to be successfully installed:


This option must be removed from the sql-mode setting. You can find it in the my.ini configuration file.


Here are several examples for where you can find the my.ini:

Separate installation of MySQL:

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini

C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini

C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\my.ini





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